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Anonymous   21 March 2023 at 23:08

Service matter

Can Supreme court dismiss a SLP without considering the facts and circumstances in the matter.

DEEPAK DHAMEJA   04 March 2023 at 20:26

Writ petition against lokayukta

Respected sir,
As i have lodged grievance against local body and police in lokayukta and upalokayukta of Maharashtra in the year 2021.
they call the reports from respondents 2 times. and hearing takes place 2 times.
but it has been one year they are not taking any action/ hearing in my case.
Though i have given repetitive opportunities / mails for requesting for hearing.
i want following clarifications from your side
1. lokyukta and upalokyuta is quasi judicial body or not ??
2. can high court gives them directions in the interest of justice or not ??


AKSHAT TIWARI   03 January 2023 at 23:17

Clubbing of petitions

(Hypothetical moot proposition, so an academic question)
When there are two writs and a criminal matter, one by 'A' against 'B', under Art 32; another filed by 'B' against Government of India under Art 226, and a defamation suit by 'B' against 'C', are clubbed by SC under 139 A, then who will be the petitioner, from point of view of the Appellant Memorial?

Anonymous   26 November 2022 at 20:41

What is the appropriate petition

My son qualified in NEET Exam 2022 for the purpose of MBBS admissions. He registered for the MCI All India web counselling and also Category A Telangana State Counselling . But his application for management quota of KNRUHS did not pass through and hence petitioned with Hon High Court of Telanagana. High Court ordered on 17th Nov 2022 that candidate shall apply a fresh application and governing university shall accept the case whereas the University doesnot accept . The timelines are short and hence I want to appeal this matter with Supreme Court of India .
What is the appropriate type of petition in view of the shortage of time ?
Is it SLP ? Writ Petition ?

Please advise me in view of the urgency


Anonymous   26 October 2022 at 08:34

How are judges helping caught fakesc employees?

Hyd HC WP34322/2011&WP16793/2016. The hegemony in supreme court was assessed when senior counsel like sri Mukul Rohatgi got STAY orders go client smt Navneet Kaur Rana,MP whose SC status was cancelled by Bombay HC. A well known caught fakeSC woman lecturer from Telanagana Sarawatha Parishad, (Kothi, Hyd) got two STAY orders from venal HC Judges of Hyd by paying bribes through senior counsel sri S Niranjan Reddy( Now MP, RAJYASABHA). In 2010, Hyd Dist Collector conducted three enquiries SW, RDO&CVC for 9 months before giving final report based fakeSC complaint. Still he is blamed for no patient hearing, no natural Justice by chanting in Hyd HC for decade. Her Advocates were Known for perjury, suborning perjury, concocted stories, fabricated evidence& implausible logics Or cavil logics in HC. The played trick was that Demised mother had SC surname, but rest family&relatives are non-SC. HC Judges set all reports& G.O G.O.No 13 of 27.4.2016
aside to give STAY. Social Justice was nicely trampled by HC Judges as they never allowed Telanagana state Govt to replace with genuine SC candidate in the occupied job. More over, the senior counsel ensured CC orders issued to IAS officers smt Sunita & smt Vani Prasad CCE for reinstatement& monthly disbursement of salary to fakeSC employee .How did judges dangle to caught fakeSC? The caught fakeSC lecturer got step daughter,mother-in-law& cousins( who gave her leaked UGC2000 paper's ) killed using her crook mind...IPC120B is a crime. Criminal Advocates were nagged in every stage to ensure Police take wrong direction of investigation. Husband of fakeSC is a 3 times married,scrooge. He ensured 3 police cases No 10/2012 at Nallakunta, P.S ,96/2016 in Sultan Bazar & P.S 780/2021 Saroor Nagar P.S. None can club them because of drooling& couple's soliloquy. Hyd Police never introspect their approach. The Suicide Note of eldest daughter mentioned her father to be happy with her death. Father deceived even eldest daughter family IPC 406. but he spoofs as given livelihood as per Advocates training. Hyd Police were paid bribes to believe that son in law forced her to write such as per Advocate's dictum. 4 pages allegation were made by father of the slain.CCTV,CDR,FSL& Post Mortem failed to prove all allegations. Bereaved Family seeks Justice from Governor of Telanaga as TRS Govt failed to dismiss fakeSC employee& stop death of family members. The caught fakeSC woman is 6times 10th failed lecturer smt Birudha RajaRatnam from Andhra saraswata Parishad, Kothi, Hyd. She lives in Mytripuram, Karmanghat Hyderabad..

Anonymous   13 October 2022 at 23:14

About ews certificate

I am married women. I want to get EWS certificate. We are living in nuclear family. Now whose income should include for ews. Whether my husband income only or in-laws income also included to get EWS certificate. Kindly reply please. Thanks in Advance.

Atik j.pathan   26 September 2022 at 17:48

Mngl gas connection

Sir in our society mngl gas pipeline is 90% fitted ,but one member is not letting mngl to give connection with reason that is mother had fractured and had death due to falling in pit done by mngl contrator this is around 6year back ,also he has no proof or any police complaint lodge ,all member i tired of requesting him, under law or Any way to deal above matter

jobstervijay   19 March 2022 at 23:24

Govt aided law college rti query

first of all its not educational query,I am not a law student

we had centralised 2 rounds per merit list,I could not get admission to law college which i want
they put another merit list of institude wise on saturday 12 pm ,I was another city and exam so could not attend and my name was actually unexpected
I gone to my homeon sunday and then monday morning to law college ,more than 900 km travel ,early morning they said admission was full
I am 39 and have leg ligament inury plus venus thrambiosis
had too much fatigue in this hassle

now questions are
1) what diffrent rti questions can I ask under rti act and how can college save them if they put students under management quota

without going on aggreesion I want admission,plz help

Adv.Shine Thomas   28 October 2021 at 01:45

Mullapperiyar dam issue and protection of human life

Mullapperiyar Dam issue is not a mere water dispute between two States, but it is a threat against the right to live of millions of people living in Kerala. Under which provision of law protect the right of the 3.5million people living in the downstream of the dam?
A report by United Nations University, the academic and rese ..

Read more at:

pankaj Dev   07 October 2021 at 06:55

Departmental vig. inquiry

My custom department set up Vig. Inquiry under rule 14 for violation of miscuduct and misbehabiour . Also department is not allowing legal practioner as investigating officer is not legal practioner. Can depatment do so