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Anonymous   07 February 2018 at 14:02

educational name change certificate

Hello sir my name is basith ahamed but sslc, hsc,ug, certificates are name in basith ahmamed.then I am change tamilnadu gazette in my name is basith shamed.Then how steps are used in change my all certificates? Please good solution for me

Anonymous   04 February 2018 at 16:11

What is the procedure of obtaining a letter from ugc.

I have completed by B.com Degree from SIKKIM MANIPAL UNIVERSITY-DE, Commenced date November -2011 & completed as on November -2014.
I have a doubt about my degree is recognized or not, in this case I want to obtained a letter in this regards from The University Grant Commission (UGC).
I already sent many E-mail to UGC ( different Staff of UGC).
And, also communicating with Sikkim Manipal University-DE from last 3 months, they sent me a letter which was send by UGC to NEPAL RESIDENT STUDENT after the order of SIKKIM HIGH COURT, I did not have any other resolution in this regard.

Kindly, anyone know the legal procedure to obtain a letter from UGC in this regards please to inform me.

Thanking You

Puran chand

Anonymous   04 February 2018 at 14:52

Change date of birth

Sir I Ve completed sslc in 1997. My actual date of birth is 1981 but in sslc marks card it's 1979. Can I change it now I Ve doctor cert for birth and kundali cert written at that time only.

krishna   28 January 2018 at 13:12

Acadamic question

As per initial survey revenue record(1958),survey no:353/1 is of 4 acres owned by 3 members .
survey no: 353/2 is of 8 Acres owned by 6 members (1.Mr.Ram, 2. Mr.B, 3.Mr.Dasaradh, 4.Mr.D, 5.Mr.E, 6.Mr.F)
but each person share is not mentioned in that record.
then, Re-survey done in 1967.
In between 1958 to 1967 there is no survey record.
As per Re-survey record(1967),survey no:353/1 is sub divided into 4 sub divisons of 1acre each (353/1,353/2,353/3,353/4)
survey no:353/2 is sub divided into 8 sub divisons of 1acre each (353/5,353/6,353/7,353/8,353/9,353/10,353/11,353/12).
it is clearly mentioned that S.No 353/10 is owned by Mr.Putra son of Mr. Lakshman in re-survey revenue record(1967).

Mr.Dasaradh has two sons Mr.Ram and Mr.Lakshman.
Mr.Ram has 3 sons, namely Mr.ramesh, Mr.suresh, Mr. Naresh.
Mr.Lakshman has 1 son ,namely Mr.Putra.

In 1974, Mr.Ravana bought 1 acre of land from Mr.ramesh son of Mr.Ram. in that sale deed it is mentioned that out of 8 acres in s.no 353/2, 1 acre of land sold by Mr.ramesh son of Mr.Ram to Mr.Ravana. there is no specific detail about the 1 acre survey number in that sale deed.

S.no: 353/10 is mutated into the name of Mr.Putra's wife and it is in the enjoyment of her.
due to old age of Mr.putra's wife , she left the village and staying with her children in city.
by taking this advantage Mr.Ravana son is trying to occupy the land of Mr.Putra's wife by showing the sale deed mentioned above.

now, Mr.putra's wife went to the court , and got the interim injuction order against Mr.Ravana's son.
Mr.Ravana's son submitted sale deed in the court and claiming S.No 353/10 because of no clarity about 1 acre land survey number purchased by Mr.Ravana.

Will Ravana's son get succeded in this case?

Anonymous   26 January 2018 at 12:39

Education loan repayment

sir, I have borrowed education loan about 2.5lacs in march 2013 . my engineering has completed in july 2016 . Bank manager called me to pay the loan .I am a poor student and accommodate by home tution. I requested him that i will repay the loan after my joining in (march-april 2018 tentatively ) .BUT he told me that you have one month to start repay and if not so, you will be in trouble if your name is taken into mpc/mpi( i don't understand the term according to new NPA's law) . sir please explain how can i retard two to three month of repayment.

Anonymous   05 January 2018 at 14:45

Education loan from IOB

I was sanctioned 2,16,000 as loan for my B.E. degree in 2012. However my mother and father passed away in 2013. When i went to bank to close the loan of 54000 which was received for first year as my parents passed away the manger said he cannot close unit full loan amt was taken or till completion of the 4 year. Then an education loan officer said that iob has debited a lum sum for life insurance coverage of my parents and me immediately after my loan was sanctioned without our knowledge. So i spoke with manager and gave all the necessary documents to claim the life coverage policy during 2014 and till final year i took 1,56,000 now it has come to around 225000 with interest but still the manager is saying the insurance is processing the payment and when asked how much will they pay and how much i need to pay to close the loan. he is saying that insurance amount would only cover the interest and he refuses how much the insurance amt is for and he refuses to give any correct info.Now i am receiving message that the loan is going to be transferred to NPA. Bank person contacted me and when i informed about the loan and asked about the insurance he said as the iob only taken the insurance policy we will process the payment towards interest from insurance payment date and first i need to pay the 225000 as montly due and other yearly interest will be processed from insurance amt. Need assistance on what i can do

Rani   28 December 2017 at 00:19

Copying in final exams

A final year LLB student has complained to the invigilator about two students discussing and writing the final semester exams. She states she has seen them do this from the 1st semester to the last. Each time the invigilators have turned a blind eye to this act of two students.

She has complained to the invigilator but invigilator did not take any action.

There are CCTV cameras installed in tshe classroom, but she says there is no recording equipment in the college office, just they have installed CCTV cameras.

She states she has complained to the principal, asking them to throw both the copying students out, instead of throwing those students, principal threw the complaining student out.

Student has complained to squad, the squad has told that warning will be given.

Student is not satisfied. She wants to complain to appellate authority which is the University Registrar.

She has complained in writing but no action so far has been taken.

In this case what to do? Whom to complain next?

Anonymous   13 December 2017 at 19:10

Spelling mistake & change of name

Respected Sir,
I belong to Maharashtra. Father Name on my Caste Certificate, Caste Validity Certificate, Non-Creme-layer, and Domicile Certificate is "Prakashrao". And my other documents like School leaving certificate, college Leaving certificate, SSC, HSC Marksheets having a name as "Prakash". So, what can I do now? What is the procedure to correct it to make the same name in all documents?

Anonymous   27 November 2017 at 10:49



Lakshmipriya   21 November 2017 at 09:33

Aibe best study material

Hello Sir/Madam,

I need to know which is the best study material/guide to prepare AIBE exam.. Please, give me your best suggestions..Thanks in advance..