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Sukhvinder   12 November 2017 at 19:16


how i get fertilizer license in up

siva rama   11 November 2017 at 02:33

Stipend from ugc

Hi Sir,

I qualified GATE-2008and pursued M.Tech-2008 programme from JNTU, Anantapur in "ELECTRICAL POWER SYSTEM"(EEE) which is UGC registered course.I am eligible for getting UGC stipend(8000) every month during my course period.

I completed my M.Tech course in June 2010. We got the stipend for the year 2008-2009, but still, I didn't get my stipend the year 2009-2010 (almost 1 lask rupees). All my classmates didn't get the stipend( around 100 members ).

Please let me know how to proceed in this case.

Kuldeep   31 October 2017 at 15:31

College not refunding full amount of caution money

In the reference to my last queries and experts last suggetion i have sent a letter to collage whre i asked about the reason behind deduction of 1000rs from my caution money when in NOC (issued by collage) clearly mentioned that nill dues pending at my end. I have also write that i am not agree for deduction of any amount for any membership or alumni contribution from my caution money.

But in the reply from collage they send me recipt of 1000rs deduction with reason. In reason they mention that this deduction made against alumini contribution.

So please suggest me that it is leagal deduction from collage without my concent from my caution money.

After receiving there reply i also send them with my same quey.

Anonymous   02 October 2017 at 12:04

Co not paid any salary , can notice period still apllicable


The appointment taken in the company as a manager on 19st aug 2017 . the appointment letter given on 26th Aug 2017, mentioning 60 days notice period even in notice period . The company not paid any salary till date i.e for aug or sep 2017. the company has serious cash crunch and not paid even July salaries to some employee. Managment has taken decisions to whom salary is to pay or not . That is they are holding salary at their own descretion .

Is in this situation , notice period of 60 days still applicable for employee if he has given resignation? considering compnay is not paid salary to him. As company is not comply their responsibility.

In appointment letter , following wording is there
it is mentioned that if employee intend to leave the company without proper notice period , then he should be liable to pay compensation in lieu thereof and company is entiltled to recover the dues against any salary payable to employee . If required at management descretion employee shall not relieved from the company early. i.e. before applicable notice period in the interest of business continuation of the company.

What action employee can take so that he can withdraw this assignment and taken new appointment.
In this situation can company told him to serve another 60 days after his resignation . When he has not paid for his already serve period?

Anonymous   31 August 2017 at 23:59

To become eligible for interview

State commission has advertised some posts for veterinary surgeons
In qualification
They Have given :
Bachelor of veterinary science as basic qualification
Master in veterinary and PhD in prefential criteria
They have called students for direct interview by way of one notice in which:
General category -above 75% either in Bachelor or master degree students are called
For other categories like sc/st/bc all are eligible irrespective of their percentage
Now my query is:
I am having bachelor and master degree both but under 75%
The student who is only having bachelor degree but scored above 75% is eligible for interview
But on other hand I am having master degree of same course but under 75% is not eligible for appearing in interview
And moreover their is no bar on percentage of other categories (Sc/St/bc)as they have said their are so many applications for general category so they (state commission)have to call all students above 75% only
Can they put this bar only on general category ?
Can bachelor degree students having more than 75% is above the person having master degree( having less then 75% in bachelor & master degree)?
Now where is the Prefential benefit to master degree students as they have called PhD students directly for interview but they haven't given any preference to master degree holders and put them equal to bachelor degree holders by saying (having 75% above either in bachelor or master degree)

How can I be eligible for interview ( as I have to file a writ), kindly give me some better grounds to file a writ in above mentioned circumstances

SUNIL KUMAR   30 August 2017 at 14:30

Caste certificate related

Dear Sir/Madam. I am belongs to Schedule Caste. My father was born in Uttar Pradesh and his early education was done in U.P. My caste certificate is issued from U.P But since last 15 years we are living in Madhya Pradesh. Now i am filling my UPSC mains form. Kindly advice me which state i maintain as my Home state U.P or M.P, because now my voter card and other document are from Madhya Pradesh and now we do not have any house or any kind of property in Uttar Pradesh. but my caste certificate is from U.P. I need your valuable guidance.

Ravi Choudhary   25 August 2017 at 09:27

Obc clarification

My parents annual income is rs 460000
Further we have huf which has income from agriculture rs 300000 and other huf income rs 100000
Am i eligible for obc ncl certificate

sheraz   12 August 2017 at 07:32

whether bce caste certificate is applied in central govt job

I have a bc e caste certificate given by mee seva from andhrapradesh state govt 2013. Can we keep this in central govt job interview as a OBC QUOTA.OR DO I NEED ANOTHER KIND OF CERTIFICATE?? I HAVE AN INTERVIEW IN 20 DAYS SIR AND IM CONFUSED ABOUT THIS.

rohit   30 July 2017 at 00:56

caste ceritificate

Sir I belong to obc category from yadav community that is recognised as obc in central government by name Ahir.While in my caste certificate caste is printed as aheria by mistake which is also an obc community in central government nd now I submit my certificate in recruitment body's office.So please tell me will it create any problem in future??

SIVA SANKAR GUJAVARTHY   08 June 2017 at 12:34


can u mail me Andhra pradesh district judge exam papers 2013-16