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Anonymous   06 October 2018 at 08:27

I got Physically and mentally Assaulted(&)ragged by seniors

Subject: I got Physically and mentally Assaulted(&) ragged by seniors of our Department of Economics

I am Dheeraj Nimmagadda, a student of UG 1st year economics got beaten by some seniors AbdulGuffer & Sohail Mahummad Ansari of our department on 1st october night. let me inform you that 2 seniors of our department beat me and few other supporters of bussiness school #BBA Department
due to Unsounded behavior towards those seniors .I agree that i havent cared them in seniors few people. due to their behaviour. But you can ask the seniors people and teachers of class .Behavior of me and please let me know you one thing Mam until now to the thing is clear that the people are begging And commanding for the respect
Incidents that they marked to beat me
#I haven't cared them
#i haven't obeyed the words of those people .because i dint like due to they individual behavior
#i sad f**koff of literally by showing middle finger in when they said me to be clam and dint clap in National surgical Strike and suddenly he started bad words like (Gudapagaladagutrha)its an telugu word means i will f**k your ass " then i said ok what ever you want go on
later on after some time i said them that using the words bro i didn't said to you be cool ..then he asked my Room no i said B block B30 when i was in my room they came front of the door and said me to come out then i said you come in bro.
then they started beating showing senior ism with me and i got frightened be seeing those people came with a gang and friends are trying to stop and they punished my friends
*and i was been clam i havent raised my voice they beating me again and due escape from this fight and i said sorry and they called me out then to i got frightened i said no i wont come after long time they called me out forcefully
And started to saying about this University and how the seniors are powerful and they said you might be think about to Complain About us to the department and to the Vice Chancellor
they cant do they thing in this University if they might to only they will suspend for one week nothing more then that
and they are saying the past Seniours to me that Ma final year students who made a strike infront of vc gate "but they didnt did any thing to him they might have an a enquiry commiety and finally warns us ,they warnd me again here the law doesnt work here in this campus no one can do anything even we known the people those people can go to vc with out any permission
they says it is not Hyderabad or any other
it is Gulbarga he the people are quite harsh even they will murder for 30rs and warned me lot .. i said ok bro i escaped from there and recently murder happened in our University
And it clearly shows No student have fear if he is doing wrong too
Mam or sir i want the justice
But i still believe the justice and law they have to be punished as per the law and justice
Even if you find any wrong of me i have to be punished as per the law and i am looking for the justice
Mam some of the words i shouldn't use but i have used those words to explain the Scenario clearly
This message was true and genuine and i hope you understand my concern i hope you will help me to ..not only me your judgement should be mark of justice , This type of things should not have to be repeat in our campus ..
still if i said something wrong sorry for that
And I complained to higher attorites at 2nd morning untill now no action has been taken against them nor me
And they are making wrong statements by the help of many students
Because they have huge contacts in this campus they made huge fake statements against me as that I used. Abuse language that I have used, I used to explain the situation exactly what happened..same words I used to explain
I became emotional and I used these word
If you are seniors then nothing to me it might be great full to your teachers and parents I respect the people who respects me..
And they again complained against me as I using vaulger words
Sir I don't know what to do. Sir please help me

Nimmagadda Dheeraj

Member (Account Deleted)   05 October 2018 at 19:25

Misspelt Surname

Dear sir

Greetings. My surname is Tali in my official documents. When I try to obtain Backward Caste certificate, I am not given the same on the reasons that Teeli/Teli is included in the list of the said castes. The surname of my father in the documents is Teeli. I tried to change the same in my documents but it is taking so long. I have to change documents right from my school to college in this matter.
Sir, is there a way I can get the said certificate without going through pains of changing all the documents. Is there any other way. I shall be looking forward to your reply.

Thanks in advance.
Naiem Ur Rehman

Anonymous   24 September 2018 at 09:46

College not co-operating for my final completion marksheet

I have completed my BscIT from mumbai university. I have been following up with college past 4 months for the same but they are not co-operating. I contacted university officials, they checked my case and told me my marksheet is pending because college has not summited my 1st year marks. Please help me with where and whom can i complain regarding this.
Thank You

Member (Account Deleted)   12 September 2018 at 13:15

validity of llb course

sir ,i was a student of llb.

priyanka pai   06 September 2018 at 10:29

Pg diploma course in business law

Dear Experts,

There is post - graduate diploma course in business and corporate law through distance education learning conducted by Symboisis Centre for Distance Learning. I sincerely request the experts to please give their opinions on the scope of the course in the law career. Or in the alternative can you please suggest any other colleges for distance learning of post graduation course in corporate laws ?


Priyanka Pai

Anonymous   05 September 2018 at 16:19

Public offence

Sir/Mam please reply as soon as possible. . my name is ABC im a computer student . I did little mistake i caught by cop for drink in public place outside the hotel by chandigarh police. I after 3 hours of procedure i got bailed and FIR filled and i submit my fined 1000 in front of judge after they took my fingerprints on 4 paper and said we will distribute in four cities delhi, gurgaon, mohali, panchkula.. Im very scared im always prepares government exams .. is this shut the doar of government job right now im very guility .. If my family will get to know .. im never face my parents.. and probably i sucide.. so please help me.. im scared, dissapointed, guilty, ashamed of myself.

Anonymous   02 September 2018 at 22:31

Police verification for govt job

I have been fined by a railway court,of a remote location, now should I mention this in the bio data form for govt job where it is asked if convicted/fined/arrested by any court of law. If I am going to mention it I'm sure I won't get selected and if I don't mention there's a chance I could get my dream job, so please tell me what should I do. Should I take the risk , what are the chances of getting caught in the police verification. Please answer as soon as possible.

Archana   21 August 2018 at 21:34

Kalinga University

Hi All,

Just wanted to know if anyone has the judgement copy which says that students who have passed on or before 2005 in Kalinga University is valid. Kindly help urgently.


Anonymous   12 August 2018 at 10:08

Regarding medical postgraduate doctors bond rules

Respected sir/madam,
I have completed my MS general surgery from pt jnmmc Raipur and I am bonded to work for 2 years in rural areas.. if I get selected for higher studies (super specialization) in middle of these two years, will I be allowed to persue higher studies and then come back and serve remaining bond?

vaibhav   31 July 2018 at 16:02

Noc under emblems and names act 1950

May I get the information regarding the authority to whom to apply for NOC under emblems and names act 1950 for use of name of society to be registered under S R Act. 1860 in Maharashtra.