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Anonymous   28 January 2024 at 12:13

Correction in certificate of practice

There is wrong spell of my surname in my Certificate of practice. Certificate of practice was issued in 2019. And now I want correction in my name. Help me about procedure.

Anonymous   27 January 2024 at 23:34

Court martial

Respected sir I juss want to know my brother who was a LAC IN IAF WENT ON LEAVE FOR 15 DAYS BT NEVER REPORTED TO THE STATION BT AFTER 11 MONTHS HE SURRENDERED and court martial proceedings happened against him followed by 1 month rigourous imprisonment and dismissed from the service.Now I want to know Can he apply for civil govt jobs after court martial

Anonymous   26 January 2024 at 19:00

Procedure for merging one trust with other trust

Hi Team,
i need your help in knowing the procedure of Merging one trust with other trust
we have trust A which is having general social service objectives but we some donations for Annadanam and temples development (these are activities mentioned in deed)

now we recently started Other Trust B which does Temples development and Annadanam alone so
can we merge this 2 trusts and also can we donate the Amount to Trust B or merge them

Note: this trust's is not have any 80G and have only temples development and Annadanam in common

so can any one help me with leaving a steps to complete this procedure

is it writing an agreement by both parties of trusts in 20 rupees stamp paper is fine or do we need to register that as well ?

please suggest

Sekul Khan   25 January 2024 at 16:58

How to get call record soft copy from jio telecom company

My brother is missing since 22 january 2024. He is using Jio SIM.
How to get his number call recording from Jio Company. Please suggest me.

Anonymous   25 January 2024 at 16:38

Rules for maintaining ledger account

There’s an ongoing discussion where we need your expertise and knowledge:

There is a Single Supplier A and Single Buyer B.

A supplies various goods to B on different payment terms,
Non-LC Direct Payment and BANKERS LC Payment. (LC- Letter of Credit).

Since they are in regular purchase sales relation have a running account for direct transactions and obviously the other transaction’s directly initiated from Bank to Bank via LC PAYMENT.

Supplier A maintains SINGLE LEDGER ACCOUNT to record the various Debit/Credit Transactions and sales for each year.

Even the Buyer maintains SINGLE LEDGER ACCOUNT to record their purchases and payments.

The bench argues that “Why is there not a separate Ledger for NON-LC and LC payment types ?”.

Obviously as a general rule of accounting you cannot maintain different ledgers for same customer having same address and same location.

We need to support this argument via some judgements or rules.

Please advise.

Kind regards

Vijaya Bhaskar   20 January 2024 at 21:08

Transfer of school permissions from society to trust

Dear Learned Experts

There is a school having permissions to run educational institution from 1st std to 5th std. For personal reasons they wanted to dissolve the society.

As per the dissolution clause of the society , it is required to transfer the property after satisfying all the claims and liabilities remaining to transfer to another trust/society/association having similar objects and having 12a/80g.

There is a Trust having 12A/80g willing to take over the school. The society wants to transfer the property and other things to the trust having similar objects, 12/a and 80g.

I would like to know whether the education department permits the Trust to take over school including the transfer of permission granted to the society in the name of Trust provided that the children, staff etc will continue in the trust

Is there any procedure to be followed, Please suggest.

Anonymous   17 January 2024 at 09:11

Using office at father's business place.

Hello experts,

I am a young lawyer with one year of experience in advocacy. My father, a businessman, operates a small factory, and I have recently opened my law office on the same premises. I am seeking guidance on whether I need to register my office formally or if a rent agreement with my father is necessary, or if I can use the office without any formal documentation.

Additionally, I am curious about the rights regarding the privacy of my office. Can any department officer enter my office without my permission and inspect my clients' files?

I appreciate your expert advice on these matters.

Thank you.

gk   12 January 2024 at 09:25

Apartments quality, warranty and builders commitment

Respected Experts,

Happy New Year Wishes ⚘

My query is regarding the subject and I could explain in detail.

Presently I am staying in my own apartment in Kerala, took possession in 2022, we are 39 owners are here in this apartment of 40 flats, in which one owner purchased two adjacent flats and clubbed together - just fyi only.

In all of our registered documents/deeds, the apartment name has been mentioned with a word "premium", as (like ABCDE Tower Premium Apartments) and we are not sure that due to that word "premium", whether we are possessing some premium sort of advantages anywhere including in a legal dispute or complaint against the builder.

My queries are:
1. Whether like all the other products manufacturers guarantee or warrantee, what is the warranty that the builder is providing to us in Keraka or in India?
2. What items or sector /section these warranty is applicable?
(I mean : structural/walls/stairs, electrical wiring/panels, plumbing lines/connection fittings, bathroom/sanitary items and fittings, painting - interior/exterior, lifts, fire fighting eqpt, transformer, interlock tiles of ground, bore wells and tanks, ST Plant and its eqpts, genset, gym eqpts etc.)
3. What kind of a quality the builder should provide to us as a minimum? Whether any standard or reference lines are there specifying the same in general?
I mean, the structure, walls, interior painting, exterior painting, fittings provided, the equipments like lifts, genset, gym eqpts, stp plants, water pumps, electrical panels, fire fight systems .... etc.
Is there any common law is there specifying the minimum quality std required for such Apartments and the items provided in the bldg/premise by the builder?
4. And if we are not satisfied how we could measure such qualities? referring to.... ?
Whether such standards or warranty should be mentioned in registered deeds?
5. If nothing about such warranty is not mentioned in registered deed, is it like that the builder is not having any further commitments with the buyers to provide anything more?

Am surely not in an intention to have all the answers from you for the above, but asked all these wueries to make you understand those points in which most of us are having zero awareness and we do not know whether for any repair or complaint the builder has the commitment to fix it free of cost at least if it happens in a stipulated warranty period in general even though it is mentioned in our documents.

One of my friends just mentioned that any issues within the next five years of period - with effective from the date of the deed registered or date of possetion taken (whichever is the latest), all issues or repair works shall be corrected by the builder's own expense.
I am not sure about this but also wish to know your response on the same very briefly.
NB: He is a prominent builder, in that city fyi.

Thanking you
Yours faithfully

Anonymous   10 January 2024 at 13:17

Obc certificate

i born and brought up in delhi while my father belongs to uttarpradesh and my caste comes under central obc list from UP only ....my father has land and house there also

from which state my certificate should be issued ?
if UP then
1)-'ordinarily resident' clause will create any problem because i'm living in delhi

chiyam   08 January 2024 at 18:39

Bank fraud case & rectifed.

As a bank manager I involved in a bank fraud case not intentionally for using Rs 90 lacs by opening OD account in my sister name by investment in stock market without proper knowledge & thought to close in one month by selling my ancestors property. How ever i repaid the full amount to bank with interest in 10 days. But mean while they filed an FIR under 409 & 420 bank & terminated me from services. & also I received no dues letter from bank for OD account. Now after 18 months i got notice from court to attend for hearing. How serious will this be for my career if they sentenced me to jail ?? Or is there any chance by quashing the case by court as i repaid the full amount and as an punishment i lost the job also. Please suggest the next steps to resolve this matter. Your suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you to all members