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Rohit   08 July 2022 at 10:21

Using of whatsapp for official communication in a govt job?

As per law, Can anyone forced to use WhatsApp for official communication in a government job ?

Anonymous   07 July 2022 at 20:50

Case not posted

In case of above referenced matter in one of the query answered by the experts there is a mention that lawyer has not taken any action regarding no listing of a case and whether the petitioner changed the advocate? But what action can be taken by a party-in-person if no advocate is involved and case is not listed.

Anonymous   07 July 2022 at 12:39

To get back advance amount from marriage hall owner

Dear Sir/madam,

I have paid 40000 rupees advance on 23rd Nov 2020 to Marriage hall To book for 24 th feb 2021.But Due to some issues at Bride side,the marriage has been called off and the same has been intimated to Marriage Hall Manager by 08th Jan 2021.
When I have asked the advance they told they have not received the any alternate booking from others on Feb 24th 2021,hence they cant give as per their norms .I have requested them to give atleast 20000,but they have denied.
1)I have the receipt which I have paid to marriage hall(The receipt whatever they are giving to customer stating receiving the amount as donation first of all is it not Illegal to give this kind of Receipt to the customers)
2)I have paid them via NEFT,I have Bank Transaction statement as well.
What could be the legal remedy to get back my advance.if Yes do you think approx how much I need to spent for further proceedings.

Naghma kaif   07 July 2022 at 10:57

Related to ac outdoor fitting in closed shaft .

Is it legally right to fit AC outdoor of ground floor in shaft just infront of first floor room which is surrounded with wall n going upward with narrow of my rented did it.for this me n my husband facing alot of breathing problems n my whole areas of house completely heated just I feel I'm in bhatti.n my husband is cardiac patient too.plz.suggest me what I should do???

Anonymous   07 July 2022 at 10:43

Consumer protection act

can evidence be led by opp. party in a consumer complaint where no written statement is filed

Avanish Chandra   05 July 2022 at 20:10

Rented shop

My father rent shop to some one without any rent agreement to some one he was paying my rent timely but after some 2yr the tenant didn't pay the rent so, what action should i take to that person can i force Fully lock my shop

Adithya   04 July 2022 at 17:27

Charitable trust amendment draft copy

Hi Experts, I'm adithya the President of Chethanadhare charitable trust, we registered a trust in 2007. Some of our trustees given resignation letters and we changed the registered office address. So please help me by sending trust amendment draft to

Rahul Shinde   03 July 2022 at 22:26

Domestic violence case

My wife had filled Domestic violence case under sec 12 & 21 against me, but during the pendecy of the case she died due to cancer. Before few months of her death she asked for maintenance of child.
My child daughter was in her custody but after her death child was taken away to different city by my father in law to their native place.
Then he filled application on my childs behalf to bring legal heir on record and another application to make him next friend. Which was allowed by Magistrate.

We have filed appealled against the order
Under such circumstances what should we do

Ramesh   01 July 2022 at 19:53

Nbfc collection agents harrasment

Dear sir,

My friend took a vehicle (car) loan from an NBFC in November 2017. Very unfortunate thing is I was the guarantor for that loan. Everything went good up to June 2018.In June 2018 the vehicle met with an accident and has to be kept In the service centre for a span of 6months due to clearance from insurance agency. So he was unable to pay the dues regularly from that time. In October 2018 one of the Mahindra finance executive visited my house and enquired about the borrower’s details then I realized that the loan was pending from 5months. So I clearly explained him that I will show the residence of the Borrower and location of the vehicle and asked him to repossess the vehicle and proceed for further as he was unable to repay the dues. But he denies repossessing the vehicle as it is in the service centre and there is no approval from the company to repossess.
After that The agent regularly visiting my house and calling for the amount due to them. I clearly explained them that I am just a guarantor for that loan you can contact the borrower and co-applicant as well. But he simply denied that as they are not responding his calls you are the complete responsible for the loan as a guarantor. Literally he tortured me by calling and visiting my home. The borrower is not in touch with me. With no option to avoid the calls I paid the due amount for one month on 31st October 2018 (Later I realized that was the biggest mistake I did). From the next month onwards they started calling me for the due amounts without approaching either the borrower or the co-obligant and they did not leave me until the payment of due. That was continued up to April 2022.Due to some health issues I was unable to repay the last four installments (paid 39 installments until then).
Then again the executive started calling this time. He literally tortured me with his calls. Everyday I woke-up with his call and daily 20/30 calls from him and he started threatening me that he will come to my home and office. He called to my employer and made a false allegation that I am running away from paying loan amount. He came to my office and threatened me that he will not leave that place until I pay the due or surrender the vehicle (though the vehicle is not with me).
My doubt is that the NBFC’s deteriorate to this level to collect their dues. Literally they appoint rowdies for collecting their money. Even directly I was not responsible for that loan I took the responsibility, is it necessary for me to face the problems.
So please help me regarding this issue what action can i take against them. iam feeling guilty in my office and not able to face my employer.

Thanks in advance

vijayan viji   30 June 2022 at 20:56

Education loan

Sir, I get loan from Iob, at 2012 of Rs.135000, now loan reached rs.297000.
Bank offer me 170000 in this February 2022 , I reach bank with rs.170000 on march 22,

They didn't accept my money, they told your loan sale to RARC , they I'll collect ur loan.

After few months 20 days back RARC contact me and demand of Rs.230000.

Wat I I'll do sir... How can I reduce my OTS.


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