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Priya   31 May 2008 at 14:25

Gift property

I have a plot and a house [three seperate in a building] registered in my name. As this is the only asset that our father has left for us i want to give one house each to my sister and brother. My father is alive.

Your expert's opinion was that property cannot be transferred without the consent of the transferee, except will. But i want them to have the property during my lifetime.

Also by your expert the property can be transferred by executing partition deed, the draw back is that I have to accept the property as joint family property. What is the procedure to do this?

I would also like to know how i can transfer the property as gift to my brother & sister. Do i need their consent even for this and what is the procedure?

manoj gupta   31 May 2008 at 12:02

parking of vehicle

I have purchased a new flat with a single parking for which a separate payment has been made.The parking which i have purchased can adjust 2 cars very eaisly and hence i am parking 2 of my cars in the alloted parking.
Lately the society has informed that since you have purchased only 1 parking you are allowed to park only 1 car at the alloted parking,where as my contention is that, since both my cars are accomodated in the alloted parking ther should not be any problem to any anybody .
Please give your valued expert advise.
Manoj Gupta

veer pal singh   29 May 2008 at 23:13

mother harass by her son's

helo sir,plz solve the case
father of five daughter & two son died in 2000.he will his all property to his wife mother of all children.three daughter married when he alive and one was married after his death mother sell one plot for the marrige rest one plot,one shop which oprate by the mother and one house where one daughter and mother lived is in the possession pf mother.both two son lived separately since 9 years.but now they want partition(8)part of the property but mother don't want to do this because in house she & her daughter(unmarried) lived in that and also don't want to sell the shop because the expence of the home come from the shop oprate by mother and also don't want the plot because if she sell it than no son help her in the marrige of the rest daughter.
now the both son's file suit to partition of the said property.
what remady she has against her son's in the suit filed against her & and all the daughter's.

plz find the suitable solution of the problem.


Gururja Rao   29 May 2008 at 18:52

whether father is entitled to sell the property acqiired in succession or through inheritance from his faher without taking consent or no objection from his surviving children and wife?

Hi all,
My friend Grand father was the original owner and pattedar for Ac 11.00gts of agricultural land, and my friend grand father had only one son i.e My friend's father who is habituated drunker,Now recently My friend's grand father expired, thereafter In succession and throgh inheritance My friend's father became owner and possesor of afore said agricultural land and got mutated the same in his name and obtained patta in his favor, Now My friend's father is intending to sell the aforesaid agricultural lands without knowledge of his family members i.e to his sons, and to his wife.
Now My question is 1) being grand son whether My friend will get any share in the afore said property?
2)whether My friend's father is entitled to sell the aforesaid agricultural lands in favor of third parties without permission or by Not obtaining no objection from his surviving son and his wife,
3)and further if he sells the property without Knowledge of his son and wife, can his son and wife challenge the same.
4) finally for what remedy they can approach the court.

V.Raghavan   28 May 2008 at 22:53

How to rectify the sale deed after 6 years?

When I scrutinised a document in which my client is interested to purchase to construct a factory i found the following defects:-
1. The Power agent executed the sale deed without mentioning his status and the Principal stating that he and his brothers are the absolute owners of the property.
2. A Patta was obtained in the name of the Power agent's father for the property which is not his own.
3. On believing that the patta is in the name of the power agent's fathat and that it has become their family property all the brothers have signed in the next sale deed in the rank of Vendors.
4. The Power of attorney is a registered on (22.4.2002)
5. When the sale was executed by the power agent the principal of the power was not alive.
6. A patta is also obtained in the name of the last purchase on the last transaction.
7. The originally the land was an agricultural and later converted into industrial plot.

Now the Vendor is interested to rectify the sale deed registered in the last transaction with the help of the Purchaser. My clients feel the property is very good for construction of their factory.
Now can any one suggest me how to rectify the defetcs in the title of the property after 6 years or registration and get it registered in my cleint's name ?

Rajaram C Iyer   28 May 2008 at 09:09

Rent agreement

Please give me sample rental agreement as early as possible.


rijul   27 May 2008 at 18:07

regarding property on lease

i am having an unregister lease with a co. in the month of dec 06,i was continuesly trying to get it registered but it was not done now in the month of nov 07 the co. had cancilled the lease without assigning any reason whatsoever
a. they had not paid any rent to me except the security amount of 6 month
b.they instructed us to renoavate the premises to suit which had cost a huge expense to us
c.after the termination of the lease still the co. is enjoying the vacation of the premises
d.we had made the electric bill transfferd in there name they had only paid 1 bill and electricity dues are also
stands unpaid
kindly suggest me what to do ?
a. to get my rent
b. to recover the damages/renoavation

Piya   27 May 2008 at 08:29

Transfer property with least expenses

I hace a plot and a house [three seperate in on building] registered in my name. Plot was registered in the registrar's office. I assume the house is also legally mine now. As this is the only asset that our father has left for us i want to give one house each to my sister and brother. My father is alive. I would like to know 2 things. [1] Can my father create any problem legally? What are the documents that i have to check to ensure the plot is entirely mine. [2] Which is the method to trasfer the plot with least expenses and without the involvement of my sister or brother?......
The plot wae purchased by my dad with his money and registered in my name with the Registrar. After an year a house was built. The Elec. Bill is in my name. I thinks the water, property tax is paid in my name. For more detilsa about this i need a week's time. But do reply with the available details

radhakrishnan   26 May 2008 at 13:15

registration - reg.

My father had purchased a property with sheet fabricated roof top in the year 1982 and a GPA was established in my mothers name with a balance amount of Rs.500 would be paying at the time of registration , subsequently my father did some modification of the building by removingthe sheet roof top and replacing by concrete. In the mean time the seller had approached my father and informed to register. But to scarcity of money, he informed that would be done in later stage, but the seller took the balance money of Rs.500 or so and gave it in writing in a paper that all the balance been paid no dues from the buyer.

Later my mother expired but the registration was not done. Also the seller whereabouts were not known. Hence approached the registration office and registered the house in my name.

Kindly give me the loop holes of this kind of registration and if any, please inform me in what way shall i take precaution. As this property is my mom and dads which is been there right from 1982 to till date.

Kindly help me in this regard.

Awaiting your favourable reply



Manish Singh   26 May 2008 at 11:49

Lease Deed

A is a company who has taken a premises on lease and thre is no such clause which allows it to sub lease or sub let the premises. Now A is spliting up into a new cOMAPNY CALLED "B" which is goin to take over the business carrying on in the premises of that lease.
How can B take the lease of that premises without letting the Lessor involved?
Can A be legally allowed to sub lease it to it's sister concern without approval/
Please suggest

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