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Guru   05 September 2022 at 14:40

Without lawyer.

Hello sir , can I put the case in court without lawyer . Thank you .

Anonymous   05 September 2022 at 13:38

Sell undivided property

My father have ancestral undivided 40000 square feet property . Total 5 name mentioned on property (including my father).
Can my father sell his share in property as per Sunni Muslim law without partition?

Anonymous   04 September 2022 at 20:33

Forcible acts of endowment employees and crooked archaka

A man krishna rao running small shop since 50 years, adjacent to satyanarayana swami temple compound wall, which has been let to him by one Gorongo Goudo and said goudo was died 30 years back.  None of the archaka has absolute right and title over the temple, cases run between archaks confirmed the same, lower and senior division courts dismissed their suits stating they do not have any right.  Even said temple is not under Endowment Department. One archaka srinivas with crooked mentality colluded with staff of Endowments department, trying to demolish shop of petty vendor Krishna Rao by forcibly evicting him, and to ruine his livelyhood as  Krishna Rao is paying rentals to other archaka Pintu.

said archaka Srinivas approached Dist. Legal Services authority, submitted a representation to order for eviction of shop and  mentioning  the Dist. Collector, Municipal Commision etc., as respondents. Dist.Legal Services Committee orally asking Krishna Rao to vacate the shop.  If it happens so, petty vendors family suffer starvation.  

issue is pending with Dist Legal Services Authority, but the Endowments Department staff threatning the Petty Vendor of disposession and throwing out the goods in the shop.

How said petty vendor can get help by approaching court, can he file a suit for injunction against the endowment authorities and archaka srinivas to restrict their forcible activities. Petty Vendor needs immediate help for survival 

Anonymous   03 September 2022 at 20:58

Forcible acts of endowment employees and crooked archaka

Respected Members Good evening

Please guide me in the following

A man krishna rao running small shop since 50 years, adjacent to satyanarayana swami temple compound wall, which has been let to him by one Gorongo Goudo and said goudo was died 30 years back. 

Infact Hanumanth bukta was heridatory trustee of the private temple, archakas appointed by their ancestrals occupied the temple then said Hanumanth bukta filed suit in 1908 for posession inrespect of temple and won the case. subsequently with interference of locals, entered into agreement with archakas gouranga panda and other and handed over the diety and other articles, with an understanding that archaks should return the same whenevery asked by the Hanumanth bukta or his family.  after the death of said hanumanth bukta, the family members of archakas settled the temple properties among themselves without any right.  later there were cases among the archakas regarding the right over the temple in the year 1998 and 2001 & 2010 and all were dismissed. Lower court found that parties to suits do not have right over the temple, given a direction to Assistant Commissioner Endowments to take over the same. The order of the lower court challenged in appeal and in said appeal the appellate court deleted the part of lower courts order directing the Asst. Endowments Commissiioner "to hand over the posession" has been deleted. Hence the Endowments dept. nothing to do with said temple. 

As per the understanings between the families of archakas.....four families collecting the rentals of four shops adjacent to compound wall of the temple.

Recently one of the archaka hardly trying to eliminate the others.....gathered some local people, injucted them to widen the main entrance (simhadwara of the temple). So that the shop under the supervision of another archaka can easily be removed. On the other side there was shop under the supervision of said archaka, but with his cunning nature he left the area of his shop, spreaded construction towards the area of the shop under the super vision of another archaka, executed his plan successfully, constructed dwaram with malafied intention.. Colluded with the staff of Endowments Dept. harassing the Petty Vendor. 

approached Services authority, praying to remove / vacate the shop by submitting a representation mentioning the Municipal commissioner, Dist.Collector and Endowments Dept as respondents, praying to direct the authorities to remove the shop.  the same is violative and against to right of living.  Repeatedly the Endowments staff harassing the petty shop owner to vacate and threatning that they will evict and throw the goods forcibly.  Infact said temple is not under the Endowments Department, but unlawfully interfering in the issue to support the archaka, locked the shop and tried to demolish the structure, who is a forcible man. other departments having careful inquiry kept quite in the issue. Police did not given support to the Petty Vendor, but orally suggested the Endowments staff not to do so without any right.

Devotees are not insisting for widening the existing door, but the crooked mentality archaka pinching some locals in his support and to take legal shelter approached Dist.Legal Services Authority with the help of some of Court Staff. 

issue is pending with Dist Legal Services Authority

Dist.Legal Services Authority orally asking the petty vendor to vacate the shop without going through facts. Said Petty vendor was feared and disturbed. If he vacates the shop his family will suffer on roads for livelihood.

How said petty vendor can get help by approaching court, can he file a suit for injunction against the endowment authorities and archaka to restrict their forcible activities. Petty Vendor needs immediate help for survival

Anonymous   03 September 2022 at 20:47

Registration of landed property - unregistered agreement

Mr. Abdul contacted Smt. Mohini to purchase his land, both entered into agreement for Rs. 5 lakhs (un-registered) witnessed by Mr. Kiran and Smt. Gowri. Abdul requested the Vendee to give maxm amount of Rs. 4lakhs as he was in dire need of money. After receipt of said money he left to his native place in Krishna District. Did not turning up to take balance amount and registration.
Smt. Mohini requested many times and got served legal notice to Abdul, and he refused. Then Smt. Mohini Sent notices to witnesses of the transaction Mr. Kiran and Smt. Gowri, asking them to suggest the Vendor to complete the transaction at the sooner, they too refused to receive the notices.
The Vendee Smt. Mohini was under loss and stress due the the act of the Vendor.

How Can she get register the site in her name
under what provisions of law she can approach the court of law and against whom Smt. Mohini can sue for remedy

Syed Athaulla   03 September 2022 at 20:33

Gpa is not registered

GPA site is not registered Hi sir, My father has purchased the site through gpa notary but not registered in 2007 later he registered the site through sale deed with same as purchaser and buyer after that he again gift deed to my mother. Is the site valid to sale the site yo third party or do we require the signature if the gpa holder . Thank you

Read more at:

Anonymous   03 September 2022 at 19:42

Petition suite

My father had bought a house and sale deed was executed on my sisters's name. That time her age was 15 years.

He put that property on my sister's name due to sentiment. When he was alive , he used to stay that me and my sister should share equally even though that property is on my sister's name.

Recently my father passed away. He did not leave any WILL. Legal heirs are my mother , sister and myself.

Now my sister is saying that house is her individual property and does not want give my share in that property.

Could you please suggest me how can I get my share in that house legally ? Can i file for partition suite ?

Anonymous   03 September 2022 at 19:23

Death of co owner

We reside in a bungalow built by our great grand father in 1935
This is owned by 3 sisters and one brother of my father and my father

But only we are staying here So we are residential owners
Property card have name of our father and other siblings

Our father passed away in 22 July
Can co owners push us into redevelopment

We don't want to do redevelopment

NAGARAJ   03 September 2022 at 18:03

Jurisdiction to file declaration suit for name change

my client name is manjula she was studied at shivmogga till 10th class and now her name changed as vinutha in her adhaar card, present adhaar card address is stands at bangalore.. shall i file declaration suit for name change at bangalore jurisdiction courts...?

Thanks for ur precious reply.

K P V Raju   03 September 2022 at 09:10

Transfer of fir

Sir This is Raju Inspectòr Admin Central Crime Station, Detective Dept of Hyderabad City.

Some important cases transferred to CCS from local police stations. Meantime jurisdictions court of Local PS are not sending original FIR n complaint to the court designated for CCS cases. What is the legal procedure and latest judgements related to the query may be furnished. Also explain sec 408 of CrPC. Thank u

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