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kumar sachin   23 August 2008 at 00:34

ruling required

can anyone suggest rulings IN defence for offence u/s 412 IPC URGENTLY

Vijay Kumar   22 August 2008 at 23:52

Power of Attorney

In order to purchase the land of X, the buyer has entered into agreement with his attorney A.

1) Whether the buyer was required by law to verify the fact that A had been holding valid PoA from X?

2)Now the buyer seeks to file the suit for specific performance of contact, who is to be arrayed as defendant/s?

i)only the owner X
ii)only the attorney A
iii)or both X & A

3) Whether during trial, the plaitiff would be required to prove that A had been holding Valid PoA from X?

4)The instrument of agreement is unfortunately under stamped,how to cure this lacunae before filing the suit?

SANJAY DIXIT   22 August 2008 at 23:24

Income Tax Dept. under RTI ACT

[My client has the PAN number of her husband.
Whether she can get the information from Income Tax Dept. under RTI ACT regarding IT Returns filed by her husband in the prev. fin. years?
Whether PAN number is sufficient for the said purpose?]

This querry was asked by me before sometime & as suggested by the hon'ble expert members I made it.

The CPIO, Chennai has given a decision that due to personal information, it can't be provided. It is further provided that the decision may be appealed U/s 19.

Pls suggest whether wife is really a third party in eyes of law?
Whether wife can't access the knowledge of her husband's income as no public interest is involved.

N.K.Assumi   22 August 2008 at 21:48

Order XXIX of the CPC 1908

Under Order XXIX of the CPC the officils mentioned there are secretary,director or other principal officer. Does Manager of the Corporation falls within the meaning of other principal officer in Rule 2 and 3, if so can he filed case on behalf of the corporation and signed affidavit and verify the affidavit on behalf of the Corporation? Inspite of the Chairman,Managing Director or the Secretary or the Director?

Arihant   22 August 2008 at 20:40

Rental Property

Dear Sir,

I have a industrial property in Pali - Rajasthan. I am the Sole prop. since 1987

I have rented the property to my brother from past 9 years and he is not vacating the property. The agreement is not drafted in the proper way as we do now.

can u tell the procedure of filing a suit against him

can i sue him from chennai but the property is in Pali - Rajasthan

Sir, i am really very new in this field, i dont have any idea regarding civil cases please help me in this issue - its very urgent


ankit gupta   22 August 2008 at 18:21

whta is the procedure of taking oath in courts

can any one tell me that what is the procedure of taking oath in the court,
is it that the same holy book is used for people from every religion or it depends upon that to which religion he belongs to????/

bhuushan bankar   22 August 2008 at 17:15

can the accused discharged

in the persent case the accused is on bail under sec 279 and 338 can he be discharged or can the complaint be quased since the complainant(not the aggrived person,he was not hurt)is died and the child who got mionr injury is not tracble as he shifted his residence

N.K.Assumi   22 August 2008 at 16:50

Right to information

Dear Sir,
To obtain information from the Government, is it necessary that such information should be made first from the department of the District inspite of asking directly to the Secretary of the Department who has more information on the matter?
Regarding fees for the information can we also put stamp in spite of the cheque or cash amount?

gourav   22 August 2008 at 16:42


my yonger brother as flying officer in indian airforce. he did his know he wanted to get-off from indian airforce.phycical tranning he completed and tacnical tranning is going on. airforce should prpose to him there is only one rule to left the force by paying of 8-10 lach. because of airforce done 15,000rs for per weak(7days) for per candidet in his/her phycical and acadmic/technical HOW TO LEGALLY MY BROTHER CAN WENT-OUT.

gourav   22 August 2008 at 15:51

motar vihical act

one of my friend's father dad in accedental case. my friend had a decree from highcourt and maybe from supremecourt and in his state/district the appelant/other party have use some political power for no advocate attened my friend for excuting decree. so what could do my friend for excuting decree. may he/she transfar the case to another district because there is no advocate take the case of my friend.