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Adv.Shine Thomas   11 October 2008 at 22:21

Provident Fund

Please help me

The provident fund office communicated to an educational institution to pay 10% of the wages of the employees and employer when the total number of employees were below 20 in the year 2003. The strength of the employees later became more than 20, but the school authorities continued to pay the 10% of salary instead of 12%, which is the statutory limit. Now the inspectors found the mistake after these years and to direct the school authorities to pay the arrears of extra 2%, which now come more than 2 lakhs.But the problem is that many number of employees are releaved from the school and joined in other institutions and hence cannot get money from them.

How can the school authorities be saved from paying the extra 2% ? Any case laws?, Any rulings from any courts or tribunals in favour of the institution.

shivraj   11 October 2008 at 20:48

power of attorney

appplicability of power of attorney without regestration the transaction without regestration can be void?

omprakash agarwalla   11 October 2008 at 17:20

Protocol with Taxation Officers

I want to know that, is there any prescribed protocol to address Goverment Officers? Are we bound to say 'sir' to each and every officers?

Rekha.....   11 October 2008 at 17:12

Under MACT Act

Dear M'm/Sir,
V need authority in which following points are to be considered.
1. There is no proof of age of a minor
2. The deceased minor suddenly crossed the
road by running and met with the
3. The age of The deceased 7 years. so
income should not be calculated.
Applicant is the father of the deceased
V are appearing for the Insurance company.
Plz do needful
Thank u.

ruby   11 October 2008 at 10:11

How Do I Go About After Stopping a Cheque to a Private Educational Institute?

I had joined a private academy after paying registration fee of 30,000 and after 1 month and few days of the course found that they are cheating us right under our noses luckily i hadnt paid up the entire amount. and my second installment was due. the institute had claimed to give us a laptop and showed the expenditure for same in the bill issued to us as IT Rs 44,000 but gave an obsolete laptop costing just Rs 20,000 or less. and when the class tried to talk to the dean about it he said unprofessional things and said that you concentrate on studies you can buy a laptop on your own of 1 lakh then why you joined the course its for studies so dont bother about laptops and study and we are giving you laptop enough for your use and he got angry and said that we had better facilities and infrastructure, people from the class argued for little then kept quite as they have paid around 2 lakhs already and were scared about their placements and future jobs. I didnt like all this and stopped the cheque on 26th of sep which i had issued for the academy on 25th sep for the payment of 1.7 lakhs. but i didnt know if the check had passed, when i reached the institute on 3rd oct i was informed that the cheque had been cleared and I didnt know what to do so i continued class for 3 days and didnt question the bank as now the check had already been cleared. then after this on the 10th of oct the institute informed me that the cheque wasnt cleared and has been returned as it was stopped, the institute had issued me a laptop which they took back from me immediately, which i have no proof of as they didnt give it in writing that they took it back. so now how do i go about this situation? can they file a case against me? should i send them a letter saying why i stopped the payment and also give a some legal notice? can i be imprisoned or fined for non issue of check how do i present my case or protect myself ?

madhukar   10 October 2008 at 22:09

RTI related

I was working with an wife had complained in writing vs me to my P&A dept.(complain is like, my marriage to her is second marriage & i had affair & cheated the company etc.)& defame me in all possible ways. i resigned from the post immediately as my mistake was, i had produced wrong records to the company in past with respect to martial status to get some monetary benefit(LTA Claim).after my actual marriage i had informed to my said wife about this.she then suggested me to change the records.but meanwhile we had dispute as a result she has exploited the opportunity &highlighted my mistake to my management in writing to teach me lesson for not obeying her.& asking them to sack me
company has not accepted my resignation.& issued charge sheet to me & subsequently third party inquiry.
i had neither answer the charge sheet nor appeared for the inquiry.later on company has dismissed my service.
i had married only once but my wife knowingly damaged the things.
now my query is if i have to get her complain letter to my management through RTI how should i proceed.which RTI office i should write.
pl suggest


V.G.Rao Advocate   10 October 2008 at 21:17

Evidence Act

Is there any provision or law to cause notice to other party to admit the document executed by him during the course of trial in criminal proceedings, where accused did not choose to enter in to the witness box for confrontation.

V.G.Rao Advocate   10 October 2008 at 21:17

Evidence Act

Is there any provision or law to cause notice to other party to admit the document executed by him during the course of trial in criminal proceedings, where accused did not choose to enter in to the witness box for confrontation.

V.G.Rao Advocate   10 October 2008 at 20:57

subsequent sale

Hi all,
One "A" purchased property From "B" through Regtd Agreement of sale cum GPA by paying entire sale consideration,and "B" delivered possession,but unfortunately as "B"'s Link Document was misplaced She could not handed over the same to the "A" at the time of Regisration of AGS cum GPA, and subsequently "A" sold this property to "C" and "C" is in continuous possession ever since the date of purchase of property through his tenant, and "C" also mutated his name in Electricity department and Municipal tax dept, and he also paying the same uptodate without any default, while matter stood thus subsequently all of a sudden "B" suppressing the said fact sold the same property to "D" and handed over him her Link document,but she could not deliver the physical possession to "D" since "C" is in possession of the said property under Regt sale deed which is much prior to the sale deed of "D". Thereafter "D" started threatening "C" that he is going to dispossess him illegally and forcibly if he fails to vacate and hand over the possession to him, whereupon "C" has filed a civil suit for perpetual Injunction and got obtained Interim order that "Respondent shall maintain Statuquo till some date, in mean time "D" with malfide intention went to the electrcity board and bribed them and got cancelled the name of "C" in the current month bill, and made them to issue bill in the Name of "B",and paid the bill amount well in advance and obtained receipt before issuance of bill to "C", and after receipt of Bill By "C" he lodged a complaint explaining all the above facts and the said complaint is pending for cosideration of ADE of elctricity dept. Now My question is mere change in the name of current month bill will effect the case of the "C" filed against "D" and further what other legal actions can be taken against "D" to prevent all his illegal activities to safe guard the property of "C". please answer me as early as possible the matter is very serious, and mean while "D" may try to change "C"'s name in every department and to prevent him to do the same what can be done. please it is urgent

vinod bansal   10 October 2008 at 19:46


my criminal complaint was dismissed and accused were aquitted after trial by judicial magistratr I class Narwana(Haryana)Now i want to file crl appeal against this order whether my crl appeal is maintainable in the court of sessions judge or i have to moved directly before Highcourt. Plz enlighten me. Thanku