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Raju Juneja   14 October 2021 at 21:24

Forget to register huda conveyance deed

I purchased a plot in huda and had sale deed for my plot in 2010 and now i came to know that last party didn't registered his conveyance deed and without registration they sold his plot and sale deeded to me, n now i don't know where is that party, so what i have to do now

Amit K S -English language Clu   14 October 2021 at 19:48

How to sell a flat

Dear Sir,


I have a land of 4500 sqft ,in which I have built G+ 2 floors of 3000sqft each. each floor has 3 flats .since I am running through financial crises. hence, i wanted to sell the a few flats . how should i go ahead. what are the permission required . what documents i need to give to the buyers own the flat etc.
plz guide

Anonymous   14 October 2021 at 15:24

Minimum essential educational qualification-degree regarding

A Govt. Organisation issued Advertisement for recruitment in various Science and Technology / Engineering Disciplines. In Biochemistry Discipline the Essential Educational Qualification was Master's Biochemistry
As per RRs, the disciplines are clearly categorised in two parts. First is for Master of Science Degrees and Second is for Engineering/Technology Bachlore Degrees.
The Biochemistry discipline categorised in "Master of Science Degree" but the recruiting Organisation has accepted the Engineering/ Technology Degree " B.Tech in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology and M.Tech. in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology by considering equivalent to Master's Biochemistry by constituting a committee after documents verification of Candidates qualified provisionaly in Mains Exam for Documents Verification.
The recruiting Organisation, not only consdered the M.Tech. Degree in other Subject but also rejected a 5Years Integreted Dual Degree BS-MS(Masters of Science) Degree in Biological Sciences awarded by IISER, Bhopal (An Institute of National Importance under direct control of MHRD) ignoring the equivalency certificate issued by so reputed Institute of National Importance. The Institute is empowered to award the degrees.
The Recruiting Agency / Organisation (GoI) has made the following wrongs / illegal activities:-
1. Reduced the awarded Marks of Candidate at Merit No.1 from 164 to 160 to up lift the Candidate at Merit No.2 who obtained 161 Marks.
2. Rejected the degree of Candidate at Merit No. 1 which was as per advertisement as well as RRs to drop from selection list.
3. Accepted the degree of Candidate at Merit No. 2 which was not as per advertisement as well as RRs to place in selection list.
The IIT Delhi, the institute awarding the to candidate at Merit No.2, has replied in a RTI query that " B.Tech in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology and M.Tech. in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology" is not equivalent to M.Sc. Biochemistry.
Further, in a recent decison in May-2021 by hon'ble High Court Delhi, in the said recruitment in a WP filed a candidate of Biomedical discipline and rejected the committee Constituted for equivalency of Degrees and reports submitted by committee in all disciplines.
There is no Engineering/Technology Institute in India which awards the degree with title "M.Tech Degree in Biochemistry" or "M.Sc. in Biochemistry". They awards only Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology related degrees in the Deptt. of Biological Sciences.

Please help and guide so that the deserve candidate may got his right.

Anonymous   14 October 2021 at 12:45

Challenge to marks awarded in answer sheet of mains exam

A job seeker challanged the tampering in Marks awarded in Answer Sheet of Mains Exam for Selection for the Post of Examiner of Patents (Biochemistry), Group "A" Post. He asked & obtained Answer Sheet of Mains Exam under RTI Act and noticed that his awarded marks reduced by overwritten Marks in Four Questions 14 overwritten as 12, 11 overwritten by 10 and 9 overwritten by 8. Total of Marks awared is 164 ( in Original) and 160 (with overwritten). There is no initial, no remarks and not written overwritten Marks in words by Examiner.
-There is no Interview. Selection is based on Marks obtained in Mains Exam.
-There was only one post for ST Candidate. Marks of the candidate slected is 161 Marks.
Due to tampering by overwritten of Marks, his merit position changed and he could not selected due to reduction of his awarded Marks from 164 to 160.
Whether such action of reduction of awarded Marks in answer sheet is legaly valid? He has filed a case which is pending with hon'ble CAT Bench.

Anonymous   14 October 2021 at 11:18

Is a daughter entitled to second fathers share in mumbai


My grandmother married twice within the same family.
After the first brother passing away she married the second brother.

Is my mother entitled to the share of her second father?

uganti   13 October 2021 at 16:19

How much a rajasthan govt. employee invest in shares

how much money can raj. govt. employee invest through shares

raju   13 October 2021 at 13:02


Summons issued to witness in criminal case by ordinary process and also dasti. Witness evading the summons. Can I send these summons by post which was given as dasti.

GThrone   13 October 2021 at 12:56

498a 506

My wife filed a criminal case 498A and 506 on entirely false grounds. she filed a case in Europe prior on similar grounds but this case was closed as nothing was substantiated.

Regarding the 498, in addition to me as the A1, she included my family members and friend but police removed the others leaving just myself in the chargesheet.

but the cause of action was in Europe and I did not meet my wife or her family members in India for a long time and since the other members were excluded, is there is possibility for this case to be dismissed in the district court?

I am specifically looking for previous court judgements/citations in support of a dismissal of the case. Please HELP.

Suraj Kumar   13 October 2021 at 09:54


My girlfriend who have no source of income has taken Rs 20 Lakh from me through account transfer (NEFT) for purchase of a house in her name.I have documentary evidence from my bank statement. Also I have spent another 5 Lakhs by cash for docoration of the house after purchase.

Now she refused to maintain relationships and marrying me.

Can I lodge 406 IPC and 420 IPC in local PS stating that she has taken the money as loan and refusing to refund ?

Can police directly arrest her without any permission from court ?

Surely she couldn't refund the money. Can I claim to transfer the property to me ?

rajiv sharma   12 October 2021 at 13:10

Gift deed cost for immovable property

A mother is owner of a constructed plot with 4 floors and wants to gift 4 floors equally between her two sons. So wants to know, can one single gift deed be made wherein all 4 floors be gifted such that 2 floors can be in given to both son. Or floor wise gift deed can be prepared. Please suggest best way for it, considering minimum stamp duty.