17 April 2021 at 16:10

Suit for decleration & possession

our matter is presently before karnataka high court. The lower court ordered 75% to us & 25% to our opposite party. Partition has not done. Now the property is vacant & open space (Earlier there was a building). My query is
1) If high court orders complete 100% to us can we immediately occupy the possession.
2) Is there any process (like affidavit, form etc) to update to high court that the land is vacant & open space to all.
3) if immediately cannot what is the process to get the possession ASAP (Before he goes to appeal to Supreme Court?
3) If high court orders again 75% to us & 25% to opposite party what is the process to get the possession?
4) Let me know the cost to file CAVEAT in supreme court for the same case. My no is Nine Nine zero zero four five two five two three

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I am SC , I want to land from other SC assigned land, After that I want make a plots layout in Land and sell it to others .

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12 April 2021 at 05:51

Decree null and void

Society filed suit in district court for specific performance to sign conveyance deed and got decree in its favour in 2007. Land affected by Urban land ceiling so Decree non-est ( ulc act repealed after the decree was passed). They then (post repeal) proceeded in executive court and Conveyance deed signed by a court commissioner. Thereafter society went in for a development agreement (Redevelopment). Redevelopment is complete. As decree is non-est and void, Is the Conveyance deed, Redevelopment deed void and is redevelopment illegal? What action needs to be taken by the original landowner?

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Dear expert,
I have a commercial shop in my fathers name in slums of malad mumbai Maharshtra since 1974.My father has recieved the patch card holder (by government of maharashtra) in 1976.One Mr. V sharma has showing his status as imla malak as per the property card implemented in 2003.
He is taking the exaggrated rent from the chawl tenents and from us also,now due to the corona,we are unable to pay the rent further,but still we issued a cheque of Rs. 3000/-in month of january 2021.
I have recieved a reply from collecter encrochment after RTI that the said area is slum declared in 1976.
Now Mr. Sharma has issued us a lawyers notice for the (exaggrated) rent or else to evict showing us a licensee and asking for the monthly compensations of Rs.250 per month also the accumalated amount .
I need your help for following,
1) what is the legal status of Mr. sharma for said chawl as per the property card showing him imla malak.
2) Does he has the right to collect the rent or compensation from the slum room occupier like us.
3) What is the meaning of slum declared status of the said slum as per collecters letter for the said property and benefits to us.
4) On what basis and content we can reply to him for the said notice.
5) What will be the future of Mr. sharma as the slum lord.
6) Can he evict us even after the proofs of the said slum rooms or shop.

Request you to please do guide us for the same so as to reply the lawyers notice.
Thank you,

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31 March 2021 at 07:54

Arrogant tenants

Our bungalow built in 1935
Tenants stay since 1940
They have preserved all old rent receipts and proofs of repairing work they do
They used to pay monthly rent of 100

Our son and daughter plan to get married.Can we send them eviction notice so at least they behave properly
tenants were given place as they were homeless so were staying for free since year 1935.fro year 1940 they started paying some nominal rent once in a while

Now we are total 5 owners so each have 20 percent share .We are residential owners but have only 20 percent share.So if we evict tenants I guess evicted property will be of all 5 plus tenants can join with other 4 and builders and try to sell their share of tenancy right or harasse us?

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How to change nominee of my bdd chawl?
My grandfather was the owner of the bed chaal room.When grandfather death ownership transfer to my grandmother.But now my grandmother wants to nominee of room to their two grandsons.
Please tell what process and document required.
Is any other rule for bdd chaal ?

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01 March 2021 at 22:39

Transfer of flat by gift deed

My Mother and I are joint / equal owners of a flat in a CHS in Mumbai. Her name is first in the share certificate and mine is second. She has now executed a registered gift deed of her 50 % share in my favour. What documents and forms do i need to submit to the society to transfer the share certificate to my sole name. My society is not aware.

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28 February 2021 at 09:41

Tenant continuation / eviction issue.

Good day.
My brother has a tenant. His agreement expires today. i.e. 28/02/2021.
He has not paid rent from last more than one year. Plus some money he borrowed from us. ( By Cheque).
Notice to him to evict was already send last month.

Now, Inspite of evicting, he has filed a case in Delhi court:-
1. Asking us not to ask him to evict.
2. Plus in a paragraph, he falsely blamed us that we entered inside his shop and create chaos.
3. He accepts in his petition that he has paid the rent till 2019 and
4. also accept that he borrowed money from us.

Court has issued notice to us.

Now, My question is:-
1. Instead of filing a new eviction / recovery suit, can we ask for relief in the case filed by him?
Can we simply say in court that, " We are ready on his 'PRAYER only' but let him clear the due and further Rent, Which he himself mention in his case.


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25 February 2021 at 19:48

Society formation charges


I bought an 2000 sqft NA plot in a gated community spanning over 33 acres. There are amenities being provided by the builder/promoter of the said land. They will be starting to ask for maintenance charges for 1 year at 1rs /sqft once all the work is done from their side( as per RERA, scheduled to be completed by June 2021).

They are also asking us to pay 35000 rs as a charge from all the plot owners to form a society after a period of 1 year (most likely by June 2022) once the maintenance period is over.
There are a total of 400 plots, which means builder would be collecting around 1.4 cr from us in the name of society formation charges. Is this legal to ask this much amount for the formation of society? If no, what are the actual charges for this?

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25 February 2021 at 17:58

Open plot purchase

Can i buy open plot from owner who doesn't have partition deed, the owner has verbally divided property vamong themselves with out registered partition deed. Please reply

Read more at: https://www.lawyersclubindia.com/default.asp?

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