Want to buy office room in mumbai under pagadi system. I understand they will issue rent receipt in my name. Now i need to know the details and legality of transaction.
Modus operandi, : any documents to prepare other than rent receipt ....and need to be registered ... any guideline value.... payment to pagadi owner or to both pagadi owner and actual owners? stamp duty/ taxes to be paid for the same..... whether legal ?
After transfer of rent receipt in name of purchaser can new pagadi owner sublet the property ? ....can he resale also with profit/ losses ? can he be evicted on ground of not using the premises ?
in case of redevelopment whether new pagadi owner need to pay redevelopment charges for 240 sq feet room ?

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01 September 2019 at 17:24

Recent SC orders on property.

Is it true that Supreme Court order that the property of ours will be given to any person who is residing in our land for 12 yrs?

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I am planning to purchase a house in bangalore, this property belongs to a women who expired last year, Now husband has changed the Katha (tax document in his name) and had paid tax for one financial year. They have 2 son one is 17 years old and the younger is 13 years old. All the documents seems to be fine, He has all the deeds original and the title looks clear and still in wife's name. Now my question is what is the procedure to purchase the property as minor sons also equally inherit in mothers property along with their father. How to purchase this property and what steps to be followed.

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5 friends are buying 8160sqft. Land owner will do the sub division and get cmda approval as 5 plots and registered to us. 16ft road is shown as approach road for all 5 plots(16ft road is with in the 8160sqft land). If the road is not gift deed to corporation, will it be under land owner name? 5 plot owners can gift deed the road to corporation in future? Or only land owner has the right to gift deed it?

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we got allocation of land near Bangalore from KIABD. have paid 1st installament.
but now we want to share the land to our associate companies also based in bangalore (60% holded
by our parent company in USA).
whether we can change the name in the agreement to our associate company or can we share both the company name in Agreement (not yet signed).

Whether any thing mentioned specifically to this case in KIABD rule book or any case reference, please advise.

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As per my Fathers WILL i have 50% share of the property ,now I have decided to give my share of property to my brother,willingly.

Query 01/-
can it be written on a plain paper? & what would be the document called in Legal terms .

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16 June 2019 at 08:24

Legal heir of a property

My wife had two brothers and three sisters. Two sisters and both brothers died. One of the brother have three female and one male children. All are married and settled. The other brother did not marry. He own an house in his name. He has not written any WILL. I want to know who will be the leagal heir of that house.

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a have a flat in housing society in chandigarh
as per allotment letter the roof rights are with the top unit.
Now as per government orders we have to get sub conveyance deed executed.
We have asked management to write this in conveyance deed but they are not incorporating the same.

Please intimate will I have the same right as per terms of allotment letter or it will infringe upon my that right ?
please advise me

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16 May 2019 at 07:05

Terms 7 conditions in a mou

Experts kindly explain in plain English for a lay man to understand the following--

"'The terms of 1st, 2nd, 3rd,& 4th party shall all include their , representative heirs, representatives, assignee's & administrator-in -interest.'

thanking you

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27 April 2019 at 22:06

Mortgaging the leasehold rights

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to seek your advise on the write up mentioned in the Lease Deed, I am having agriculture land around 0.5 acre and all other surrounding land owners are also giving land for lease.
The lessee is interested to built warehouse, hence he approaching land owners for lease. Presently land is using for agriculture.

In the lease deed, it is mentioned like..
(POWER TO RAISE LOANS: The Lessee shall be entitled to raise loans/borrow money from financial institutions i.e., Banks, Financiers, Financial Companies and/or other Financial Institutions by mortgaging its leasehold rights in the Schedule Property. However there shall be no liability on the Lessors in regard to any such debts or borrows.)

Is this Mortgaging land leasehold rights is legal? Does this safeguard Land owners in case of any default by lessee, what are the impacts on Land owners from mortgaging leasehold rights.

Kindly advise,

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