01 June 2020 at 20:13

Market rate of property

I have decided to sell my .self acquired residential property as per the present declared 2020 Circle rate
Situation is the buyer is willing to pay as per market rate .which is much less than the Official circle rate.
I am told that circle rate is always less than the prevailing market rate.I am not willing to sell less than the circle rate
Kindly advice ?

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08 October 2019 at 09:31

Gift Deed to unmarried daughter

MY FATHER SELF EARNED PROPERTY GIFT TO HIS UNMARRIED DAUGHTER. AFTER THE DEED REGISTERED, MY FATHER PASSED AWAY (in 16months).Yet She can not changed house Tax, Electricity bill etc. What is her rights on that property. Family members ARE mother, one son, two daughters she can give that property to anyone

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04 October 2019 at 10:52


My elder brother was constructing his own houses in the period 2015-2017 and taken service from lawyers for clearing his property papers.

My father expired recently. We 3 brothers were shocked when we come to know that father had written Will which is properly attested at the sub Registrer office in the year 2015 with property right 37.5% for Elder Brother (1/8th in his name, 2/8 in the name of his daughters), 25% to Third Son (1/8th in his name & 1/8th in his minor Name), 12.5% to 2nd Son who is unmarried, 12.5% to 4th Son who is also unmarried but recently married and 12.5% in the name of mother. He used same Lawyers and Witnesses who helped in his house constuction.

My father told me to share share property equally by 1/5th Basis(20%) when he was not well. Now my elder brother he is agreeing to share property on 20% basis and told me to take necessary steps.

Please let me know how i should take it forward.


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13 August 2019 at 17:53

Questions on property inheritance


I have a few questions.

Person A created a house property with his own source of income.

A has 3 children (2 Daughters D1 and D2 and 1 Son)

On A's demise, Daughter D1 Relinquished the property. The house property was transferred to the son and the other daughter D2 with 50-50 % share.

Question 1: Can daughter D2 write a will for the property for which she has 50% share ?

Question 2: Can the children of daughter D1 (who relinquished the property) stake claim on the property ?

thank you...

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25 July 2019 at 16:12

Rent Act

Hi ! I have filed a case of personal necessity against my commercial tenant. The regd rent agreement had expired in 2016. But the tenant continued to pay rent with 5% increase every year. My queries are : 1. Since he continued to pay rent through cheques even after the expiry of the rent agreement so does this mean we entered into a perpetual agreement ? 2. Since I have filed the petition on the basis of personal necessity so does this deprive me of the Measn Profit privilege when the tenant goes to appeal ? Case pertains to Chandigarh.

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Can anyone provide me the procedure for demarcation of the land as per the 7/12.
For example there are 3 parties A B and C.
3 acres of land is equally divided between them.
Now A wants to separate his share however B and C are not ready.
So how can A demark his share of land.

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20 May 2019 at 00:47

About bayana

Respected Sir / Madam
we have taken bayana from a buyer on dec 6 2018. . the due date of execution is 6th June 2019. he has paid nothing apart from bayana. now he says that he has he will give the money when he has it. . the sale agreement has a clause of interest and penalty if any party fails to honor the agreement. . however the % of interest and penalty is not mentioned. . also, we had signed on the agreement at the dealer's office. it was past 8.30 pm then. they said that "the shops are closed now. we will give the photocopy tomorrow". . . but have not given us the copy of the initial sale agreement. they kept on saying 2 days 2 days for a while. and since they have refused to give a copy of the agreement to us. what could be the course of action for us now ?? . . . is there any standard percentage of interest and penalty under law that would be applicable in such cases where the percentage of interest and penalty is not mentioned in the agreement ? . If not then what would be the interest and penalty ??

. . pls guide sir .. the house / property in question is in Delhi . just to inform, the possession of the said property is with us. means we are staying in our house, the house that is to be sold by us... . also i want to inform that the buyer has not signed anywhere in the agreement. only we have signed. his name, address etc was mentioned but he has not signed anywhere. we have signed each and every page and our photographs are also affixed on it. is this standard procedure ? please guide sir.

thank you.
anil kumar malhotra.

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Sir , I'm planning to buy a flat in Hyderabad. Iam a retired govt servent. Is it possible to include my eight year old son name in sale deed. Bigger poit is he is Autistic Child. I won't to take property his future requirements after me. Please advise

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The seller is having original Natham Thoraya Patta (Issued on 1993) and the seller got expired after that his son has sold that property to another person on 2015 based on Chitta and Adangal in the name of Son. But, the buyer has not collected death and legal heir certificate. Hence now my friend will going to purchase this property but, we are asking legal heir certificate from old seller. Hence the seller has informed, this is village hence they will not apply death and legal heir certificate. So, I will collect confirmation letter from VAO (Village Administrative Officer) and hand over the same.

Please confirm, whether VAO confirmation letter is acceptable for Legal heir certificate?

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24 January 2019 at 11:26

Possession letter


I purchased a flat in Pune which is under MAHARERA registered. Completion Certificate is provided by a builder.
Now I am asking him for possession letter.
But he is asking to sign the intimate bond paper and asking for club membership charges and no receipt will for this.

Please guide.

Thanks & Regards,
Jidnyesh Behere

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