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Queries Participated

baluu jii   25 May 2020 at 14:15

Suspended person is eligible for government service or not

IF a person is suspended(from state government) after suspension he will fight exam &clear interview .can he eligible for another government service or not

Anonymous   22 May 2020 at 08:40

Sole arbitrator appointed by the respondent

Dear Experts,

I was an employee of company X, last year I leaved the company by proper resignation and serving full notice period.
But till date company have not did full and final settlement of my dues like Gratuity and may more, tentative amount of all would be 7 Lacs.
After repeated e-mail communication they are linger on the process.
There was arbitration clause in my service contact. So, I asked them to appoint an Arbitrator, now they have appointed one Sole Arbitrator and given me the address of that Arbitrator and told me to get in contact with Arbitrator further only as Arbitration started.
I have few questions in my mind.

1. How much fee Arbitrator charged from me, and what will be the mode of payment cheque etc., and when I have to pay arbitration fees , at start of hearing or after final judgment?
2. Do I need a Lawyer, or I can fight my case own?
3. Do I Need to sign terms with Arbitrator at start of hearing like oral hearing, written, time period etc.?
4. As I have only Arbitrator address with me, Shall I go to his address directly?
5. As I have a felling that Arbitrator shall me more inclined towards respondent as he appointed him, is there anything on which I can concentrate more while approaching Arbitrator.


Anonymous   17 May 2020 at 18:11

Sub division issue

I am residing in chennai. We bought land in year 2000. Seller sold 600 sq ft to my father and 1000 sq ft to another 3rd party. We built house in our part. 3rd party build house in their part without doing subdivision. Now we are going to sell our part but without subdivision purchaser not accepting. That 3rd party is not cooperating for sub division. How to proceed. Please guide.

amit   17 May 2020 at 12:26

Help to avail compromise

my friend book in 380 IPC
we need compromise from store manager(complainant)
when asked manager he replied i will inform my Mumbai official higher authority .
the mall is DMART (supermart) & founder is Radhakishan damani
who is higher authority in our case to grant permission
although it seems difficult to us get compromise from them because we don't know them & they also don't know us
as we don't know them so cannot convince &communicate to them.
But it is easy for you because you might know higher authority may be in your client or friend or relative or your worker someone know them
1 .could anyone help us in getting compromise
2. could you please let us know A prudent criminal counsel for our defence
in rajasthan

Anonymous   15 May 2020 at 14:53

Using short name on property purchase insted of full name

Sir, I had bought a flat in 1997 with my name as B.K Tiwari. However in documents such as PAN/AADHAAR etc my name is Basant Kumar Tiwari. Is it legally valid and if not what is the remedy?

sanjay shisodia   13 May 2020 at 22:38


Is the Indian Evidence Act, 1872 applicable to Proceedings before consumer forums constituted under the Consumer Protection Act 2019

Smile Please   03 May 2020 at 05:22

Govt jobs.

Sir, i am arrested as suspected but police wrote my name, father name & my address in a registered book & left me to take a undertaking letter guaranteer with my elder brother . Sir does it impact during my verification.

Anonymous   01 May 2020 at 15:06

How to separate from my 2 nd wife

My first wife died after 13years if marriage.i have 2 sons.aafter 4 years i remarried.but my 2 nd wife's nature is like too modern . trying to spend unnecessary money not looking after my kids.after 4 years she left house unchecked after a big after six years when she listened from outside that my made a house( with my first wife's resources she left which is currently under my children s name) she came to me uninvited and saying i want to stay in here.i am not gonna go from here no matter what can you do.i have blood cancer with hyper tension and heart problem .i cant live with her and her daily mishaps causing my health problems.i want to divorce her what can i do?

Anonymous   27 April 2020 at 14:36

Ownership of trade name

I started my business in the year 2002 as proprietor of a 'XYZ, in the year 2013 I converted this 'XYZ' Proprietory firm into Partnership by admitting one person. The Partnership business continued till 2018 and thereafter due to dispute among the partners now it is discontinued. Now that another partner claiming my trade name 'XYZ' as his own and pressuring me to resign from the Partnership Firm. My Questions is Who is the legal right to claim this trade name 'XYZ' and further I would like to inform you that there is no specific clause in the partnership regarding this matter, it has been just mentioned in the Partnership Deed that earlier it was in Proprietory firm (me as a proprietor) and converted into Partnership by admitting that other person. Thanks

K.Muthu   25 April 2020 at 12:51

Leave encashment issue

I am an ex-employee of NLC India Ltd. I retired from my services in NLC on 30.04.2016 and I have a daughter at the age of marriage.
My elder daughter died in a road accident in Sydney, Australia in 2014 leaving her 5 year old child motherless. I urgently rushed from Neyveli to Australia on receiving the phone call conveying her death. At that time, I had to spend lakhs of rupees towards obtaining Australia Visa, flight tickets at exorbitant rate, cremation and funeral expenses. To meet out these expenses, I availed special Leave encashment stipulated under clause 19.5.1(b) of the NLC Personnel Manual Rules.
Under Clause 19.5.1(b) of the NLC Personnel Manual Rules, employees who completed 30 years of service as on the date of application will be permitted to encash Earned Leave (EL) upto a maximum of 200 days in any one of the calendar years during remainder of his service.
As I completed 30 years of service in 2014, I encashed my EL accumulations to meet out the expenses incurred due to my daughter’s death. At that time I was in grief and depressed state of mind due to the unforeseen death of my daughter and I relied upon my subordinates to fill up the application form for leave encashment. I did not notice the application form was filled up for 100 days leave encashment instead of 200 days. Because of this inadvertent error, I have lost 100 days of my EL/HPL accumulations which works out to approximately INR2,50,000/-.
Before retirement, I represented to the NLC management for granting permission to encash the remaining 100 days EL under clause 19.5.1(b) but I did not receive any response to my representation.
After retirement, in 2017, I filed a writ petition in Madras High Court praying to direct the respondents (NLC India Ltd) to permit me to encash the 100 days leave and pay the monetary benefit for the 100 days leave. The court directed NLC management to consider and dispose of my representation dated 28.03.2016 on merits and in accordance with law and pass orders within a period of 8 weeks and communicate the decision taken to me (the petitioner). Accordingly, NLC management informed that my request for permission to enhance the leave encashment in 2014 from 100 days to 200 days as a special case is not possible of compliance.
I was a loyal servant of NLC working sincerely and honestly during my 32 years of service in this esteemed organization. During my service, I contributed to the company to the best of my ability. The error in leave encashment happened when I was in grief and depressed state of mind due to the unforeseen death of my daughter.
I am a senior citizen and I have no source of income. If the unclaimed 100 days of EL encashment is allowed to me, it will be much helpful to me and my wife in our old age.
In this situation, I seek your advice if I file a suit against NLC India Ltd for claiming the 100 days leave encashment, can I succeed? Please advise me.

K. Muthu


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