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Queries Participated

Uzzair   24 August 2018 at 23:52

Drafting of 340 application

Dear sir/mam, I want to draft and file a 340 application in a false criminal case filed against me.

Anonymous   18 January 2018 at 11:25

Arbitration award obtained fradulently

Sirs, the bank has without giving notice to the borrower obtained arbitration and filed darkhast before district court. How can it be challenged and before whom. Please enlighten.

Anonymous   17 January 2018 at 17:51

Is it mandatory for married women to change her surname?

Dear Experts,

Recently my wife applied for domicile certificate in local tahsildar office in Mumbai. My wife has not changed her maiden surname to my surname after our marriage, as she intends to keep her maiden name and surname and does not wish to change it.
The officials refused to issue her domicile certificate in her maiden name, as she is married to me. As according to them as per Indian customs, it is mandatory for married women to change her maiden name to married name, which I believe is legally not valid.
In response to their argument, I provided them a bombay highcourt judgment dt. 2nd Nov 2011 in reference to Family Court Rules, in which the court categorically said that "where a wife has not changed her name after marriage by publishing a notice in the Official Gazette, she may continue to mention her maiden name." But obviously, they refuse to accept my argument and denied to issue a certificate in her maiden name.

Kindly guide me in this regards.


Ayan   26 September 2017 at 14:51

Speedy trial / time bound judgemet

A Case Date is given after 7/8 month , the petitioner is 76 years old.
Only 3 date till 2 years.Petitioner wants to recover his property in
his lifetime .Petitioner mentioned that he is senior citizen but still
no early date given.The case is of eviction suit and tenant is not paying
rent for 8 years.Petitioner has no other source of income.

My question is
1)If petitioner move to high court for time bound 2/3 years
case /speedy trial , will hight court allow it ?

2)If there any law that a petitioner can ask for judgement in his life time ?
If exists please mention the name of the law ?

3)Being too old , it is sure to get early hearing ? Or high Court can reject the
time bound / speedy trial application ?

Ramana   26 September 2017 at 08:32

On forgery of signature

What is the amount to be paid for expert opinion for testing signatures which are forged in bond in case of civil case(summery case)

Trapti   26 April 2017 at 13:27

Search for good lawyer

Sir/ Maam
Plz suggest Expert divorce lawyer in District court Pune .

Law Querier   26 April 2017 at 08:38

Chief-examination by power of attorney holder of petitioner in divorce matter under cruelty

Wife is petitioner. Husband is Respondent. Petitioner lives in foreign country. Respondent lives in India. Petitioner filed divorce petition under cruelty ground through power of attorney holder in family court, India. There is no signature, verification and affidavit of petitioner herself on divorce petition. But, it is made by power of attorney holder. Petitioner never appeared in court till date. Family court has also not called petitioner. Respondent filed his written statement. The Issues are framed. Now, on chief-examination/evidence stage, petitioner did not appear in court to give deposition/chief-examination/evidence. But, her power of attorney holder has given deposition/chief-examination/evidence. The family court has accepted and recorded the deposition/chief-examination of the power of attorney holder of the petitioner and in rojkam (Roznama) court writes that the next stage is cross-examination of power of attorney holder.
Now, Respondent wants to take objection for deposition/chief-examination given by power of attorney holder because this is matrimonial matter and cruelty is personal in nature and power of attorney holder cannot depose about the facts which are in personal knowledge of petitioner.
1. But, some advocates advice that to take cross-examination of power of attorney holder and prove that he has no personal knowledge about the case. Is it advisable?
2. If respondent wants to take objection about deposition/chief-examination given by power of attorney holder Whether he object in same family court or approach to high court directly?

anil a ghaisas   07 April 2017 at 11:04

Developer given less area, not in confirmity with agreement

Respected Advocate kakde Sir, Thanks for your advise on my other query Of Dish direct matter.In my present accommodation in Thane , builder has given less area (not as per agreed terms mentioned in the agreement.
Possession was taken in April 2011. Is there any time limit to claim the compensation. What is the procedure I have to follow .
I want to file suit in Consumer Court . can you suggest me the process.
A. A Ghaisas.

Praveen Gopinathan   24 September 2016 at 11:07

Miscellaneous application vs Interlocutory application

Respected Sir/Madam, I am bit confused about these two applications
What is the difference between miscellenous application and interlocutory application.? Are both applications same?
Please advise and help. Thanking you Praveen

Balkrishna   30 March 2016 at 07:20

sale deed not executed by builder

why builder is saying sale deed is not needed. he is going to do a conveyance deed after selling 60% of flats bank is asking for sale deed for top up loan.


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