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Queries Participated

suneetha Jain   06 July 2022 at 12:02

Police framing a false case

As we know that Section 198(1) in The Code Of Criminal Procedure, 1973 comes into force with respect to any offences related to marriage, in one of the cases, FIR/Case is booked against a boy after receiving complaint from the father of the girl but not the girl. So, can we consider that the police were bribed to book a case against innocent boy and the case has no locus standi??

The summary of the case is as follows: A boy was engaged to a rich man's daughter. But, one day before marriage, the boy approached the rich man and said that he is not going to marry his daughter citing that he is already in love with another woman. The rich man became furious, filed a complaint in the police station(but not the girl whom the boy is supposed to marry) citing all false allegations like he came to know that boy is already married, the boy has cheated them by taking dowry before marriage etc. A case is booked (u/s 3&4 of DP act r/w 417 and 420 r/w 34 IPC) The boy and his family were arrested and released on bail after few days. The case is still running in the court.

My query is when the police framed the case illegally, can the boy request the court for taking action against the police who filed an illegal case?? Please advise

Anonymous   30 June 2022 at 21:41

Discharge under section 239 of cr p code.

Discharge under the cr p c provision for an alleged offence under section 202 of IPC. Please enlighten us.

Anonymous   10 June 2022 at 16:23

Cancellation of bail

A complaint was lodged in May 2022 in Pune Haveli police station by usand two other complainants of Pune against mr Sanjay Gaikwad of pune for cheating and falsly pretending as a veternary doctor doing Goshahal Business and prompting us to advance some money of Rs about Rs 8 lakhs to start business jointly with us in 2017.which money was never returned by him to ustill date nor he started the business jointly with us since the receipt of money by him in 2017/18

Pune Haveli police station filed an FIR and Charge Sheet filed against him u/s ,420,,506 of IPC and arrested him on 25/05/2022 and remanded him to police custody.

Today we heard that he has managed to get bail from the court

My question is how bail was granted without our presence?
How to cancell the bail granted to him?
What is the roll of police at this stage?
What should be our next step with Pune police

Annu   02 June 2022 at 09:49

Can we resort to our old aadhaar instead of updated one.

Dear Sir, My wife has updated her name on aadhaar back to her name before marriage.This was on account of our differences wherein she left matrimonial home went to her parents,lodger FIR u/s 498A/406. Few months later she withdrew her FIR before filing of chargesheet and since then has been living with me harmoniously. now she wants to continue with her aadhaar after marriage as she has both aadhaar with same number and biometrics but with different surnames. she cannot further update it as name change lomit of 2 times is exhausted. Can she use her old aadhaar with after marriage surname ? Is it legally valid?

Anonymous   26 May 2022 at 20:36

Regarding legal heirs

My father died recently. He has 2 sons (including me ) and 1 daughter. My brother died in an accident 4 years back, he has a daughter.

I am planing to apply for legal heir certificate of my father. I have to mention all legal heir names in the application form. I am getting confused here.

Should I mention my brother wife name or his daughter name in my father's legal heir certificate application form ?.

I would like to who are legal heirs to my father in this case.

Anonymous   24 May 2022 at 12:07

Succession matter

The respect senior experts
Mr A (died) and Mrs A have 3 sons X(male and died), Y(male ) & Z(female and married).

Mr. Y and Mrs.Z by giving a written declaration relinquish their right over a land that belong to their father Mr A(died).

Now my queries to the respected senior experts are :
Can Mrs A (widow of let Mr.A) by mutation transfer the entire land to her name?
If possible , then is any court procedure required for such mutation?

Anonymous   24 May 2022 at 00:35

Ownership of property

My friend has purchased a property in the name of his son's mother ( my friend was live-in relationship) from his hard earned money.
She remarries & refused to hand over the property to my friend.
Can my friend go to court to recover to the property ?
Is there any judgement ?

Anonymous   17 May 2022 at 13:27

Probability of imprisonment in compoundable offences

In IPC 338 is a compoundable offence with the permission of court (what I read from internet).
Also the punishment is 2 years or fine or both.

I am on station bail now and i was said that i would need to go to court till i get conviction or acquittal.

What if the complainant and injured are not ready to settle the case out side the court as we have third party insurance covered for the vehicle.

1. If the court convicts me and awards any imprisonment, what should i do?
2. If the appellate court and high court also confirms the lower court judgement, do I need to suffer 3. the punishment awarded by the court or law ?

what can I do here ?

Anonymous   14 May 2022 at 14:26

Maintence order

a maintence oder was passed in 2018 to my wife but the oder copy has misplaced somewhere, so can i get the duplicate order copy for court

Jit Esh   10 May 2022 at 14:04

Transfer of father's house when there is no registry.

My father had been living in pre-independence era house, in Ambala. Things like Electricity, Water and Property Tax in Municipal Committee's accounts are all in the name of my father.

In the name of house-related papers, we've got a Stamp-Paper having will written on it, with official sub-registrar seals and witnesses. Tehsildar's office does not want to spend time checking this will in their records. I guess because this is dated in 1940. They instead are asking us to provide them with some registry no. which we don't know.

What should be done in this case? I am either looking to have this house transferred in my name, to finally sell it or I want to get rid of my name from this house, so that I won't be held responsible for anything that happens with/in this house.

Thank you.


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