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Queries Participated

khaleel   25 February 2009 at 20:15

please answer urgently

hi sir iam a muslim of hyderabad /andhrapradesh. sir my father has purshased a independent house of nearly 100 yards which is beside the house of ours only i.e(of my grand fathers)5 years back at a cost which is prevailing at that time from the sellers i.e the sellers are also are the cousin brothers of my father . and now they want to go to court saying that they have sold the house at very low cost and they want the compensation now ?but we have purchased it at a cost which is prevailing at that time and now due to the rise in the real estate the value of land has increased sir? at the time of sale my father had enterted in the the sale dead with them and GOT attested by the lawyer.and my father had also made NO-TARY.BUT THE DIDNT REGISTERED THE LAND DUE TO NON AVAIBILITY OF MONEY AT THAT TIME what remeady can my father get if they went to court sir? and please suggest us what actions we shall take to safe guard the property sir?THANKS IN ADVANCE SIR PLS DO THE NEED FUL.

sunil   25 February 2009 at 19:22

For Court Marriage

Hello sir

I am married but I loved someone and she is also lov me and we want to marray So please suggest us for that

Member (Account Deleted)   25 February 2009 at 17:10

misuse of sec 498(A)

dear sir/madam i would like to know if the husband is a hindu and wife is a catholic christian whether or not she could take advantage of this section i am just not sure so if anyone of you could help me i would greatly appreciate that.Thank you.

Rajesh   24 February 2009 at 17:35

Section - 405,406 & 408. (First Post - Interesting)

I have a freind of mine who worked with a very small Pvt. Ltd. company, for about a Year and half in the capacity of Factory Head.

He was incharge of all the activities carried on in the plant including cash.

He was also been authorised to operate the bank account jointly with the Finance Manager to the limit of Rs. 40000/-. There was a service bond with the below mentioned 2 (two) clauses
1) That the Employee has agreed to serve the company for a period of 2 Years (from..... to ......)
2)In case the Employee breaches the condition , he shall forth right pay to the employer a sum of rs. 250000/- as damages and incase the payment is delayed the employee shall be liable to pay interest @12% per annum.

This freind of mine got a very good opportunity with a multinational company and decided to leave the small Pvt. Ltd. Company.

Inspite of much persuasion the employer did not agree to relieve this freind from the job. However my freind decided resigh and serve him 30 days of notice.

The employer issued him a letter stating that the freind cannot be relieved as he has signed a bond, and in case he decides to breach the bond, he shall have to pay the damages as listed out in the bond.

My freind on realising that he is not allowed to move out from the company, did the below mentioned.

The company had an old machinery to be sold, a party had come to see the machinery and agreed to the General Manager of the company to purchase the old machinery for Rs.2.6 lacs. As a token he paid an advance of Rs. 80000/-, for which the General Manager gave the receipt.
On the next day freind took an amount of Rs.50000/- and left the balance amount of rs. 30000/- in the cash box. He immediately wrote an e-mail that he has spent cash of Rs. 50000/- out of the advance of Rs. 80000/- for meeting his personal obligations, and that he intends to return it before the expiry of his last date of notice period, incase he fails to return the cash the same can be deducted from the full and final settlement of dues taht are payable to him by the company.

Subsequently he returned rs. 10000/- and requested the company to settle the balance against the dues payable to him by the company.

The company asked my friend not to report to work from the very next day onwards, without giving anything in writing, and withpout making the full and final settlement. My freind has repeatedly requested the company to do the settlement
instead the company had filed a police complaint - which my freind went and attended. The Police authorities advised that its an accounts dispute and both party should settle amicably.

Off late say about the expiry of more than a year the freind has got a summons from the jurisdiction court under Sec. 205,206 & 208.

Any legal experts can advise hte course of actions to be followed by my poor freind(Financially as well as under this situation)
God Bless!

Kamlesh soni   24 February 2009 at 08:35

about part in family properties

Respected experts, please guide me to find my client’s solution:
My client is a elder brother among all the five son of a farmer. After his father’s suddenly death his 3rd number’s brother himself doing as a nominee of his father property. And he working dishonesty in the family partition. My client has not good relation with his this brother. Now my question is that “Is my client get the part of this properties? my client has no any other land except his father’s properties. Can he gets the farmer right? how? his brother do not want to support him. Please guide me the proper way.

Anonymous   24 February 2009 at 02:12

Regarding Land Revenue Court

I will be highly oblidged and thankful to you for sending me your valuable advice/opinion, I am in need of your valuable opinion once again in the same case ,which we discussed earlier i.e-

Yr 1979 ,we purchased the two properties,(1) a residential Building and ,(2) a open plot with a small industrail shed in it,. We did two seperate Registries for both the properties.

Yr 1985,we got muted open plot with small industrail shed in our name in Land Revenue Records of our place.

yr, 2005 WE got muted Residential building in our name, in which we are staying since from its purchase and had our name transferrred in Muncipal and Electricity Dept,since after its purchase i.e from Yr 1979.


The Registry of Residential Building is in name of 6 joint owners and we got muted in their name in Yr. 2005,in month March.
The Seller got cancelled our above Mutation order in Nov 2005,without challenging the Original Registry ,on some techinical grounds such as why we muted after so long and after a approx 25 yrs of its Registry etc.. The seller got cancellation order without making us party in the case,I mean they through illelegal setting with court machkuri got that we are not accepting the Notices and thus got Ex-Parte order against us.One point is here that they got undelivered notice in name of only 5 joint purchasers and got order in their names and not in the name of 6th joint owner.Thus they got cancellation order in name of only 5 joint members and order was not against 6 th joint owner.
WE challenged the case immediate,after getting in our knowlwedge and the case is going on Revenue dept.since end of yr 2005.

I want to know ,what is Rights of 6 th joint owner?
Can they now get order against 6 th joint owner? what is the time limitation to challenge the mutation in Land Revenue Records?
Can 6 th owner again get his name registered in Land revenue Records,as there was no Cancellation Order against Him?
Can they challenge the Mutation order got by us in Yr 1985 in the same manner ,as they did for our Mutation order of Yr 2005? We filed Caveat in Land Revenue Record,on such expectation that they again can get order without hearing us,for which we gave notices by Registered post ,but there we received reply from Postal Dept. that they are not accepting the post,even after going many times to their place?

Later they simply ,with the help of Revenue Dept staff got removed our B1 of Yr 1985,mutation ,from land Revenue Records illegally ,by hiding the B-1 book of that time and in the latest Record of Dept,they are having the whole property in their name.We have all the Original copy and truely certified copy of the order of Yr 1985.

What we can do for getting back name in Land Revenue Records for our mutation of Yr.1985 ?

We will be very oblidged in getting your valuable advice again.

Thanking You Sirs,

Yours faithfully,

Sanjay chandak,

contact n0- 09300061575

Rajaram C Iyer   22 February 2009 at 16:40

Right to infomation Act, 2005

DEar Ld. Members,

Please clarify my dout. Every State Government has its own State Information Commission and Act. My question is can we seek information from State Government invoking the Central Act i.e The Right to Information Act?

amit   22 February 2009 at 14:32

transfer of proprietorship

Dear sir,
'A' is a proprietor of his firm in U.P.& wants to transfer his proprietorship to 'B'.
what r the formalities of sale tax, income tax & which forms used in the above formmality & what procedure should 'A' adopt.

Heaven 2011   20 February 2009 at 14:08

Job Reference

Dear Sir,

I am a semi qualified Company Secretary and a Lawer and have been working in a reputed Company in Kolkata. My work area is specially Corporate Law. Apart from this I have also drafted and negotiated other legal agreements.

I want a shift from my present Company. Can any of you give me a reference in any reputed Company or reputed legal firm in Kolkata.
I can mail my C.V to the interested one. Kindly also mail at

Best Regards

Asish Sil, LL.B


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