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Queries Participated

Adv.Rajendra Kothari   07 December 2011 at 18:20

Nominee of bond

A hindu male died intestate.Huge amount deposited under FDR in a bank by showing name of a son as nominee,however he is having four sons and two daughtesrs.Whether nominee alone entitled to get amount of FDR? OR whether all the legal heirs can get the amount of FDR?

Adv.Rajendra Kothari   26 November 2011 at 20:27

Execution of decree

Can executing court prevent to decree holder to withdraw the decreetal amount so deposited by the judgement debtor without any stay order from higher court and only on the basis that the judgement debtor has preferred an appeal before higher court? As well as whether the executing court can impose condition to furnish bank guarantee upon granting permission for withdrawal of decreetal amount?

Anonymous   26 November 2011 at 16:15

Proof of relationship

what documents do i need as nominee of my father fixed deposit as relation proof to claim?

vigneshwar   07 November 2011 at 18:29

Permanent injunction

hello experts i want to know some details about injunction.
1.What is injunction?
2.How to file a permanent injunction?
3.i dont have any rent agreement with my landlord so how to avail a suit for injunction?
4.How much it costs?
5.Is there any possibility that court calls me for hearing?
thank you

Anonymous   07 November 2011 at 17:52

Continuation of eviction lawsuit when complainant dies

Mr. A filed an eviction suit against a tenant for non-payment of rent. Mr. A died while the suit was pending. Mr. A has two sons. One son is not interested in continuing the lawsuit, but the other son wants to continue the lawsuit.
1) Can the other son continue the pending suit? Or does he have to start a new suit?
2) Is the suit now going to be for half the unpaid rent?

Anonymous   07 November 2011 at 17:14


will the print outs of e-mail be a primary evidence?

SAMSON   07 November 2011 at 09:46

Purchase of property from gpa holder

I live in Bangalore. I intend to buy a property, the registered owner is in abroad. His father is here and is a GPA holder of that property. Can he register the land in my name and whether it is valid. Also, in the same adjacent land there is a small piece of land attached to this land which is about 300 sq. feet which the same person is GPA holder. A house is built connecting both these lands. Is it safe to buy this house, kindly give opinion.

shivraj   21 September 2008 at 20:50


in notice the learned advocate says about other learned advocate activities like terririsom?this is in written form r the advocate liable u/ indian penal code for defamation?

Adv.Rajendra Kothari   14 September 2008 at 16:36

suit for damages

I was filed a criminal complaint against two accused peersons before the judicial magistrate under section 420 etc..Unfortunately I failed to produce the required evidence against the accuse and the court discharged the accused without framing the charge against them and dismissed the case.Lateron the accused persons filed suit for damages before the civil judge sr.dn.against me.Can the accused/plaintiff will be succeeded against me?

Shekhar   19 August 2008 at 19:28

what is null and void? pls. expain!! in this case....

a girl got married on 11/dec/2005... just after the marriage boy brought her in to the restaurant near by where boy wanted to discuss his future plan... but the girl said she is going to go to her home, are you welling to come? boy refuses and the same thing was shared with the father-in law on 18th of dec. 2005, where father-in law stated that due to the circumstance the girl has disrupted her way, if your's tie up will not run then i will break up the knot.... and then forced the boy to go to the honey moon, then on 24th they went to honey moon where the girl stated that she is not a woman , marriage was just for the social purpose and just "name show off"...

as soon they return to the home this sorry affair was discussed by the boy to the family of the boy... on the same day girl went to her house there she stayed for the entire months expect 4 days that she came in to, then this case discussed with the father of the girl, he said stars are not favorable we will not talk now let wait for some time then she turned in the month of fab. 2006 there she again said many thing to boy that she is not a girl and many time while they are on the bad... then after spending few days on fab. she never turned back....

her father said the things are not working out let sit for the settlement then he sat it and settled the matter on 9th of june 2006(with a4 size paper written work)... before that he has said many thing that boy need to improve in the career and change in the job also, there he stated that the girl was never wanted to do marriage as she has said to the parents of the boy also. "all this things are there in the form of recordings"...

then on 9th and on 18th of june 2006 he has taken away the entire articles and items which was gifted on various occasions..... then he and she went to America for 4 to 5 months in 2006, then there was no consent for the mutual divorce then with in one year of marriage the boy has filed the null and void or alternatively divorce.... Pls. guide me and tell me your point of view and pls. share if any other input required from your side to fill the GAP...



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