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VIVEK SHARMA   08 April 2008 at 10:17

False Claims by Bride for Harrassment/ Dowry

Are there specific laws / section where parent's of Male's can go/ file to avoid any false blame by bride in future?

Pls revert along with your contact details (Delhi).

grinspan   07 April 2008 at 13:25

maintanace regarding

Dear sir
I have applied for divorce. I am a christia. Can a christian husband claim maintanace from his wife ? please tell me in detail. sothat will be very usfull to me.

by grinspan

grinspan   07 April 2008 at 13:12

Can Christian Husband claim Maintanace from his wife ?

Dear Sir

I would like to know Can Christian Husband claim Maintanace from his wife?. If Possible please mail me

M.A.T.Ganesan   03 April 2008 at 14:08

divorce inhindu law

what are the activities considered 'cruelty'?

Yognedra singh   31 March 2008 at 18:17

Adopted child in SC family

Dear Sir,

I am a SC candidate and want to adopt a boy as my son who is aged 22 year (28-may-1985. Question is this if I adopt this guy will he be able to access all bebefits of SC provided by Indian Constitution? Since he is not from SC community.
Plz reply at your earliest convinience.
Yogendra Singh

B R 123456   31 March 2008 at 14:50

Divorce Requirement

dear sir

My wife is staying with her parent not coming back. she never respect me. My mother in law used to advice her to split my family and she was threatening me that she will commit suicide and finally she left to her home. I donot like to live with her .We have one kid 6month old . Child with her custody Now I want divorce
But she threat me that she never give me divorce So please tell me what I do , either file a divorce or not, because chances of divorce is not in my favour untill she wants
Please help me out

vs   31 March 2008 at 12:23

false blame of dowry and harassment by bride

Dear knowledgeable persons,
With due respect I want to inform u about my elder brother “D” and my mother to whom the wife of my elder brother is giving a lot of harassment/tensions.
Actually my elder brother ‘D’(belongs to U.P.) got married in Feb. 2007 with a girl of another distt. of U.P. (Arranged marriage)
At that time my brother was working in a private sector company in uttarakhand.. took some days leave for marriage purpose.
D’s wife was living in D’ s Native place after marriage.
Within two or three months ‘D’ made some trips towards home. Then D selected in Railway Deptt. ,Gujarat. Then I came to know that in that couple there is no relationship from beginning. she did not allowed to even touch her to my brother.
As more as I know that his wife used to talk on mobile late night by any person. When my brother asked her about it she escaped the matter. Without any cause she was blaming my well cultured brother and my mother about many false matters..
She used to do drama on phone while telephone to her family members and relatives saying that she is suffering from many troubles given by our family( as lie blame about dowry, etc.)
As more as I know ---she was not interested in my brother and she did not allowed to even touch her to my brother.
Then after 3-4 months of marriage after doing drama type activities,she went to her home side.
At there home side she made many blames/ lie stories about her harassment in sasural to her relatives.
In July –August (not 100% sure) she came to our home with her Mama ji after a long discussion.
But when my brother ‘D’ came to our home, she re-started drama type activities.
And called to many of her relatives to make an undue pressure upon us. She was telling repeatedly that she does not want to live here. Then her relatives returned back with her.

Near about Diwali ( about Nov. 2007) my brother and our some gentle relatives after a polite discussion on phone from her, went to bring her at our home.
But when they reached there, she started again drama type unexpected activities and refused to go with them. Whole night our side relatives made humble request to her but she denied.
My brother returned back to my home(U.P.), then went to Gujarat where his training was going on.
After a long discussion on phone her relatives with her went directly to Gujarat.
Then they called my brother alone at the hotel where they stayed.
When my brother reached there, after dinner with polite discussion , as soon as my brother reached at his wife’s room, she cried and called her relatives and blamed my brother that he is beating her and trying to kill her. She was weeping dramatically. And her side relatives abused my brother. My Brother could not understand their Pre-planning. My brother then telephone to our relatives and at our home. Our family members became very tensed about my brother As it was a night time and my brother was alone there.
Then D’s wife returned to her home in U.P. with her relatives and still there.
Actually I (D’ s younger brother) from his marriage time, living in Delhi, doing my training here. So it was the matter which I got know on phone.
It was the matter that as much as I know.
Not sure but it seems that D’s wife is due to any reason (may be of her love with another person or blackmailing or another, not sure) is trying to live apart and at only her home side.
Right now the situation is that she(D’s wife) is trying to blame my mother and brother and other family members. And doing all type of activities to do emotionally black mail to her relatives. She is blaming about my brother and mother about demand of a huge amount of dowry. And saying to all that my mother and brother (D) gave her many mental and physical harassment.
It seems that D’s wife side intention is to torture D and his family members and take money as much as possible. And it seems she is not ready to mutual consent divorce.
It also seems that bride side has not take

davinder   28 March 2008 at 17:43

domestic violence act

can a female be respondent under domestic v. act.

vanitha   27 March 2008 at 13:14

Need Divorce

I got love marriage in a temple(only boy's family members and my friends came) in the year 24.06.2005.after marriage both our parents accepted and i was living in the boy's father bought me all the necessary household things(fridge tv washing machine etc) and also gave money every month.boy is having drinking and smoking habit....from the time of marriage the boy dint settle in any proper job,even if he got salary he spent only for himself..i went for job and mostly depended on my parents only(im the only child to my parents).on june 25.06.2006 my father conducted a anniversary reception function inviting both side members and august 2006 i got conceived and by may 12 2007 i gave birth to a girl baby....for non of the aspects the boy or the boy's family took responsibiliy of my self or my daughter....but they r forcing me i have to live with that boy,wherein that boy is not taking proper care of me and daughter,whatever money he is getting he is just spending for drinking.not earning,used to scold in bad words after drinking and personally hurted..he has also used bad words about my parents.....
im no more willing to live with him,cos i feel if i continue to live with him im getting mental torture as well afraid of bringing up my daughter in as good manner...
suggest me how shall i apply for divorce...

Deepak Rikhari   27 March 2008 at 12:37

Change of Religion for Marriage only

Please tell me that if a person changed his religion only for another marriage then can he do so? Is it legal? For example a hindu man converted himself for Muslim only to do more marriages.


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