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magesh   20 January 2009 at 15:40


Wheather prior notice is mandatory before intiation of Arbitration proceedings?

M.A.T.Ganesan   15 January 2009 at 23:07


Can a person of Indian origin, having American citizenship get employment and work in India?

Kamlesh soni   15 January 2009 at 07:52

about right to information what i can do?

Respected Sir,
I had applied for passport on 6/4/04.
but still i cant have the passport. passport office said that they had despetch it on 7/7/ 04. so our duty is whatever you want about passport go Post office. Now sir, the question is that I had paid the full fees to the passport office. I m being the customer of passport office. so whatever i want about passport why cant get it from passport office. is passport office says me like that? whose responsibility to provide my passport?Please give the adive which help me to get passport

B.N.Rajamohamed   13 January 2009 at 22:46


Can I invoke the writ jurisdiction personally to compell the district municipal corporation to reduce the property tax they have resolved to collect through a writ of mandamas . What is the procedure to be adopted ?

advocate satya   12 January 2009 at 13:30

black film on cars

recently women organisation is sending letter to chief minister, and commissioner of police to impose ban on black flim on car glass, the question is
do this will reduce the rape cases in car?
do this mean that right of privacy is not at all there as if we are going in a car with transparant glass with ladies do the anti social elements not use to follow the car as they take glimpse of who is sitting inside?
do this mean many rape cases if happening in houses all the houses shall be made of glass?
i think cars are a private place of individuals and right of privacy should be there , if law requires decrease in number of cases of rape happening in cars the cars with black films can be checked and this is the duty of police dept, imposing a ban on black films is not the solution as this will effect the privacy of common man.
pls share your thoughts on this issue?

zindagi   11 January 2009 at 17:22

Is it a material concealment of fact to initiate disciplinary proceedings?

A Govt. employee workg as a pharmacist since 1974. She showed her nationality as Indian in attestation forms for verification of her character & antecedents at the time of her appointment. She was carrying the valid British passport at dat time. This fact was not disclosed by her at the time of her appointment. It came to the knowledge of Dept/office in 2007. When charge sheeted, she replied in defence that she was originally born in India 1951, migrated to Kenya in 1955 till 1965 when she was brought to India by her father. Thereafter her schooling, further education, marriage with an Indian citizen, her voter card, ration card, PAN card in India only. Therefore she considered herself as Indian citizen. Her Passport expired in 1987 which she got renewed after 19 years in 2006 valid till 2016.
Now question arose that can the dept, where she is working as pharmacist, initiate disciplinary proceedings under Punjab civil service rules( punishment & appeal ) Rules 1970 against ‘A’ for concealing the fact of holding British passport at the time of her appointment in the said dept.

zindagi   09 January 2009 at 18:29

Can we terminate an employee put under suspension on criminal charges?

'A' who is a Govt. employee charged with corruption. He was put under suspension while criminal proceedings started. Lower court awarded sentence on finding him guilty. Then 'A' approached Appellate court where bail was granted and his sentence was suspended till the final outcome of the case.
Now query is that,,, whether 'A' can b terminated at this stage that will be subject to the final outcome of the case OR he may be allowed to continue his service. it s pertinent to mention here that "A' is getting 75% subsistence allowance as per applicable service rules. OR
Wat necessary action may be taken at dis stage n under which rule?

B.N.Rajamohamed   07 January 2009 at 22:58

compelling to hold departmental enquiry

Can any constitution expert answer me whether i can compell the public authorities to hold a departmental enquiry against an erring public servant through a writ in the form of Mandamus by invoking Art.226 of the constitution of India?

shivraj   26 December 2008 at 14:09

Labour law

If the employee is removed without written notice of dismissal and also opportunity of being heard If it is invalid? And what sec. and Art.? Plz give any authorities relating to the case?

shivraj   25 December 2008 at 18:57

Labour law.

As an employer I am an owner of private company and one of my employee now contaminated of HIV+, I want to remove her. How? Will it be violation of any fundamental rights? Any company act, labour law helps me?can character be ground for termination.