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Anonymous   24 November 2023 at 04:12

Accessing ecourt web site from abroad

Dear Learned Lawyers,
Is there any restrictions imposed to access the ecourt web site out of our country ? Currently I am in abroad and unable to access the ecourt web site to know the status of my case. How to overcome the situation ? Please help me.

Thanks & Regards

Anonymous   23 November 2023 at 17:39

Cooperative housing society - election

Our society in Raigad contains 210+ members in phase 1. It is formed last year. The Accounts were not approved due to some discrepancies. The returning officer overlooked this and went ahead with the election process. He justified that earlier committee was only for 1 year ('hungami') and hence the new committee will now look at this afresh. Was he right in justifying. We wrote mail to him asking queries that he refused to respond in writing and went ahead with the process.

What would our next step be as now the new committee is formed and we feel helpless & betrayed. Our (few members) intent is only to bring transparency and build our society on strong foundation - no other motive.

Kindly respond on priority as we need to plan accordingly and act.

Raeesa Shaikh   20 November 2023 at 13:56

My 8 yr old was molested by other 11 yr kid.

Dear, whom so ever it may concern,
As a parent of 8 yr who is been molested by another kid who is 11 years old in building premises on the pretext of playing in the building lobby, the kid has pulled my son’s pants in front of other kids.
I would like to know what can I do against the parents who are tenants and his relatives residing in the building on his parent's document in our building and the kid who does not go to school or is getting an education also misbehaves and has a lot of previous complaints.
I need to know if there is anything I can do or can make society do for my kid as he feels humiliated and scared of facing other kids.
My husband tried to talk to society members about not allowing the kid on the premises but in vain.
Kindly help if there is a solution.

Babu Arumugam   19 November 2023 at 01:24

Neighbor house causing us lot of problems

Dear Sir/Madam,
I live in Erode in my own house. We have neighbor , who is always creating problems to us. I will list out problems caused by them. And the lady in the house always starts to shout and we also shout at them.

1. They have the cloth beating stone, which is facing against our house and when they beat the cloth, the water of the dirty cloth falls to house. No one will allow other house dirty water falling in to our house. Stone is faced east wards, where our bedroom is present. (this stone is at the back side). We have compound in the middle, but still water falls, to my house, as the height is not high. We have told them several times, but still they are accepting to change the stone south direction.

2. At front side, they have pipe, and they will again wash some dirty cloths, and drain the water outside, which will again come to my front side of the house.

3. They are growing a mango tree, which kept 2.5 feet from the compound wall, we have told them severals times that they are growing near by our compound, but they have kept away from their house.

The regarding these issues, my mother was asking maid not clean cloths, our side, because of water falling, also we have told several times remove the mango tree, as near to our compound will cause big issues in future, but they were not listening to it.

The lady, who is too much irritating, and always comes to fight. Could you please guide us how to procced with these issues. This is a big mental torture's, as every time i need go and fight.

kindly advise, how to procced with these issues. Already we had fight recently, but the lady is always talking about us with bad words inside the house, i could hear as I'm sitting at the first floor.

Because of this issue, i could not able to work and mental tourture for me.

Vijaya Bhaskar   17 November 2023 at 17:28

Office bearers and resignations

Dear Sirs,

A society registered under the Karnataka Societies Act 1960 with nine members among whom the following are designated
1. President
2. Vice President
3. Secretary
4. Joint Secretary
5. Treasurer
6. Joint Treasurer
7. Executive Committee Member
8. Executive Committee Member
9. Executive Committee Member

In the above instance will sl no 1 to 6 be the office bearers or sl no 1,3 and 5 be the office bearers ( President, Secretary, and Treasurer)

Secondly, is it mandatory to authorize 1 to 6 for bank operations or only President Secretary, and Treasurer?

Thirdly, the society has only 9 members and all nine are on the executive committee. Do all 9 members also constitute a general body

Fourthly, out of 9 at least 5 members would like to resign due to their health and personal reasons, can we appoint new members in their place immediately in the same meeting by passing the resolution? Is it mandatory to first admit as members then induct to the membership and later to the executive committee.

Fifthly, should the resignation of executive members be passed in the executive committee meeting/general body meeting, or in the special meeting?

Does it create any problem to accept and appoint mass members in a single meeting? or what could be the best solution to avoid any complications in the future.

Appreciate your kind guidance in this matter

Anonymous   11 November 2023 at 21:24

Loan closure certificate based on drt case order

Hi Everyone,

I had a Joint ownership flat with my estranged husband who had kept the flat in his possession for 4 years without paying any home loan EMIs.. During these years my husband had stopped taking any calls from the bank or me.. so bank people were pressurizing me to pay the EMI as I was the co-owner and loan applicant .. I do not have means to pay the amount so I repetitively requested bank to initiate the SARFEASI action but they did so after years of delay.. Later Bank sold the flat at lesser price and filed case in DRT to recover interest accumulated over years and differential loan amount which is 40+ lakhs eventhough the differential loan amount was just 7 lakhs and rest was interest accumulated over years (due to delay in their action).. Paying 7 lakhs is very difficult for me.. 30+ lakhs of interest is beyond thinkable for me and their harassment was too much for me to take in.. so I stopped responding to bank calls .. Recently I came to know that DRT has disposed the case with below comments :
"As applicant bank did not take any steps to prosecute the case diligently, despite posting the matter peremptorily for processing PA and OD and even after disallowing interest for defaulted period, TA stands dismissed for default and non-prosecution, however without costs."

Could anyone please help me confirm if this mean I am not liable to pay any amount to bank against the accumulated interest ? Is there a way I can get some letter from bank that all dues are cleared ? if yes how can I get such letter ?

Thanks in advance

Nilesh Shirode   11 November 2023 at 13:44

Housing society - interest charged on special repair funds

Dear Sir / Madam,
Our society is collecting the funds from members for replacement of lift, lifts will be replaced after next 6 months, in such case whether society can charge the interest on delayed payment for expenses which will be incurred after 6 months?

Anonymous   11 November 2023 at 13:32

We r facing civil problem

We r facing land issue, it is assigned property we r tribal people like s.t..
My grandfather property was given to my father... and he given to my mother by gift... but here one problem, non tibal people threatening the my mother by gullibility and exploitation is there any to solve solution

Prakash Patel   07 November 2023 at 11:04

Unclaimed p.p.f.account of my late father

sir,My deceased father's P.P.F.account in S.B.I.despite of presenting of will,the bank wants application form,affidavit,letter of disclaimer,bond of indemnity.the suggested procedure by bank is expensive and time consuming. I .want to know that if the bank is right.Why the BANK NOT accepting the will.
Please suggest.

Anonymous   06 November 2023 at 21:02

P2p scam with me on binance

Around 15-20 days before i get messages of 30k was hold by cyber crime so i go to bank and fill a application and today i got the message of that your account has been stop by partial stop by cyber cell and i didn’t know what the meaning did the will take my kyc and reopen that account or they freeze my account and i have one more question that did my all account can be freeze which are on other bank and i didn’t do any transfer with them and one lawyer said they can because they want to scare my so that i can pay them