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Zameer   22 November 2008 at 19:06

On Court Marraige

I hav a friend who's planning to go for court marriage since she does not have her family's approval. I am committed to help. Now the lawyer which we have hired is demanding her to produce Ration Card and L.C. I'm not sure whether these things are required for marriage as i hav known many people to run and court marry, so i don't think they wud be running carrying Ration cards with them.
One more thing, as i m also a witness to this marriage, what are my liabilities and future contingencies
Also if u can plz update me with the appx chgs and outline the whole procedure.
Thank You

Chandan Garg   22 November 2008 at 17:49

Under RTI (A Ltd. Company)

Under RTI one villager has moved an application to mineral officer about some details of our company i.e. like "How much minerals we have excavated and sold (the mines are on lease with us)"
also he has some more inquiries I am not disclosing here

and in turn that officer has sent the same to our company with his covering letter saying "We dont have this details with us kindly provide the same to our deptt so that the same can be made availiable to this person"
Please tell are we bound to give this information to this deptt??.

Pawan Kumar Mishra   22 November 2008 at 16:38

Legal jobs

I am a Law graduate from Symbiosis Law College.
My query is that How I can get best legal jobs in India?

praveenthummaji   22 November 2008 at 16:29

Registration Act

Can I know what are the latest amendments made in the Registration Act 1908. Update amendments are required. Can anybody help me. My email is

Vikas Kr. Sinha   19 November 2008 at 18:28

Sahara India Future Fund Scheme

One of my client was working as an agent in Sahara India and she was promoted to the Senior Motivator in the year 1998 at Begusarai (Bihar).
For the last few years she is residing with her husband at Ranchi hence no buisness is given.

Now she want to withdraw the amount diposited in her account relating to Future Fund Scheme.

Future Fund Scheme : It is a fund voluntarily deducted and diposited with sahara, which can be withdrawn only after the resignation is accepted or being seperated for Sahara.

1. Her Pass Book is lost.
2. No evidence regarding said diposit.
3. Not yet resigned.

question: Which step she should take first to get her money back?

rajendra   19 November 2008 at 16:34


FROM where i can get the all the official gazatte,GR; related to MRTP ACT 1966 (give me the website address)?

Renuka   19 November 2008 at 15:57

Require Help

A was sentenced to rigorous imprisonment for two months for a criminal offence. After the expiry of the period of the sentence, he filed an appeal against his conviction and sentence and prayed for the condonation of delay on the ground of imprisonment. Will the court be justified in extending the period of limitation in this case?

Can anybody help me in solving this case? reply me on

Mahesh Kapasi   19 November 2008 at 15:53

Stamp duty on share transfer to spous

Chartered Accountants Phone: 2686 8147
B-49, Gulmohar Park,
MAHESH KAPASI New Delhi-110 049
Ex –Member: AMIMA, AMIBM, ACEA (London), MIIA (U.S.A.)

(Record Holder for “Most letters published in a month“
And “Most letters to editor” (Second Place)

Reference No: Dated: November 19,2008

Re: Stamp duty on shares holding in joint name transfer to spouse

I have been informed by a company that stamp duty I chargeable for share transfer of spouse already shares are in joint name. Is it so? Since Deemat account of single person does not allow joint shareholdings it is necessary to make it single for joint holding by spouse in the single name. But it is not sale or transfer in literary sense than why stamp duty on market rates of shares is Levi able? Even if it is so it should be for 50% (half the value) of total market value as spouse is having 50% share in it. Will the authorities or a competent person clarify it? In my view there should not be any stamp duty on such transfers’. And if it is not the law such an amendment is a must in public interest.
In fact, in all family settlements under all tax laws there is no stamp duty, as no transfer of property actually takes place.
Further I suggest that all family (blood relations) transaction of transfers/settlement / and even sales if any including shares should be exempt from the provisions of Stamp Duty Act.

(Mahesh Kapasi)

rajendra   19 November 2008 at 15:50


Can the gram panchayat has a power to give/grant building permission (under which act & section)?

There is a Maharashtra regional Town Planning act 1966 is in existance in the district, but in some areas of the same district(villages) there are no nagarpalika/mahanagarpalika.

Then what is the right & legal authority to take a building permission falling in village?
A) Gram Panchayat (sarpanch / gram sevak)
B) Town planning authority

Give the reason & act and section

R.Ramajayam   19 November 2008 at 07:22

judicial officer protection

If any advocate creating problem to the judicial officer for Ex with out valid reason if the advocate send false complaint to the High Court in view of the petition High Court has taking some measures but finaly if the petition is send wantenly is there any action by the High Court against the advocate because some advocates are with any reason sending some false petition against the officer if so the entire Bar fasing problem