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Anonymous   15 August 2021 at 06:19

Where is objection placed on a saledeed of property on which

Case is in direction of high court nanital

Svetlana   14 August 2021 at 13:27

Ussr 30 years could not break through to its place at the un

I am looking for activist lawyers, journalists, translators and other activists who are ready to support (free of charge) the promotion of my PIL on USSR CASE to achieve registration of this PIL under the permanent number in the Supreme Court of India and publish information about my PIL in all official and alternative media around the world. This PUBLIC INTEREST LITIGATION have Diary No. 14060 of 2020, filed on 07-07-2020 in the Supreme Court of India. I am the petitioner-in-person in my PIL.

Read more at:

ananya singh   14 August 2021 at 12:34

Regarding university recruitment

I want to know that is it possible for a university to changed the seats of for assistant professor vacancy from its earlier advertisement?
Like if an university advertised in 2017 for 2 seat in gen, 2 seat in obc but it was canceled somehow and now new advertisement come 2021 as 1 seat for ews, 2 seat fo obc and 2 seat for sc?
Is it possible or is there any way to make a case or claim?

Anonymous   14 August 2021 at 10:46

Conditions in gift deed

Dear Experts, Please let me know if below conditions in conditional gift deed (to grandson) is appropriate and valid for immovable property in Thane, Maharashtra.
" Simultaneously with the execution of the gift deed, vacant and peaceful possession of the Schedule Property is handed over by the Donor to the Donee on the spot under the following conditions, hereafter referred as Conditions of Gift Deed, which are to be observed by Donor and Donee : (a) Donor is rightful to receive the rents from the property throughout his life. (b) Donor has right to reside in the Schedule Property throughout his life. (c) Donee, after death of the Donor, is entitled to transfer the Schedule Property as he (Donee) likes, and shall produce the death certificate of Donor to get the Schedule Property transferred in his name in support of this deed."

Anonymous   14 August 2021 at 09:02

Ancestral property dispute

My grandfather and his brother divided farm property between them unofficial and my grandfather further divided it into 3 equals parts to my father and my uncles still unofficial.
Now, the farm in our share and my father has cultivated more than 20 years, it's price has increased in the market.

So, kindly suggest what should we do to insure this farm remains in our share if matter goes to court.

Satyam   14 August 2021 at 00:25


Kya main apne papa ke mama ki beti se Sadhi kr sakta hu

Harsh desai   13 August 2021 at 22:22

Chinese loan apps

I have taken a loan from chinese loan apps from 70-100 applications from play store.

This applications are not registered with rbi nor nbfc.

They give a loan of small amount with higher interest by submitting aadhar card and pan card for 7 days or 15 days.

They take all access from our mobile like contacts,email access,gallery,location,and many more.

If we unable to pay loan amt for 1 day also

They start to give threat,they create whats app group and add our family members and friends

Also they defame us by writing chor,fraud in group. They call our relatives,friends and threat them. They are also misusing our aadhar card,pan card,driving license,voting card. So what legal safety can be taken to save from this in future. If they misuse documents then what safety we can take first so that in future if they misuse anything we will get save out of this.

Can we write nc to police.

Sahul   13 August 2021 at 20:07

498a , 306 ,406 and 506

Status - Permanent Resident Canada
Date of Marriage - 10 November 2019
Left India- 22 November 2019
Reason - Opinion Conflicts in Canada
Wife Left Canadian house- 26 June 2020
Wife Launched online complaint 17 July 2020.
Police didn't registered that.

After that she resided with her brother in Canada

Father in law filed complaint - 27 Nov 2020 ( Wife in Canada)

FIR registered by father in law - 19 April 2021
Wife Landed in India - 27 March 2021
FIR registered against- Husband
LOC issued as well.
Challan presented by police on 28 May 2021
Pp objected to provide evidence.
In laws mentioned will be giving in court.
Challan accepted again on 7 July 2021 with a note relaying evidence will be provided In court

False case as there is no evidence of dowry .

Marriage Expense occurred by Husband family.
Wife's mother showing paper bills without gst.
In laws mentioning all cash transaction in India when we reside for 10 days.
In laws claiming Cash given in 20 lacs.

Everything ( Opinion Conflicts) happened in Canada coz of mother in law interference.
No one visited Canada since marriage

Bail Granted with permision to go out
Job in Canada
Court called on 19 August 2021
What next steps should be followed?
Temp lawyer hired.
Looking for suitable recommendations

VINOD   13 August 2021 at 17:17

Ancestral property

I am a Hindu lady.
My parental grandfather died intestate in 1945. He was survived by a son, i.e, my father, and one unmarried daughter. His wife had died earlier. My grandfather left behind one residential house in Punjab which he had purchased with his self earned money.

My father was married in 1941. He had one son and two daughters. The son was born in 1942 and the eldest daughter was born in 1945. I ,her younger daughter ,was born in 1952.

My father married his younger sister in 1953 and sold off property inherited from my grandfather in 1959 to pay off the loan taken for the marriage of his younger sister.

Thereafter, my father bought some property in Delhi with his self earned money. He started making payment for Delhi property before selling Panjab property.

But in 2001 my brother filed a case of partition against my father claiming that Delhi property was made out of the proceeds of Panjab property. Even the heirs of my elder sister who died in 1996 have become plaintiffs in the case even though their mother died in 1996 and my father died in 2003 ,i.e, much earlier than 2005 amendment in HSA.

My queries are :
1- What was the nature of Panjab property that fell in the hands of my father vis a vis his sister since my grandfather died intestate.?( The plaintiffs never showed the sister in family tree in their plaint but did admit her existence elsewhere)

2- Both my sister and father died before 2005 amendment in HSA. Can the heirs of my sister still claim share if the property is proved Ancestral?

Prasad   13 August 2021 at 15:07


i have filed an RTI on 01 July 2021. i got reply on 20 July saying -in view of restrictions imposed due to covid disposal of RTI cases may take more than stipulated time as period as defined under RTI act.

today is 13/8/2021.

still information not received .

request advice to proceed further .


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