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k.bala   24 July 2009 at 11:45

partition between two brothers

In the village there is two brother one of he younger brother get the partition for the property from elder brother with unequal shares, this property is belong to there father and he is diead, then the partition is become invalid if the elder brother put the case againts the young brother please advice me asap.

sumita sen   24 July 2009 at 10:41


we purchased a plot of land in kolkata in the year 1987. at that time the land was free from all encumberences.Several 6imes we tried to deposit land tax but on some pretext or other the authority did not accept the land tax.subsequently WB govt. notified/vested the entire land belonging to a Zamindar without earmarking the above land. The said Zamindar filed a suit agaist such notification and demanded adequate compensation from the State Govt. and filed a suit in the High court of cacutta.Nothing is known about the outcome, although several times we had visited the BLRO office.
Now we want to approach the RTI commissin for such hurdle caused to a Senior Citizen. We want to know the present status of the case and the stand taken by the State Government.
Also, I invite your suggestion in this regard.

Dinesh Malik   24 July 2009 at 10:32

Minor shareholder

In a private limited Company, there are 3 sharholders - A, B and C.

A is adult and B & C are his two minor daughters (under his guardianship). Is is ok?

Whether this fulfils the requirement of minimum two shareholders in a private ltd. company?

Gargi Hazarika   24 July 2009 at 10:31

resigned+willing to work notice perod+no pay


Please can some one give me the legal position/case law on a situation where i have resigned and am willing to work the notice period but the company wants me out without paying me for 3 months when i am willing to work.

AJIT KAWATKAR   24 July 2009 at 00:55

everithing about caveat

kindly let me know about caveater/tee;there rites/limtations etc. how to vacate the caveat petition? also kind enough to submit case/s.

A Truthseeker   24 July 2009 at 00:20

sec-377 IPC

Sex energy is given to man by the Nature for propagation of human species. the concommitant enjoyment is a device of the Nature like taste of our tongue. like tongue's taste faculty whose main purpose is to maitain our body if we use our eating habit arbitrarily our health is bound to fail. as the reasoning capacity of human being is infinite vis-a-vis animal the sex impulse in animal is controlled by the Nature Itself but in case of human beings the man himself is to put the reins. to indulge in unbridled sex is to go against Nature's plan.

Harsh   24 July 2009 at 00:04

marriage with a relative


I am 21 years old, HINDU by religion and SINDHI by caste. I'm having an affair with a girl, relative of mine, who is also 21 years old. She is my FIRST COUSIN ONCE REMOVED i.e, my FIRST COUSIN's daughter (MY FATHER's ELDER SISTER's SON's DAUGHTER).

My question is that, Can i marry her??
Experts plz help me out.
Thank you.

Vishal jain   23 July 2009 at 23:48


Hi all
I am having a matrimonial dispute with my wife. She has filed a false 498a/406 against me in which she has clamied that she and her parents have spent more than 16 lakhs. Out of which she has clamied that her parents has given gold ornaments worth Rs.5,00,000 /-.
Just to prove my inocence, I filed one TEP against my-laws and request the Income Tax department to check if Rs. 16 lakhs was there in there files by that time of marriage.
Now, from reliable sources I came to know that there was not this much amount as claimed by my wife at the time of marriage. The Income Tax officials told me that there is some explained and some un-explained money by her so called claimed dowry list. The Income Tax officials that they has issued on demand letter to my in-laws also. They also told me that they have submitted a final report of 150 pages to CHIEF COMMISSIONER OF INCOME TAX against the complaint and hence the complaint is closed now.

For this, I filed an RTI application to the income tax department, but they refused to provide me the reply U/s 8(1)(j) "not in public interest"
I filed 1st appeal to appeal authority, but the same reply has been given.

Now I want to move to WRIT PEITION to the high court by myself as I am financial not strong. Can I file a WRIT PEITION against the IT department and how?

Sujit J Pathak   23 July 2009 at 23:41

Summons to accused u/s 138 of N.I Act

Summons has been issued by an MM court u/s 138 of N.I Act and has been sent through court. The said summons has been received by wife of accused, Now the M.M magistrate refuses to issue warrant against the accused stating servicce of summons is not proper as its received by wife of accused. Kindly provide citations of releavent judgements

Vishal jain   23 July 2009 at 23:33

Phone with fake ID

I am having a matrimonial dispute with my in-laws as I have been pushed in a false 498a case.
Now, From reliable sources I came to know that all the phones(land line & mobile) they are using, has been on fake IDs, means they are using those phones having fake IDs.
Please help me as to what judicial/non-judicial action(s) can be taken against them and how ?? so that they can be f***ed