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Anonymous   31 August 2022 at 10:01

Pre closure of personal loan

There is a personal loan with a private bank of 12 months term. 4 installments have been paid without any break. I need to pre close it so that there is no financial debt and may be avail finance for business from another bank. I am willing to pay all the remaining EMIs with preclosure penalties if any. But the bank is not permitting it. There is a clause in the loan agreement that the loan cannot be prrclosed. But this looks against natural justice as I am willing to pay all the dues and penalty if any. The liability of a borrower must be to repay with all interest even to the extent of full term. Are there any RBI norms governing this. What is the way out to preclose the loan. Thanks for any good advice

Manjunath   31 August 2022 at 01:58

Reissue notice to complainant

Hi My relative had filed FIR via court on November 2021 against another relative in money cheating case. Court was asking for Further Report/Final Report every month or so from Police.
However, from yesterday in online case status, I saw court remarks as follows-
Reissue Notice to complainant.

What does it mean?

Anonymous   31 August 2022 at 00:23

Parents joint account & recovery of children's loan?

For the recovery of loan taken by children, after the demise of any one parent, could the creditor bank freeze either or survivor joint account of parents under Hindu Succession Act?

Anonymous   30 August 2022 at 12:15

Gidc property related help

My father had bought a flat in xyz building which comes under GIDC and we did all the paper like sale deed and all . But he didn't knew that the flat needs to be transferred from Gidc and after few years he died and the flat was transferred to my mom name by doing affidavit as a legal heirs after him. Now due to some money issue we had to sell the flat. we sold that flat to other person and we did all the paper like sale deed and sale certi.. but we also didn't knew about the flat need to be transferred from Gidc side now the person wants his name to be registered in Gidc now the problem is in Gidc record it is showing the person from whom my dad brought it for . now the problem is how can we transfer the name from that person to the buyer my mom sold it .

Rajkumar Sethu   29 August 2022 at 20:57

Study leave bond

I had executed a bond for government of India for studying Doctorate for a period of 4 months. The bond amount I executed corresponds to 4 month salary of mine,Whereas due to administrative delay I was provided only 22 days of study leave in place of 120 days(4months). I just want to know in case of me quiting my job how much amount should I pay to government either 22 days of sanctioned study leave or the executed period of 4 months. Please let me know the norms.

Anonymous   29 August 2022 at 17:03

Wife threatens to file complain for domestic violence

Need one hour Zoom session with a lawyer for my brother who is undergoing marriage trouble for yeas. Her wife threatens to file case against him for mental and domestic harassment.

Jayant   29 August 2022 at 13:33

Claim reserve panel at the place of withheld by ssc

In Delhi police 2020 recruitment
625 candidate kept withheld by SSC after CFSL investigation 135 candidate found fair and 490 again withheld and they are fraud and their proofs are in SSC and Delhi hand
SSC prepare a 10% reserve panel list
can we cliam these 490 withheld candidate seat
490 investigation under process and proof of maximum candidate are given to CAT by Delhi police
we want a written order that whenever these 490 candidate will be debared than their seats give to 10% reserve panel
is it possible ?

Sumedh Pakhidde   29 August 2022 at 11:06

Bank asking to complete sell deed before full payment

Hi, i sold my mhada flat in 50 lakhs, purchaser given me 6 lakhs as down payment and 44 lakhs is loan from icici bank, bank released 19 lakhs in favor of sbi to wave off my home loan. Now for remaining 25 lakhs bank asking me to do sell deed registration first in favor of purchaser. Then they will pay me remaining amount. As i have given all the Noc's and documents which was needed. For sell deed registration bank will provide me DD details of 25 lakhs. Bank is pressurizing me to do sell deed registration with DD details then i can collect DD from their office.

Vasudevan   28 August 2022 at 20:45

Marking of documents at the time of cross examination

Respected Learned Experts, In a civil case of Rent control original petition, I had made my deposition and marked my documents. Now the case is posted for cross examination by the defendant. I had some additional documents now which will be useful for my petition. Can I mark the same at the time of cross examination, if relevant question is posed to me by the Respondent? As I am appearing as Party in person, I request for your valuable guidance.
Thanks in anticipation.

anil a ghaisas   28 August 2022 at 12:30

Un-lawful recovery of suit premices

We are having a rental tenement in Dombivli East. Our landlord has filed a suit for eviction on grounds of default of Rent payment & nonuse of place This is a case in Kalgan Civil Court since 27/8/2008 I pay rent very regularly in court in advance every year on both of us, My Nabor A. R Desponde
Earlier All this is being done as a part of harassment as he had filed a similar suit against us in 1993 which was subsequently decided in our favoring 1992
Since then he did not accepts the court's order & thus it was contempt of court But we kept quite and continued sending rent by Money Orders & he continued to refuse the same
Again after about 16 years he file suit in 2008 which refer referred above His intent is to evict us & contact malty story bulling in that premises Hence he is bent on evicting us since begging

During hearings in the meanwhile Land lord has claimed accommodation under Bonafide conditions for his use > Further he specifically stated in his affidavit that his brother is not having any accommodation
Our Building is in Prominent Place near Staining and has a good chances/ Scope of creating huge Source of Income by Developing A Tower
We have submitted (i) Details of the Area of vacant rooms in the said building in his custody
(2)We have given related photos of my landlord sons second ownership accommodation in the DOMBIVLI & Also given a related agreement for reference
In all 7 persons are staying in his family, and occupying around 5000 sq. ft. area in their hand.
Leaving aside all this evidences the suit has been disposed On this basis there is scope to believe that some mollified transaction has been done by landlord & the decision is purchased (en-cashed)

Kindly give your verdict on this query whether it is fair & legal decision of evicting us from our accommodation
We have sufficient documentary proof to prove that it’s a clear-cut case of arrestment
Ultimately we shall be requesting Court to give us a review Order or / we may proceed in appeal . pl advise how far our stand will be successful
Yours Sincerely
/A R Deshpande


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