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Apurva Nayan   11 June 2024 at 09:37

Owner mental torture

I am living in patna since sept 2023 .
My owner since then mentally tortured me every month to vacate the room . She had marriage in her home so she want to v ate the room . Every month she has told me to vacate the room
She has keep her washing machine nd fridge in my room whcich she doesnot remove .. on that also vacate the room . There is very difficulty in findng room in patn for a girl student especially ..problem is that i dont hve any agreement .. she does not talk nicely always yelling ,. I m literally mentally tortured and could not study at all
Do i have any legal solution with me and she incresed the rkm rent also .. doesnot repair any things in the room .. she is biggest liari jave seen ever ..

ASGAR FANSOFKAR   10 June 2024 at 05:40

Submitting of evidence after plea of the accused

Dear Sirs,

A case has been filed under IPC section 323, 427,34 and the accused is under plea. Can the investigation officer produce new evidences to the court which he has not submitted along with the charge sheet.

Also please give reference of any such case of past.

Thanks and regards


Anonymous   10 June 2024 at 02:08

If 498 fir raised against family member

498a filed against my brother from my maternal uncle's wife side and now he is in the process of bmc government job selection, is he eligible for that job,
Still he have to submit form with the selection of yes or no for the question"are you prescribed by law" which option is better to be selected please help me out for this .

Nishant Raj   09 June 2024 at 17:43

Guest ran away without paying the bill

My name is Nishant.
I'm working in bar and lounge in Noida.
There was a group of three people came to the bar and made bill amount of ₹19k and they ran away without paying the bill.
I'm trying to contact him he is blocking the numbers. I know his name number and I've cctv footage of them.
Respected seniors,
Please suggest me what should I do ?

Anonymous   09 June 2024 at 16:13

Permanent address of my father and mine can be different?

Respected sir,I am selected in govt. organisation where attestation form is required.My question is that my permanent address and father's permanent address can be different or not?

Please reply 🙏
Thanks and regards

Chris Hunt   09 June 2024 at 15:56

Property issue

Some 15 Years back due to some reasons. Lot of my thing become viral and I become jack off all the bad things. My parent was also become the victim.
To avoid the criticism from people, my mother gave a notice in the news paper that she disowned me.
Now my parents are dead and we are 3 brother's.
Does it me that, I cannot take share of my Property now.
Property was originally bought by my grandfather. My father inherit it and gifted it to my mother.
And all the money in her accounts

Before my mother's death, I was the only Son who was living with for 3 year and not my other 2 brother's.
Since childhood, I was more close to my mother then my other 2 brother's.

Anonymous   09 June 2024 at 14:56

41 a crpc notice not served, chargesheet submitted in 498a

My daughter in law has filed 498A case a gainst my family. Police didnot send any notice to me & not call me. Even pllice did not visit my residence.
But pllice chargesheet against me. I heared that, police call my son over telephone. But did not send any notice at my residence.

Is police bound to send me notice u/s 41A CRPC to all members of my family ?

Harvinder Singh   09 June 2024 at 14:55

Nominee, real heir of the money in bank acc and fds?

My mother died on 21 April 2021 due to cancer. She had some money in her bank account which was converted into 3 FD's by her as we are three brothers.

Now my younger brother is a nominee on the bank account and the FDs.

I have confirmed that money was in my mother’s account after her death from bank.

Before my mother's death, I was the only Son who was living with for 3 year and taking care and not my other 2 brother's.

As per Law, Nominees can just operate the Bank account but not the real heir of the money. Real heirs are their three sons and my younger brother is refusing to give my share.

Need advice

Anonymous   09 June 2024 at 09:47

My birth place state and state i belong can be different?

Respected sir,I am selected in a govt. Organisation and they want attestation form

a.)It asks Birth place
b.)place to which I belong

My question is
1.)Sir,Can place (a) and place ( b) can be different?

Please 🙏 clear my doubt

Thanks and regards

Anonymous   09 June 2024 at 04:01

My birth place state and state i belong can be different?

Plz reply