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sriram   20 April 2019 at 06:42

Expert advocate in a.p.highcourt

I want to file a w.p(C) in a.p.high court regards ancestral property through an experienced civil a.p.high court advocate.please,suggest telugu speaking advocates names.

Anonymous   19 April 2019 at 20:17

Family maintenance

Sir, one of my close friend who is a muslim is in great trouble. Her father is is having 2 wives. My friend's mother expired one year back due to mental depression of her husbands activity. My friend is a student and due to her father's negligence her study is hampered a lot. Her father is a class 3 central govt employee and staying with his 2nd wife. My friend receives only around 5000 per month for expense. Her father earns around 60000/ pm. She is in great trouble. She has completed her graduation and always depressed because of seeing her carrier going down because of finsncial crunch. Kindly help whether she can have right to get some more money from her father for enriching her carrier. Kindly advise. Thanx.

munshilal   19 April 2019 at 18:19

Legal validity of of document

does a Notarized document have a LEGAL validity?

Saeed Rahim Sayyed   19 April 2019 at 16:46

Information regarding non judicial stamp paper of rupees 50

When non judicial stamp paper of rupees fifty introduced by government in state of Maharashtra and in india

Kavitha SG   19 April 2019 at 16:37

Execution of interim maintenance in appeal

Hello Experts,
I have filed an application for execution of decree U/o 21 R 10(2) of CPC for the sec 24 interim maintenance of appeal in the District court.
We have received my husband's salary certificate from his company. Now the matter for order to attach the salary.
But the lawyer of my husband is asking to adjust the maintenance with sec 125 crpc application where as in 125 interim maintenance order the Hon'ble court has already mentioned that the order of interim maintenance is passed in addition to the interim maintenance of sec 24.
Now, Please let me know ;
1) As the interim maintenance is granted by considering all the facts and in addition to the sec 125 crpc. So, in its execution, does maintenance get adjusted ?
2) I have already submitted all the facts into the court with proofs but still court is biased towards my husband and delaying to attach the salary.
(Note : in sec 125 crpc though the interim maintenance is grated but still my husband has not paid a single penny from last 6 yrs.)
3) Please help with citation, if any.
Please check and advice.
Thank you !!!

Yeshu   19 April 2019 at 15:13

Share certificate lost by secretary of housing society

In a conveyed housing society located in Mumbai, a deceased member's wife gave Share Certificate to Secretary of Society for purpose of transfer in her name (after completing all required formality). that member have acknowledgement from secretary that given for transfer. Now Secretary lost share certificate & trying searching for 2 years but could not find.

Can Secretary / Society directly issue new/ duplicate share certificate to that member ? if yes
any resolution need to pass in committee meeting or special meeting or AGM for same ? or
without meeting society can give new/duplicate certificate ?
any police NC need to be given by secretary ?

Experts please help to give smooth service to this member

Anonymous   19 April 2019 at 12:51

Registry will be challanged or not

My father purchased a agriculture land but it registered with his brother name due to some reasons now he refused to returned it although we are giving half of land to him. Please suggest any law about this matter or can we go to court or not in this case

Anonymous   19 April 2019 at 10:21

Notice u/s 91 crpc

One year before marriage taken some loan amount from a girl is called dowry?

rajesh   19 April 2019 at 09:05

Unregistered memorundum of partition


An oral partition has been carried out between father and his two sons in August 1982 and the same is made as memorandum of partition in November 1982. In that document it is mentioned that partition is carried out orally earlier. That memorandum of partition is unregistered.

Is that Valid?

In Memorandum of partition Entire Property is divided into 3 parts and was taken by all 3 parties.

Father died in 2010.

Now the father here has 3 daughters but nothing was mentioned in the memorandum of partition made in 1982.

Now one of the son want to sell his one of the property ( plot), which comes into his share through this unregistered memorandum of partition.

What are the complications here and who all should sign the sale registration document

Property is a vacant land and the son has not mutated in municipal records.

His brother has got the adjacent plot and he builded a house in 2000 and he got mutated.

Anonymous   19 April 2019 at 07:52

Property issue

Hi Sir/Madam,
I have recently purchased a individual house in Bangalore city and registration process are done. I have purchased this property via home loan. My owner has made an unregistered agreement previously with other 'person A' as he is not able to pay the amount which owner has borrowed for 10% interest before 1 year. It looks like 'Person A' agreed for property sale and get back his amount. On that basis, my owner has sold the property to me and paid only the prinicipal amount to 'Person A'. I got the possession fifteen days back. Two days back, 'Person A' approached me and told he is going to file a case on my property as my owner has not returned the amount completely on the property. I have told him to file a case and my bank/me will deal with this case if it's approved. I know that he should not come to me instead, he has to approach my owner for this issue. Can you please help me out how to approach this case or if i have to do some procedure, please let me know.


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