Took money from my girlfriend unable to give her

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Querist : Anonymous (Querist)
17 April 2021

Hello, I borrowed money from my girlfriend on interest. She told me that she is taking it from other person and I have to pay interest on that. I have interest for 17 months but from last 10 months I don have money to give her. Im asking time. But she is saying she will come to my house with police and file a complaint against me... She told she will also complaint against my faimly too. I promised her to give money till April but I'm not able to give it. I try to convince her but failed.

She is saying she will file a complaint that I took money from her..and complaint for harrassing her mentally.

I spent lots of money on this girl. Now I'm afraid.its a matter of a girl and she can file anything wrong in complaint...

Positive part is I never met her. We met from youtube and we r talking from last 4 years.

What shud i do in this case to b safe? I want to give her money but it will take 2-3 months. But she is not ready for that.

Girl is from Madhya Pradesh and I'm from Uttarakhand.

Kindly guide. She warned me that she will file complaint against for not giving her money. For harringn her mentally. And for din know wat more. Kindly guide.

I took 5 lac from her and given 3.5 lac as interest.

Dr J C VashistaOnline (Expert)
17 April 2021

Settle the matter amicably and refund the amount due..

Sudhir KumarOnline (Expert)
17 April 2021

Someone will be tempted to advise you that police has no mandate to recover debt. But they do have mandate to register cheating case.

She need not even come to Uttaranchal. complaint can be made from wherever on earth she transferred money to you.

Now a day such activity is common [i,e, getting internet acquaintance and then asking for money and not refunding].

The given facts do indicate either deep stupidity or commonplace cunniness on your part..

You have tried to hide how money transacted when you never met each other and living miles apart.

You have also hidden as to how much was the money and as to why the money was needed by you .

You have also not clarified as to how much was the paying capacity and what facts you represented to the stranger (whom you make to believe that she is your girl friend)


You contacted a female ruthless money lender in the garb of a girl fireing and still you call her so.


you contacted someone making her to feel friend and took money as loan and never refunded.

You just have no option but to pay the money. or else in the eye of law you may be just a cyber cheat.

Advocate Bhartesh goyalOnline (Expert)
17 April 2021

She helped to you in your bad time by advancing huge amount without any security and you don't want to repay her .you can't escape the liability to make her payments by any excuse or pretext.. It's your moral duty to pay her due amount else be ready to face the civil and criminal cases.

Querist : Anonymous (Querist)
17 April 2021

She gave me 5 lac Rs And I have returned her 3.5 lac as interest. I have w intension to pay but I don have any money.

One more thing my girlfriend took money from me. She not borrowed it from me but for her personal expenses. She told lie about her faimly like her father torcher her, her faimly torcher her they don't give her a penny etc.

She also told m she will suicide by her faimly behaviour towards her and told me to support her financially. And took money from me time to time for shopping for Personal expenses.

Lator I come to know that she was telling me lie and nothing was like this.

Money she gave to me was her own money and she gave me her money and charge huge interest from me.

Anyways I want to pay her money but I need 2 month and she is not ready for her.

Pls show me the way how to deal with such situation. How I can get 3 month time from her.

All trasactions done online.

Pls help I'm in huge stress.

P. Venu Online (Expert)
17 April 2021

Facts posted are confused and disjointed. You are liable for the debt you have willingly incurred. It is immaterial that the lender, allegedly, had been your girl friend and you had expended money for her. Of course, you have all the defenses that the Law allows if she approaches the Police or otherwise make a complaint.

kavksatyanarayanaOnline (Expert)
17 April 2021

Yes. I agree with what the above learned expert's Mr. P.Venu sir's view. You have taken money from her online. so it is proof for her to recover from you. Whether she is your girlfriend or someone else is unnecessary here. Still is it seems to be hypothetical. An online friend that too a girl give you money for interest?

ashok kumar singhOnline (Expert)
18 April 2021

agreed with views of earlier experts, therefore no further comment.

Sankaranarayanan Online (Expert)
18 April 2021

Seems you totally confused and it reflect in your query too.

Sudhir KumarOnline (Expert)
18 April 2021

You are still hiding as to how money transacted when none of you have seen each other.
You are still hiding as to why the money was needed and what did you do with this money as you have no money now.

You are also hiding if the money was within your repayment capacity and whether you have correctly told her about the repayment capacity before she could be induced to part with the money.

You are telling that she told lie to you.

But you are yourself telling that you do not have the money to refund. This gives rise to a strong suspicion that prima-facie you induced her to advance money being unaware of the re-payment capacity or otherwise misrepresented about your plan with the money.

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