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Online (Querist)
14 August 2020

Dear Sir/Mam!
I live in Tiruchirapalli, a city in Tamilnadu. My sister is living in Gandhinagar, Gujarat
She has a land property in Tiruchirapalli......we were trying to sell this land for past 4 years,but could not find a buyer.
I found one buyer who is interested in purchasing this land now.
But due to this Covid situation she is unable to travel to execute the sale.
So we thought that she will make a POA in my name and I will do the sale process
Can you please suggest some lawyer who can assist my sister in doing this POA in Gandhinagar and send it to me so that I can sell her land ?
May we please know the procedure for doing this POA in Gandhinagar, Gujarat?

Isaac GabrielOnline (Expert)
14 August 2020

Approach any lawyer who will arrange for the registration of the Pao in gujaraat.

Dr J C VashistaOnline (Expert)
15 August 2020

If your sister would have stationed in Delhi I could have helped her.

Rajendra K Goyal Online (Expert)
15 August 2020

Any lawyer / document writer stationed near registrar office would help your sister in preparing the document.

kavksatyanarayanaOnline (Expert)
15 August 2020

You sister may consult a local Document Writer or a lawyer to prepare the POA. As the POA will be executed by your sister at Gandhinagar (Gujarat), so after receipt of POA in Tiruchirapalli (TN), you have to got it validated by the District Registrar of your District.

Kalpana Sankar Online (Querist)
16 August 2020

Mr.Issac,Mr.J C Vashista, Mr.Rajendra, Mr.Satyanarayana! Thank you so much for your response🙏
Is anyone of you placed in Gujarat except Mr.Vashista?
Through Google we contacted 2/3 Lawyers in Gandhinagar......
All of them gave the same answer that POA for a property in Tamilnadu cannot be executed in Gujarat.
Only for properties in Gujarat a POA can be done......

Is it true? If yes....then you all need to be corrected.....sorry to say this

If no, I humbly request you to give contact of
one lawyer who in Gandhinagar who can get us the POA done.

Rajendra K Goyal Online (Expert)
16 August 2020

As per my knowledge, POA can be executed and registered at a place where the person is living irrespective of the place of the situation of the property, assets etc.. POA can also be executed by NRI out of India.

Dr J C VashistaOnline (Expert)
16 August 2020

I endorse the expert opinion and advise of Mr. Rajendra K Goyal, PoA can be executed and registered with the Sub-Registrar where the executor is residing.

However, in order to authorize someone to sell a property on behalf of owner, PoA should be registered.

Kalpana Sankar Online (Querist)
17 August 2020

Thank You Mr.Goyal! My brother who lives in US has given me a PoA notarized by an Attorney there. I did the adjudication here in Tiruchirapalli and it is valid.
But lawyers in Gujarat say POA cannot be done for properties outside Gujarat.....
That is why requesting a lawyer who is practicing in Gandhinagar/Gujarat to answer my query ...
I can very well adjudicate it here in Tiruchirapalli provided that POA is registered in Gandhinagar.
I humbly apologize to say this.....you all are giving your opinions , but what is the exact rule and procedure in Gujarat?
Can any lawyer in Gujarat guide me?
Mr.Goyal and Mr. Vashita! Kindly apologize me for the ignorance and for questioning your knowledge and opinions🙏

Rajendra K Goyal Online (Expert)
17 August 2020

Advice has been provided as per understanding. You may obtain second opinion from local lawyer.

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