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Queries Participated

shyam lal   11 March 2021 at 12:05

Court appearance

Is it law that the complainant in a criminal case (lower court) has to be physically present on every date/hearing?

Priyanka   11 March 2021 at 00:44

I gazetted my new name bt upsc applicatn asks name(ssc memo)

I got my name(gazetted) changed after graduation(2019) and applied for caste certificate(as per my husbands caste) too..but i didnt changed my name in any of my educational certificates but i did in adhaar and voter id attaching gazette as reference. The problem is: UPSC APPLICATION ASKS TO ENTER NAME AS IN MATRICULATION CERTIFICATE AND UPLOAD ID(VOTER/ADHAAR). AS Per ssc-graduation certificate's,i have my old name(Pr******) but adhaar and voter id have new name(S*******). WHAT CAN I DO? SHOULD I APPLY WITH MY OLD ADHAAR SO THAT IT WILL MATCH WITH MY OLD NAME AS PER SSC CERTIFICATE OR SHOULD I CHANGE MY ADHAAR BACK TO OLD NAME ,WILL IT BRING ANY FUTURE PROBLEMS? SUGGEST ME A WAY? IS IT POSSIBLE TO CHANGE NAME IN ALL OF MY EDUCATIONAL CERTIFICATES? I HAVE ONLY FEW DAYS LEFT FOR APPLICATION PLZ HELP ME WITH THIS.. GIVE ME AN IDEAL SOLUTION. Which category(caste) should i choose(husband(BC-E)/father(BC-B)) for reservation?

Anonymous   22 October 2020 at 20:17


Can sapinda relationship solemnized under special marriage act?

renjith 81100   22 October 2020 at 17:53

Initial problem.

Respected sir
In my 10th mark list my initial has mentioned wrong..., instead of B they printed as R ,and I have been following till my Pg..,and now just completed it...,now I planned to go abroad for a job ,will it make any problem..

ramaswami   22 October 2020 at 15:48

Claim of cannal and pathway right

Sir, I bought a 22000 sft(50 cents) of land ,categories' as agriculture land, then ,in 1996. Now this land is reclassified as General Industries category under Coimbatore Master Plan. I am enjoying peaceful possession of this land for last 24 years. This vacant land is abutting the the Main Highway. Now one adjacent landowner is claiming a water cannel and pathway right across my land. Ever since there is no such pathway or cannel across my land. Now he is preventing me to develop this land .Is his right is acceptable? There is no record showing this cannel and pathway in FMB(Field Map Book) revenue records. What is the remedy to prevent him to interfere in my land?

Anonymous   22 October 2020 at 11:31

Annulment of marriage

I m hindu. I married to muslim girl in 2005 after her conversion accordance of arya samaj marriage. But girl left me after few days. No child born. After that she never came back. As she doesn't recognise this marriage.
After so many pursuance , an agreement was signed between our families that we both doesn't recognise this marriage . And we are living as per our belief and customs . So marriage has no validity for us.

After that girl and me both married in our respective religion in 2011.

Recently many court verdict says conversion for marriage purpose make the marriage null and void.

Please enlighten us.
1. Whether our first marriage exist, even not contested by any one. And girl also admitting she not converted.
2. Whether this marriage is void as per section 11 of HMA As section 5 is not followed on this marriage as per agreement.
3. Or I have to take decree of nullidity from court. But currently I don't know where about the girl.

Please guide me.

Anonymous   22 October 2020 at 07:55

Maintenance charges open plot vs house.

Is there any difference between maintenance charges for holder of Open Plot Vs House in Co.Op.Housing Society?.

piyush sinha   21 October 2020 at 21:53

Pet name is recorded in the land document and i want to sell

I have land where my pet name is recorded. When I want to sell it the buyer is not agreeing to write a check with my legal name he is saying he will write the cheque to the same name as mentioned in the land documents and I do not have any legal documents such as adhar card or pan card bearing my pet or alias name.
How to solve this problem?

Krishna Prasad   21 October 2020 at 14:23

Land title dispute

One Mr. Chandulal was the original owner for 3 survey numbers as per all statutory land records of Telangana State from 1925 to 1970. Mr. Chandulal inducted one Mr.Jaheeruddin in possession by oral lease for grazing purpose and name was reflected in Enjoyment column since 1935. Mr. Chandula died in 1936. Mr.Jaheeruddin who was in possession executed a Sale Deed to Mr.Srinivas in 1945 and subsequently he executed Sale Deed in f/o one Ms.Aruna Kumari and her name was recorded in enjoyment column of Pahani. At last managed the Revenue Officials and got RoR Title Deed&PPB by 1970 and recorded in Pahanies as Pattadar. The Legal heirs of Mr. Chandulal to be frank are ignorant of the property, but in 2010 the 2nd generation legal heirs found that they are the successors to these 3 survey numbers. Meanwhile 1 survey number was disputed by another party in 1993 wherein Ms.Aruna Kumari claimed the property through Mr.Chandulal as title owner to deny the other party claim, and managed not to get into the further details in her Sale Deed.
I am one of the legal heirs of that property and we would like to engage an expert and good Advocate depending upon the analysis and solutions suggested in this forum. We want to win the case whatever the Fee to be paid. I request the experts to react to proceed further.
Thank you

jaya rajesh sharma   26 June 2020 at 17:17

Tenats rights

I live in rented flat I faced plumbing issue last months for that my landlord forced me to pay half of the money and he aruged with me also.Now my washbasin pipe is leaking and I asked him to repair again he asked to me to do he doesn't want to pay for I want to know is it correct.?