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Queries Participated

Shanmugam Bobbiliraja   13 April 2018 at 20:59

Accused of giving missed calls - police complaint

Sirs and Madams,
I have posted here with my problem. Nobody replied.

I have been very strangely accused of giving miss calls to my classmate who I have caught bringing copy chit to exam hall. I immediately reported to the invigilator. And she was sent out of the classroom. Now my classmate who got debarred from exams has filed a complaint in police station that since she did not pick my calls I have given false complaint about her to invigilator that she was copying in exam. Police yesterday have called on my cellphone and asked me to come and meet the Sub Inspector. I was not at home so I told I cannot come. Later I talk to a advocate who told that if they call again ask them to send complaint copy to your address. The police constable called again. and I told as I was told to do by the advocate. Upon listening this, he said tell me your home address. I did not tell my home address. I just told I want copy of the complaint which my classmate has given. He told he will somehow send me police notice. I said OK. When I get notice, I will reply through advocate like that I told and kept. Now why I am writing this is, I want to know whether my classmates point will hold water. Because I never called her even once. On the other hand she was texting me on whatsapp and I was not responding at all, as she was bothering too much I replied two times. My version is this. That Never did I call her, nor did I text her. It was she who texted me. To which I responded once or twice. But there was nothing more than that. But she is linking her copy chit to me giivng miss call to her which never happened. The text messages over whatsapp happened 2 years back. And our exams were in december last year.

Though I have not called my classmate even once also. I dont have her number. They simply accusing me of something which I did not do. FIR registered or not I dont know. I have not received any police notice.

Please seniors, gurus, learned men and advocates help me out.

SUNIL JOSHI   13 April 2018 at 17:49

Query for defamation court case in civil court


Manoj Choudhary   13 April 2018 at 16:01

376 ipc and po proceedings

A boy left with a girl and got married but in the meantime police arrested younger brother of boy to make pressure on the family to bring the girl back.

The boy left the girl nearby the village and ran away.

Police then registered an FIR under section of Rape and Kidnapping against the boy who married the girl and the younger brother who was kept by the police.

Main accused did not surrender before police and court and went on PO proceedings.

The younger brother got acquitted as prosecution failed to prove the case of rape against the younger brother. (Documents of marriage produced before the court.)

Now what left against the Main person who took the girl and had relationship with her.

Kindly suggest your valuable views. The person is with me who is under PO proceedings.


Manoj Chaudhary

Susmita   08 April 2018 at 09:53

Gratuity and bonus

hello experts.
respected expert, i am stuck in a matter and i need your valuable advise to proceed further. my client was an employee of known company in Delhi. he worked from 2001 to 2011 and thereafter in 2011 transferred to foreign branch of that company under the term of continuous service. He was illegally terminated in 2015, for which he claimed Gratuity in foreign court for the period of 2011-2015 and got the gratuity/illegal termination payment etc. for that period.
we filed a case for gratuity here for the period of 2001 to 2011 period on the last drawn salary i.e. 4Lakh. But company saying they are ready to pay gratuity on the basis of indian last drawn salary as all liability transferred to foreign branch so they are not entitled for last drawn. Whether The company is liable for last drawn salary as per India or Foreign company?

Another query is regarding Bonus.
They were mentioned to pay Bonus in Indian appointment letter but not in foreign branch? Do i claim for Bonus under Indian Branch Company?If yes, where to claim for Bonus?

P.F also not paid by The employer too.

s s jha   29 January 2018 at 11:44

Cyber crime

Dear Sir,

kindly give your expert view that my pass word of login ID of Income tax site is changed by a person and entered in my login ID of Income Tax. He taken all my information . I lodged complaint before local police station as well as IG operation of cyber crime in west Bengal.
I did not find any information from the cyber police station after 20 days from lodging my complaint. I requested to the police station to file FIR on person on whom i believed that he has used mobile phone and email ID for breaking my pass word. kindly suggest what I do in next to lodge FIR on the person who has take all my information illegally. in 2013, I also lodged a complaint but no action was taken by the police station. now the person has repeated again in this month of January, 2018 for the same crime.
kindly suggest what to do.

lawyer780$   28 January 2018 at 09:25

Regarding re-appointment after resignation

I have resigned from Indian Oil Corporation Limited (Central Govt. Undertaking) w.e.f 04.01.2018 in view of my new employment in Delhi Transco Limited ( Delhi Govt Undertaking) after paying all dues and bond amount. Now I am feeling very depressed in my new job. Is there any provision to reappoint in my previous employer ??

SUNIL GEORGE   27 January 2018 at 16:52

To file case against medical agency for making me unfit

Dear Sir, I am from Palakkad, Kerala. I got a job in Kuwait and as per Kuwait rule I need to undergo medical test assigned by their agency (Khadamat). So I went to Khadamat I gone to one of the local Medical clinic (Medivision) in cochin, Kerala. But after the test, I was declared unfit by Medivision Clinic and khadamat (Authorized agency for medical test for Kuwait) due to some problem in X-ray (Apical pleural thickening). But same day I done X-ray from one of the reputed hospital in Cochin and Consultant radiologist told I am perfectly fine. He gave me FIT certificate. Immediately I contacted the agency they asked me to do CT test of chest at a hospital chosen by them (Lakshmi hospital on 15/01/2018). In the CT test the problem was not detected and in the report it was mentioned that there is no evidence of Apical pleural thickening.

But they told that in chest CT they noticed heterogeneous lesion in left adrenal (Abdomen area) and so doctor from medivision clinic verbally asked me to do advanced CECT of abdomen from the same hospital which I couldn't do do because of cost and I was afraid that these test can harm my health. Also since only X-ray was required for Kuwait and in CT of chest the problem was cleared I was not ready to do more test. I even told them that I will do the test from outside but they refused and issued UNFIT certificate.

All these tests are costly and I am sure that they are asking me to do all these test for getting more commission and at the end they can declare me unfit too. I requested them to give FIT certificate but they refused. Also they didn't return original visa as I am declared unfit. Due to unfit certificate I cannot travel to Kuwait for the next 6 months.

Now since they told me a problem, I done Advanced CECT test at my place (Palakkad, Kerala) in a reputed hospital and found all clear. So they issued me FIT certificate. I have all copies of test results with me.

I want to know whether I can move legally against Medivision clinic and Khadamat agency for loosing my job? Also they are doing same for so many candidates like me. So I want to make sure that they should be punished for it and don't repeat it in future. I request urgent help in this matter. I am ready to meet any advocate in Cochin for further discussion.

With Best Regards,


Lalit besekar   27 January 2018 at 09:19

Writ petition dissmis by High court

Dissmis me from services by lic on 13th Jan 2017 after 3 months of joining becauce of I was convicted and appeal case pending in district court and 25th Jan 2017 appeal judgement was acquittal from all charges.
At the time of joining, I was mentioned about my court case which is pending in district court.
I was filled a writ petition in high court regarding my improper termination form service and reinstatement in Lic of India but Nagpur petition rejected by court and stated that I was written a proper details about court case and conviction at lower court. Also stated that the decision about the reinstatement is totally depends on employer choice and court can not be interfere in this matter.

Now please suggest me what have to do?
Is my decision was wrong, first I would be filed a case in CAT?
Directly filed a writ petition in high court was a wrong decision?
Is Any chance to file a case in CAT or go to the Supreme court for appeal?

Please suggest me that what to do now.

prash   20 January 2018 at 08:11

Under section 138 ni act

sir we have filed a cheque bounce case on a borrower.but he has changed his address before we file the case and not receiving notice. this is happened since 6months . nobody are attending court both complainant and accused . court has mentioned 1 last call in the last proccedings as per ecourts info. what will happen does it will serve warrant against accused or what action court will take. as the accused is not available to intimate we are also not attending court since 6 months.

Shakeel   20 January 2018 at 01:10

Gratuity payment

Hi, I want to know about gratuity payment if my joining is 7 Jun 2011 and date of living is 6 Dec 2017 then gratuity will be paid for six years or seven years.

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