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Balasubramanian.G   20 February 2009 at 10:05

Problem with my wife, I need leagl advise for divorce

Sir, my wife was threatening that she will commit suicide or will run away from my home. We have one year girl baby. She is very weak and lazy to do household work. Our family is orthodox family. When she fails in her duty she is trying to cover it by a big quarrel and in the end finishing up with the threatens said above. She also attempted once to commit suicide and she also ran away from my home when no one is there. She is also trying to throw my parents out of home by quarrels. My father is aged about 69 and my mom 67 who is also a heart patient. We are all facing very bad time in the family. Presently she ran to her home which is 180 kms away from my home. We are residing in Chennai and her native place is Vaniyambadi, near Vellore, Tamil Nadu. I want to get rid of problems so i need legal advice for divorce.

Member (Account Deleted)   19 February 2009 at 14:32

divorce and alimony

my friend who is Indian born Hindu living in Australia holds Australian citizenship got married to an Indian girl last year who is christian now he took her to Australia with him and they staying there together however his wife now wants a divorce on the ground of adultery or cruelty citing that my friend is having an extra marital affair and has stopped having any physical relationship also,she wants to come back to India and file a divorce case with the heavy compensation and alimony.i would like to know how my friend can save himself from such allegation and compensation suit?

Thank You.

sridhar karanam   19 February 2009 at 11:30

hindu adoption & maintainence act

A client approached me for making an adoption deed. He already has three natural daughters and now he wants to adopt a son from his brother-in-law. His brother-in-law has three sons out of which two are from valid marriage and the proposed adoptive son was born before his marriage, to the same couple. Can a valid adoption deed be executed in this circumstances? Please answer as early as possible.

shekhar_adv   17 February 2009 at 20:28

Is a complaint useful ? in queshe of FIR

A queshe case is going on before HC since oct 2007, Delhi against FIR...Stay has been granted... HC is asking the boy/petitinor prove that your mutual consent has been done with the respondent...

prior to above, This girl/ respondent has filed a complaint in 23rd march 2007. in women cell... the action was taken by the women cell... and there was a another complaint in diffrent PS on of ___april 2007... there in this complaint the girl and his father has confessed that the mutual was done on ____ of june 2006 between the parties.

since this complaint is going to be there in the hand of boy... pls. guide how usefull this complaint is going to be in the next date of hearing in HC?

Though there are other doucuments in support to "this complaint" written by her father and a seperate doucument written by her about the __ June 2006 date.

Pls. guide me

shekhar_adv   17 February 2009 at 20:17

the boy does not trun up for second motion of mutual consent

Pls Guide what all are the provision through which this boy second motion can be filled or
is there any alternative to this?

shekhar_adv   17 February 2009 at 20:16

the boy does not trun up for second motion of mutual consent

Pls.... Guide what all are the provision through which this boy second motion can be filled or
is there any alternative to this?

jitendra   16 February 2009 at 23:54

marrige registration

whther an german citizen can get married with a INDAN hindu girl after converting himself to hindu, IN india & such marrige can be registered under Hindu Marrige ACT

Abhimanyu Soni   16 February 2009 at 11:27

Divorce and related matters

Dear All,

My friend 'A' (woman) needs to file for Divorce. It has been more then 3 yrs of her marriage and does not have any child as well. She has been facing mental harassment since two years.
She had expressed her intention about divorce to her husband 'B'and her parents as well. B is not in agreement to give divorce.

Now, B is asking A to transfer all the Fixed deposits to his name. The amount of FD is 12 lacs INR. As of now the FDs are in the name of A and are lying with her father.
Both residing separately at different places and are employed.

Our query:
1. Can we take compel B to give divorce before actually transference FDs.

2. Do A has to bear a huge cost if she files divorce application in court.

3.As, A is in Hyderabad, B is in Bangalore, Parents and mather-in- law (widow) arein Rajasthan. Marriage was solemnized and registered in Rajasthan; where she should file the application for divorce

4. Is there any other way out for A to get rid off B.

5. How much time it takes for a case to come to finalization.

6. What could be the compliaction on the part of A.

Please help us.

Looking forward for your kind revert.


Abhimanyu Soni

vid   13 February 2009 at 18:29

Urgent advice needed

Dear Experts,

I am married to almost two years now. Ours is a love marriage. It was all good in the initial days of marriage and we were really happy. Though there were some turbulent times from my in-laws and his relatives, but he stood aside me in all the difficult times. Eventually, he started getting closed one of his female ex-colleagues. They started daily late night internet chats(very personal at times), phone calls, meeting every evening over coffee/snacks. He used to drop and pick her up from her house everyday though they were not working in the same office (since he has moved to new company recently).
He used to come home late very irritated and frustrated almost daily. Used to get off on almost anything that I did (normal/good). When I got to know all this, I tried talking to him on what's going on. But he eventually denied everything and said that they are only friends and he did not love me anymore. When I mentioned that everything was going alright before you meet this girl. So okay let me speak to her once before we go for anything. on which he threatened me that if I meet her he'll take me to the court.
He used to discuss everything about us with her. She's a unmarried woman who has just broke off with her boyfriend.
I'm in big mental stress and its very traumatic to tolerate this. I'm also undergoing psychiatric treatment for my depression which has come out of this.
I am working and financially independent. And I love him lot he knows that too. He wasn't like this before and was very caring for me before he met her. Even after all this he's saying the same thing that they are just good friends and that he's not infatuated to her.
under the current circumstances do I hold any legal rights to teach him a lesson for having messed up life? Please advise.

Sukhija   13 February 2009 at 07:54

rights of muslim man making will

Hi everybody,
1. Can a muslim husband bequeth all his property movable and immovable to his sons and daughters according to his wish, not in equal share?
2. Can he bequeth his first wife's property to her sons and daughters as per his wish, not in equal shares?
3. Can he prevent his second wife from interferring the right and possession of the said property bequeth to his children?