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Rajesh   18 May 2008 at 15:03

prperty of deceseased

My elder aunt died leaving her home behind
she was under our care
she died and
has made no will
she was widow without son/daughter

arshad   15 May 2008 at 12:39

Family Property-Paternal Uncle-Denying to share property.

Our Family property is to be shared between my father, elder paternal uncle and younger paternal uncle, my elder paternal uncle is occupying the house(family property) with his family for the past 25 years or so, and he is denying to give our share and likes to own the family house for himself, my younger paternal uncle and my dad tried their level best and requested for years to give their share but elder paternal uncle is not ready to give our shares. The family house is in cuddalore, we are living in kanchipuram and younger parental uncle lives in villupuram. Please guide me on how to get our share from the family house.

Gururja Rao   15 May 2008 at 11:54

what is the period to be waited to sell patta land or Assigned LAnd in A.P

My friend is a owner of a land which was allotted to him by issuing patta in his favor by govt of A.P in the year 1990,now in emergency of his health or for the reasons of performing marriage of his daughter, if I he wants to sell the property which is only Income source to him, can I he sell the property which is assigned, if yes what is the limitation period for selling the property from the date of issuing patta in his name, is there any permission required to sell the land, and if yes who is the permitting authority?

sanjiv   15 May 2008 at 00:05

propert y through will

Dear Sir

My father got one house acquired by my grandfather from his own money through will which is registered ( registered will ), my grandfather has 5 sons & 3 daughter. He gives exclusively to my father & he clearly state that no relative or any of his son or any daughter except my father is having any right over this. He died 4 year before & in that will 2 persons are witness in which one is my grand mother & one person is my dads friend . No will made after this registered will. Now we get named my father in Municipal cooperation also & from last 3 year my father is paying the municipal taxs ( house tax )of that property in his name.

tell me the more things what we have to do , No relatives lives in this house except my father family , but other brother usually comes here. Now they says that they need share in this will because they are not aware about that will & my grand mother also died.

tell me what we do so that if they sue us than we can help ourself.

uma shankar   14 May 2008 at 15:34


We have purchased lands in Poondi, outside CMDA limits. The Tahsildar will be giving a NOC certificate for conversion.The draft of the certificate merely says that the lands belong to us and that 'this certificate is issued for industrial purposes'. Is this certificate in order or is there any prescribed wordings for this NOC certificate ?

AJIT KAWATKAR   14 May 2008 at 14:49

partition of purchased ppty

my elder sister(mrried)&i(spinster) purchased a ppty yr1964-rgsred. she died yr 65 her name was replaced by her husband-died yr82 have 7heirs/3are running business there& are not interested in putting their(all heirs)claims on ppty records for malafied reasons. i m 84yrs not in possession-wants to get possession of my share(?50%)Q may i able to apply for partition to COLlECTOR/other authorityor i have to go to court?if so;what will be %of court fees?whether it will be charged on MARKET VALUE or otherwise? time duration for jgdmnt?any FAST TRACT provision for LADY SR>CITIZEN?whether i can mordg.the ppty. without their concent?

Gururja Rao   13 May 2008 at 10:40

Sale of Assigned lands In A.P.

If I was given a land of 100 Sq.yds by way of issuing patta in my favor by govt of A.P in the year 1990,or prior to that, in emergency of my health or for the reasons of performing marriage of my daughter, if I want to sell the property which is only Income source to me in the above circumstanes, can I eligible to sell the property which is assigned, if yes what is the limitation period for selling the property from the date of issuing patta in my name, is there any permission required to sell the land, and if yes who is the permitting authority?

Shashikant V. Patil   12 May 2008 at 12:04

Grampanchayat tax

I want to know that can any Village Grampanchayat falling under the category of Tribal and Hilly area demand for G.P. Tax on a building as per Mumbai Grampanchayat Act. Please Clarify

rajguptacs   11 May 2008 at 10:33

Section 6 and 14 of Hindu Sucession Act and Will

A, a hindu buys property in Delhi. After his death his legal heirs are two sons and one daughter namely B, C & D. C & D relinquish their share in favour of B.

After the death of B, his legal heirs are X- wife, Y- son and Z- daughter. If Y and Z relinquish their shares in favour of X. Whether X becomes the absulute owner under Section 14 of Hindu Sucession Act, 1956. Whether she can make her Will in favour of one of his son or daugther.

Rajesh Gupta

AJIT KAWATKAR   10 May 2008 at 15:34

succession crficate&related issues

my father died 02 wife 3children no will
nominating his youngest ownership ppty.neither we nor the nominee(uncle)stay there & he has made it clear that he is acting as TRUSTEE .he says the ppty actually is joint family ppty but regd in our fathers name for convinience &it has been accepted fact by all jt family including our father in unrecorded family meetings& therefore wants to destribute sell proceeds amoung stake holders to which we dont agree.To this he is asking us to produce probated will if any along with SUCCESSION cr.&claim the ppty.after paying the MAJOR REP-upkeepment-maint etcpaid by him on our behalf.Qdoes he right in saying onBASIS OF ORALEVIDANCE that ppty is jt fafily one?Q is he rt in asking us to produce will&succ,cr.?Q does he rt.asking for Mrepairs-upkeepment etc charges(rs. 2.80L) even we are not occupying ppty but our other 2UNCLES(not the TRUSEE)? (we are staying in a ppty stands in the hame of one of the UNCLE staying in ppty belonging to my father.)Q whether trusee can sell the ppty withot our concent? pl, advise.

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