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Parthasarathi Naik   07 September 2023 at 01:19

Purchasing of scheduled caste land

Can a scheduled tribe person buy a land from scheduled caste in Odisha?
Does it require any special permission from sub collector or DM??

vinay singh   06 September 2023 at 21:15

Writ prayer amendment

Eight petitioners filed writs in the high court; now, four petitioners want to change the modification to the prayer; what are their options?

Anonymous   06 September 2023 at 15:39

Regarding gratuity amount

Hi Everyone,
I joined in an organization on 2nd Jan 2019 as a Intern, my intern was 3 months period. After they recommended me as Trainee from 1st of April 2019. Now I am in a notice period and my last date is 29-09-2023. But they considered my joining date as 01-04-2019 and when I calculate my total experience from joining date, it is 4yrs and 6 months. But when I calculate from Intern, it is 4 years and 9 months. Please clarify me whether I am eligible for gratuity or not. Whether they will consider my intern period, but I have worked in live projects in my Intern period. Please Clarify.

Susant kumar   06 September 2023 at 13:43

Employee compensation policy details

Any one suggest the employee compensation policy applicability

Worker limitation, industry specific ?

Anonymous   06 September 2023 at 11:12

Redevelopment of pagdi bulding

Dear Sir, My father in law's building has been recently been sold to a builder and the builder is now the landlord. There is no society and the monthly rent is paid to the landlord. He has bought 3 buildings in total next to each other in a row from different landlords similarly. He wants to redevelop all the 3 buildings together. All the tenants of the other 2 building have signed the Irrevocable Consent Form (no redevelopment agreement has been made yet) and now he has brought it to our building as our building was just sold last month. The builder says that 1)Each tenant will get 300+105(fungible FSI)=405sqft in the new premises. 2) He is asking the tenants to sign the Irrevocable Consent Form for redevelopment. 3) He says this is the first step. This will be submitted to MHADA and then the officers from there will come and survey and demarcate the total area of the 3 buildings. Once that is done they will get complete all the legal paperwork required by the official authorities and will also make the Redevelopment Agreement which will specify the rent for alternate accommodation at the prevalent rates and its payment method, the area to given to them etc. 4) He has refused to give parking space individually and said that you can park in the compound which will be provided. 5) Structurally the building is not in a good shape with small rooms. I request your advice as to should we sign the Irrevocable Consent Form now and is it ok that the Redevelopment agreement is made later or is it important to make the Redevelopment Agreement first. Majority of the tenants have readily agreed for the redevelopment of the building and trust the builder but are confused as to whether they should sign the consent form now or not? attached please see the format of consent form given for signature. Thank you for your kind suggestions.

Anonymous   05 September 2023 at 15:52

Baseball bat in car

is it ok to carry a baseball bat for self defense in car or is it a crime?

Anonymous   05 September 2023 at 12:01

Dish antenna on my balcony grill

I installed my dish antenna on my balcony grill committee member of the society are told me to remove it he said that it against the by laws and click the photo of my gallery and Posted on what's app group of all members what should I do should I remove the dish or not

Anonymous   05 September 2023 at 10:57

Case against society

Close to 100 members came together to form a welfare society way back in year 2018.
Recently we discovered financial fraud after auditing.
We a group of 50 members have now filed case(FIR) against society management committee members for financial fraud and misappropriation of funds. Case has been filed against 5 management members(President, VP etc.) and one coordinator. Case is under investigation right now. Couple of related queries
-Out of 50 members who filed complaint, only 1 member is shown as complainant in FIR. Content of complaint names rest of us as co-complainant. What is the status of us rest 49 members? Are we complainants? If main complainant withdraws charge, what would be our status?
-Coordinator is not holding any official position but used to communicate info between management committee members and rest of us. Some of us insisted, that since his behavior was doubtful to include his name. If his name is not included in final chargesheet, can he take any action against us in form of IPC 211,IPC 500 etc?

Please suggest. As per IO, he is currently investigating the case and may request judicial custody of some members depending on his findings.

Manasranjan Behera   04 September 2023 at 15:30

Filling of protest petition

Can a person file a protest petition after 5 years of FRT...

Susant kumar   04 September 2023 at 12:40

Bocw applicability


Is BOCW applicable for lift installation company and electrical company working in a construction site?