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Anil Mahajan   13 July 2022 at 20:27

Pil under article 32 of constitution

This is a registered petition a PIL

Anonymous   13 July 2022 at 17:09

Dismissal of criminal complaint

My query is that criminal complaint dismissal by JMFC can file revision or appeal against the dismissal with supreme court. Please advise.

crpc   13 July 2022 at 14:15

Money extorted by owner!

All Respected Lawyers,
The sequence of events are like below –
1. I took flat on rent with Rs14500/- as rent and Rs 1500 as maintenance with electricity extra in 20.6.2019 and with Rs 80k/- security deposit at Bangalore.
2. Had initial agreement for 11 months with normal conditions, like 10% hike after a year and he will deduct one month amount i.e. Rs 16K/- as painting charges and return back rest on money i.e. Rs 64K/- provided if damages had to be bore by me.
3. Things goes well with some friction in getting services from landlord, in between he was asking to bear repair, against which some small repair (within 100/200) i had but heavy he bore heavy investment.
4. In the flat he has his belonging in a full wardrobe, but somehow mutually we managed.
5. I vacated flat in 1.5.22 in trust he will return back security of Rs 8K0 and didn’t taken back.
6. I visited flat again with landlord on 3.5.22 and shown him to get reviewed. At that time he asked for few damages against which I was agree to bear.
7. I requested multiple times to giving back final money after deducting one month rent i.e. Rs16K and cost of damages with 15days rent for period of 21.4.22 to 1.5.22 i.e. 8K., then my expectation was to get some Rs 8K0 - (Rs 16K-painitng) -(Rs 8K-(15days rent))-(Rs 1K-damages) = 55K.
8. After June 2021 no further agreement were made and move with mutual agreement without increasing rent.
9. On 4.7.22 he came with many heads and unreasonable amount which he didn't discussed till 3.5.22.
10. I didn't agree on same and said whatever damages and painting i will bear you just deduct 8K as 15 days rent and return rest of the amount i.e. 8K-8K=72K.
11. He agreed on the call twice.
12. Next I asked that kindly credit back the amount so that I can plan for painting and other repair (against my damages).
13. He said for you need to pay? How I need to pay, then he told with 10% hike you may calculate as per agreement.
14. I said that agreement is null and void after 11 months it has no value.
15. In between he paid Rs 35K. 16. Now I said its Rs 45K= (Rs 8K0-Rs 35K) need to be discussed.
17. He said he will not reply further and blocked me on WhatsApp.
18. In total summary he charged total Rs 21K extra.
I want that money back as it was hard earned money.

My queries –

1. What I can do to take back my Rs 21K?
2. As after 11 months things were going on mutual agreement and he didn't ask to increase rent and all, but at end after 2 months of leaving premises he was saying same with other illogical things. How the judicial will it and on what conditions will be considered as no agreement has made further? Thanks for all learned advocates! Ankur Bangalore

Krishnaiah Krishnsiah   13 July 2022 at 07:29

Company or bank transfer to others.

Dear experts,
Up to 2017 Lakshmi vilas bank having a good reputation in the market and paying regular dividends and also before a back issued rights shares above rs.100 to it's share holders and all of a sudden tranafered to a Singapore based bank alleging that due to bad or non performing assets.
What the government agencies like reserve bank, legal team before sanctioning loans, Finance ministry,and above all the board of directors about the loans doing for all the time.
Owing to their negligence the share holders like me got heavy losts.
If an ordinary farmer not able to pay his dues in time due to PROPER REASON the bank officials create a BIG SCENE before his house and why not the CONCERNED take a proper action and it is purly INEFFICENCY of the concerned and they must make responsible for that.
It is learnt that there is a case pending regarding the Lakshmi vilas bank in the honourable supreme court and hence is there any positive result or any expert knows the STATUS ?

Anonymous   13 July 2022 at 00:00

Application before high court to hear me

Initiated contempt proceeding against respondent in CAT for not implementing order. Respondent is likely to go to High court to stay the order of CAT (haven't till now).

My query is,

1. Can i file an application to the high court requesting not to pass stay or any other order before hearing me?
2. If yes what type of application and under what provision?

Anonymous   12 July 2022 at 16:45

Promotion in government sector

Hi, please pay your kind attention towards the following series of incidents:

1. Recruitment Rule in our department was amended with effect from August 2019 and new recruitment rule is know as RR-2019. Previous it was RR-2006
2. In the RR-2019, the minimum qualifying service length to become eligible for promotion to higher post has been increased from existing 5 years to 7 years. Prior to August 2019, it was 5 years.
3. In October 2019, a review DPC was conducted against the original DPC which had held in March 2014.
4. In the above review DPC, I was granted promotion to the post of Sr. Assistant w.e.f. March 2014. Thus, my 5 years for next promotion completes in March 2019 as per RR-2016 and multiples position were also vacant during this period.

Now my question is with respect to grant of next promotion after March 2014, whether 7 years minimum Service length clause shall be applied on me as per RR-2019 or it shall be 5 years as per RR-2006. The RR-2019 was come in effect from August 2019.

Kindly help me with the answer in light of some judgements of Hon'ble Courts.

Sagar Bagwe   12 July 2022 at 15:12

Pf withdrawal

Dear learned expertise.

My colleague has approached the pf office at Mumbai (Bandra) for pf and pension claim of her deceased husband. After verification they insisted for guardianship certificate since she is a Muslim and the law insists for it though she is the natural guardian as a mother.

May I kindly request to help us with the procedure and since she is in taluka place should she obtain the guardianship certificate from district judge only or taluka should be fine. Please guide.

Anonymous   12 July 2022 at 14:24

Non creamy layer certificate validity issue

I have a non creamy layer certificate but its validity is over , is it valid for documents verification or not?

Anonymous   12 July 2022 at 12:47

Government servant in a relationship

My husband is a government servant has fall in live-in relationship with one lady. Out of them one child is born.

The lady demanding my husband to marry her, otherwise she will lodge a complaint to government departments.

Is living-in relationship by government servant is legal ? Kindly advise.

Anonymous   12 July 2022 at 12:31

Wife distrubing

Due to long saperation with my wife, I have filed divorce case after 4 years of saperation.
During pendency of divorce, my wife has come to my house and threaten to me with abusive language & go to PS.

Thereafter, she lodged a complaint u/s 498A alleging that I have torture upon her at my house.

Can wife came to my house during pendency of divorce ?
I think she has came to my house to file 498A case.
Can 498A case lodged under above circumstances ?


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