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Anonymous   12 July 2022 at 04:58

41a crpc summon not served property

My wife lodge complain against me & my parents.Police call me over telephone & force to sign a paper after writing "received" without showing content in it & refused to give a copy of it.

It may be 41A crpc notice.

I am living on another district which is beyond the jurisdiction of that PS.

Is it proper way to serve 41A crpc notice ?

My parents are not asked, did not noticed u/s 41A CRPC & charge sheet is submitted against us.

Is it necessary to call all accused through 41A crpc ?

Police did not went to my parents residence.

Can I go for quashing of FIR ?

Anonymous   11 July 2022 at 20:57

Government coutress

Dear sir,

As i am from Bangalore, Stranger member have sale it her government coutress to another person. That person have sale it to my mother sister , he gave that original property deeds without signature, later on she also sale that to my mother. Now the second party person is refused to put signature on that deed papers he is not ready to transfer for both parties after taking money.... Please sir give me a solution for this problem

kunhi marakkar   11 July 2022 at 15:38

Stay on case

In the year 2001 there was a check bounce case in the name of my friend. In this case, the summons was not issued at the address in the bank account or at the home address of the friend. Instead, the summons was issued at the address of the friend's sister and a non-bailable warrant was issued because the person did not appear. It has been and is pending.(this case now in LP category. Will the friend be arrested if he comes to the country now? Can a stay be obtained from the High Court for not serving the summons at the correct address? Can this case be dismissed?

crpc   11 July 2022 at 10:14

Owner didnt returned money back!

All Respected Lawyers,
The sequence of events are like below –
1. I took flat on rent with Rs14500/- as rent and Rs 1500 as maintenance with electricity extra in 20.6.2019 and with Rs 80k/- security deposit at Bangalore.
2. Had initial agreement for 11 months with normal conditions, like 10% hike after a year and he will deduct one month amount i.e. Rs 16K/- as painting charges and return back rest on money i.e. Rs 64K/- provided if damages had to be bore by me.
3. Things goes well with some friction in getting services from landlord, in between he was asking to bear repair, against which some small repair (within 100/200) i had but heavy he bore heavy investment.
4. In the flat he has his belonging in a full wardrobe, but somehow mutually we managed.
5. I vacated flat in 1.5.22 in trust he will return back security of Rs 8K0 and didn’t taken back.
6. I visited flat again with landlord on 3.5.22 and shown him to get reviewed. At that time he asked for few damages against which I was agree to bear.
7. I requested multiple times to giving back final money after deducting one month rent i.e. Rs16K and cost of damages with 15days rent for period of 21.4.22 to 1.5.22 i.e. 8K., then my expectation was to get some Rs 8K0 - (Rs 16K-painitng) -(Rs 8K-(15days rent))-(Rs 1K-damages) = 55K.
8. After June 2021 no further agreement were made and move with mutual agreement without increasing rent.
9. On 4.7.22 he came with many heads and unreasonable amount which he didn't discussed till 3.5.22.
10. I didn't agree on same and said whatever damages and painting i will bear you just deduct 8K as 15 days rent and return rest of the amount i.e. 8K-8K=72K.
11. He agreed on the call twice.
12. Next I asked that kindly credit back the amount so that I can plan for painting and other repair (against my damages).
13. He said for you need to pay? How I need to pay, then he told with 10% hike you may calculate as per agreement.
14. I said that agreement is null and void after 11 months it has no value.
15. In between he paid Rs 35K. 16. Now I said its Rs 45K= (Rs 8K0-Rs 35K) need to be discussed.
17. He said he will not reply further and blocked me on WhatsApp.
18. In total summary he charged total Rs 21K extra.
I want that money back as it was hard earned money.
My queries –
1. What I can do to take back my Rs 21K?
2. As after 11 months things were going on mutual agreement and he didn't ask to increase rent and all, but at end after 2 months of leaving premises he was saying same with other illogical things. How the judicial will it and on what conditions will be considered as no agreement has made further?

Anonymous   11 July 2022 at 10:14

Blackbuck zinka logistics fraud

Blackbuck ( Zinka Logistics pvt ltd) taken 5000 Rs as a Channel Partner charge for business. Company promised in his agreement Letter to provide advertisements material, banner and poster. But it's more than 9 months but nothing provided till date. They will provide material is written in agreement

Guru   10 July 2022 at 15:18

Noc necessity

dear sir / madam , may I know list of minimum government documents such as NOC require to put case in court ?

is it NOC is mandatory to put case/appeal in court ? thank you

DEEPAK DHAMEJA   10 July 2022 at 13:00

Enquiry register by city survey office

Sir my self kamal dhameja belongs to sindhi minority community. As my grandfather has came from pakistan in 1947-48. and they have settle in ulhasnagar camp . and as per city survey register of 1979 two properties has been shown in my grandfather. which was in our possession since 1948. out of which two. one property in my hands is till now. but another one is given by grandfather to his edler brother out of gratitude. without consideration. and elder brother was expired in 1996. after that in the year 2014. that property came to my possession. and i have paid local body dues till today pending sine 15 years. (upto 31/03/2022) and there is no any electricity connection since 2001.
but in december 2021 my grandfather elder brother's daugghter has done costrcution anf forebilly taken possession. as they are cliaming that tax bill is coming on there father. not my grand father. .
so please look in the matter.
Whther they have right to cliam property on the basis of local body tax bill.in which my grandfather elder brother is occupier. which is not a title docuemnt. and they enroach the land.
also i got TLR copy from city survey and Legal heir panchnama from talathi. Because i have applied for CD (sanat) (conveyence deed) .
also advise me what should i do.

Grivience Desk   10 July 2022 at 11:47

Company takes 5000 rs as channel partner but don't give ser


A company takes 5000 Rs as a channel partner and his employee said that they will provide advertisements material, banner, pamphlet etc. But even after 10 months they don't provide any thing. Company is in Bangalore. This company makes above 100 channel partner in Mumbai and same issue for all

What kind of legal action can be taken. Where I can report about it.

Grivience Desk   10 July 2022 at 11:39

Company remove employee for not clearing of pip


A company Removed an employee because he not cleared his PIP( Performance Improvement Plan) in next month. Without any notice period. While other employee is working on PIP since last 2 Months without clearing

Vasudevan   10 July 2022 at 10:20

Applicability of id act to staff working in epfo

I had worked in Employees Provident Fund Organisation {EPFO} (An Autonomous body under Ministry of Labour) and retired. I had not been paid Bonus which has become due in Feb 2021. I would like to file under Industrial Disputes Act before the Assistant Labour Commissioner (Central) for adjudication. Whether EPFO comes under Industrial Dispute Act. Kindly guide me as I am appearing as party in person.
Thanks to all Learned Experts in anticipation.


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