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grinspan   10 April 2008 at 09:14

Husband can claim maintanace from wife - Supriem Court

Respected sir

I am a christian. I would like to apply maintanace from my wife. But no section is in Cr.P.C.I was told about many Supriem Court Judgements said that Husband can claim maintanace form his wife if she is earning and having large land properties. Now, I am not having any Supriem Court judgement copy and their details. Kindly could you provide that details? sothat i can appy for maintanace form my wife. If you give the details to me it would be very helpfull to me and socity too.

kshitiz srivastava   10 April 2008 at 02:12

About VRS and Partial disablement.

I need help?
On 13 june 2006 my father met an accident (alkali burn) which result in loss of vision in left eye and this accident occured on job as he is an instrument engineer.He finally joined his job after fitness in december 2006. From that point of time continuously management is trying to force him to take VRS and what ever insurance amount we receive from the insurance company ,from that compensation amount company has deducted those expenses which ever was paid by company and we received a small amount of compensation.In 2007 all employees received profit distribution and my father was paid noting and no increment in salary was given and even in this year also they are planning to do the same.
NOW my question is:
1) Is there any provision in law which can protect him so that company can not compell him to take VRS?
2) Is it leagal to stop increment and other benifits like (profit distribution)
Do we have any rights so that we can live peacefully and IS company is liable to pay compensation for this disablement?

Please help me!

madhur   09 April 2008 at 20:21

coupale with intrest

Respected Sir/madam,
I want to know that I have a civil case.In that case one power of attorney is in file.I want to know that the power of attorney couple with interest is revocable or not.
And if it is revocable than in what condition
please tell me in brief.
Thanks in advance

somesh   09 April 2008 at 16:15

breaking of employment bond

i am somesh, i work for a MNC having branches in USA, Malaysia and india. they started there branch in india in 2006. i joined this company in 2007, with the Bond of 6,00,000/- for the period of three years. this amount of 6,00,000 was the cost of expenditure on me for training me on higher end technologies and certification, but till now they not spent any money on me, i want to leave this company now, what is the procedure, and what if my employer rejects to give me the reliving letter.

M.A.T.Ganesan   09 April 2008 at 14:09

credit cards

inspite of reminders the bank is not supplying the statement re garding credit card i stopped using the card intimating that the card is nolonger in need' eventhen the bank is directing to pay money.i have sent a communication stating that iwas not using the card in the relevant period. what can i do now?

Member (Account Deleted)   09 April 2008 at 11:46


Hi all, This forum is doing a wonderful job. I predict that soon everyone will look for information in this forum. As said in a Sanskrit sloka 'KNOWLEDGE SHARED IS KNOWLEDGE GAINED', the knowledge shared by us is not only helping our advocate community but the general public also.

Can anyone tell me whether Advocates are allowed to use Green Ink (Notaries are allowed to sign). Is there any specific act which deals with the subject? Thanks and regards to all the members.

yamini   08 April 2008 at 21:39

Maternity leave benefit

A lady who worked as a lecturer in one college for the last four years, and the college authorities got signed on a fresh bond a year ago to work for the 3 years with exception to relieve from the job on some unavoidable reasons or on condition to show that there is any better opportunity than the present job. while things stood thus, a year ago that lady was conceived and continued her job upto 8th month of carrying and in the 9th month she applied for maternity leave for three months and with in one month (i.e. on october-2007) from there she gave birth to a child and communicated the same to her employor and requested for salary payable for her leave period, but they still not paid for the same till now. while things stood thus she send a letter to employer after extending another 3 months maternity leave period due to reason to look after her child and illhealth arisen after her delivery she submitted her resignation letter to employer. As per my knowledge every employer has to pay salary of one month for maternity leave in advance at time of applying for the same and salary of 90 days as total maternity leave benefit. But in this case she was not paid her salary till now instead of many intimations to her employer. And at the same time they are not accepting her resignation and relieving her from the job by showing bond executed be her and not returning her certificates which were with them instead on unavoidable reason as per thier bond. In this connection what legal action can be taken by her as per the provisions of law for getting her dues and get back her certificates and relieving orders from her employer.

abhijit   08 April 2008 at 19:13

what are the legal rights of an ashram resident ?

I am associated with a temple. It is registered as a society under Societies Registration Ac, 1860. There is an ashram in this temple and about 70 brahmacharis are residing in this temple. There was an attempt by 4-5 ashram residents to spoil a very big festival of this temple. They were caught and asked to leave the temple. But they are not ready to leave the ashram. All attempts to expel them out of the ashram are failed. What is the legal way to expel them from the ashram ? what are the legal rights of the ashram residents? What is the legal procedure to follow while inducting a new free volunteer in the temple/ashram?
They have signed and submitted an ‘application form for free volunteers’ to the temple/society. They are non paid/free volunteers for the temple. The ‘Rules and Regulations’ of the society does not define the ashram residents but only speaks about the office bearers of the society and their appointment, removal etc. Kindly throw light on this…..

anand   08 April 2008 at 18:09

Rented property

I stay since last forty years in rented property and recently my landlord sale the said property.
And new landlord says vacant the property they are convert to above property in Shopping mall.
Todays that property value is too much. So what our rights and what we do.
and how to stop that property in convert to Mall.

anand   08 April 2008 at 18:05

Rented property

I stay since last forty years in rented property and recently my landlord sale the said property.
And new landlord says vacant the property they are convert to above property in Shopping mall.
Todays that property value is too much. So what our rights and what we do.
and how to stop that property in convert to Mall.