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Dwij   07 July 2008 at 20:27

Incorporation of a new company


I have filled Form 1A for name approval with me and my brothers as director.

It got rejected due to several reasons.

Now I want to change the Directors from me and my brother to me and my dad.

Along with this, I would be changing the type of business this company will be doing.

I have paid Rs 500 as a fee for this form already.

Do I need to file a new application since I am changing the director's name ? I have already tried twice and so I am left with one more try with this 500 rupees of mine.

Please suggest. Thanks.


KamalNayanSaxena   07 July 2008 at 18:15


Is there any period of limitation to file application before Distt. Magistrate to obtain physical possession after issuing notice under S. 13(2) of the Act?

Should the SARFAESI COURT i.e. court of DM issue notice to borrower?

Please refer citations.

nikita   07 July 2008 at 17:38

no proper will n uncles runnin their monopoly

my father expired when i was only 12 yrs.after that my grandfather lost his strength.n no proper wil was made.even my granfather expired in grandfather had 4 sons n 2 daughters. all well-settled.we have a house in which two resides in ground floor n other two wid their family in 1st floor. they ve captured grandfather's n mther's room after mt grandmother's death in 2006.they r well settled n use 1st floor very wel n r not allowin 2 us 2 use da ground floor according to our requirements. v even doubt if they ve a forge papers. how to handle my father expired they r least bothered n ve no fear.i dont e1 ve a elder brother.pls help!   07 July 2008 at 17:22

Property given on rent

Can any1 please tell we have one shop given to person 20yrs back on a declaration dat he will to sewing work in half part of shop. he was regular in payment of rent. And since he has no income we never asked him to he dnt do his sewing work there but not ready to relese my shop. he is senior citizen.what step we can take?

varunraj   07 July 2008 at 16:33

what to do for legal procedure?

i got married and separated in the first month itself.we settled all her belongings and the permenent alimony as they asked for 1lac.It has been entered in an agreement paper as we both accepted for mutual separation(that also mentioned in that agreement paper) and both the sides are signed with witnesses.But they are threatning("will not cooperate") and demanding more money now as i want to legally divorce her.we dont have kids also.Now we are separated for 7yrs and did not proceed with anything legally.But they are advertising in the matrimonial page for her's second marriage without legally divorced.What can I do?.it seems they least bather about legal divorce n making me also suffering in this.Kindly help me regarding this.

ajay kumar   07 July 2008 at 15:48

IPC 420,406

i need your help in this matter.
i am using some cards of many banks from last 4-5 years, I had made all my payments on time but due to some dispute in some cards and sudden financial crisis i not able to make payment since last 1-2 years against my credit card bank has filed criminal cases u/s 420,406 ipc.

When I spoke to the bank they said that I have given false documents for Credit Card Application......sir let me know that if the documents were forged then how could have bank have issued me the card and why till last year when they were receiving the payments I was not a fraud.

Is the bank doing right ,what remedy do i have please help me out sir

rimpy chaudhary   07 July 2008 at 14:03

information technology

hello friends...
i just want to know whether a practicising lawyer can maintain his/her own websites containing all the informations about his profession/practice.. and if this is permitted by law what are the legal formalities which has to be complied with for maintaining the website.


rimpy chaudhary

Dr.Gaurang N. Gandhi   07 July 2008 at 11:03

Weighbridge Rules And regulations

What are the basic rules and Regulations the owner of weighbridge should follow!

Murugesh   07 July 2008 at 09:06

Assets Transfer

We have two project in India in different places ( One in Gujarat another in Kochin ).
And now we want to transfer the office assets ( like Computer, Furniture etc ) to Kochin project from Gujarat and the book value of the Assets almost '0'.

Please tell us that what are the documentation need for this transfer, any Tax / Legal implication is there or not?

Ladhu Ram Chowdhary   07 July 2008 at 06:50

Claim u/s 163A

Sec.163A&166 m.w.Act-Scope in relativity -Whether the provisions contained in sec.163A & 166 Provide for the differentmodes and whether these two modes can be simultaneously invoked ?