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22 October 2018

Environment being our only home needs to be chastened.The only way to make it so is to make it what it is supposed to be "lush green" with ofcourse crystal clear water bodies. As humans we are not doing any help but constantly degrading our home.
And i am done watching devastation around. I am an engineering student working in energy sector to harness pollution free energy. Being done with everything going wrong with my home makes me sick.
I have decided to legally sue these mercyless fools and save environment with best of my efforts. And for that i want to practice environmental can i pursue any law course which would help me catering my intentions? Llb would be much hectic and time consuming. Other than llb, is there any course of less time period to become lawyer?

Guest (Expert)
23 October 2018

if you want to be advocate and practice in court must have valid law and internship with a lawyer .if you dont want to go to court ,you can be lawyer outside and make great contribution. Learn more about environment. there are good lawyers to help you if you need to go to court.If you have local nuisance complain to Municipal commissioner or take him to magistrate court .already law is there under Cr PC for intervention and even collector has powers as magistrate .For larger issues file PIL with sessions court or High court with requirement s of PIL fulfilled. One individual cant file PIL.

A. A. JOSE (Expert)
23 October 2018

No legal qualification is imperative for you to become an Environmental Activist please.

Guest (Expert)
23 October 2018

Prasanna sir i dont agree .BCI has made it official that 1.5 lawyers are fake in India. Status of universities is so bad .i know being part of university system . fake degrees are obtained,.students hardly attend classes. Their communication skills and writing is so bad. No one wants to work hard except a few students . Not only entrance exams should be made more tough but licence should be renewable every 7 years after seeing performance courts retesting of knowledge thoroughly and clients complaints received . lawyers is not supposed to fleece and drag cases .One who looses case consistently beyond a ratio should be thrown out or who takes too many adjournments beyond specified point. In India law degree was least preferred since last 60 years and quality of pass outs was not upto mark.Even now correspondence universities and many private universities give law degree as a exchange for fee only. Students form pun jab go to ganganagar to get law degree. why ?You know it .The legal profession is also corrupted like general decay in society which is unfortunate. Quality and not quantity is important. Clients are daily fleeced openly and harmed by half studied cases prepared by incompetent lawyers . In name of court Khercha Is client fool not to understand that on every paper issued there by court beers written fee 5 or 10 or 20 rupees and it is nexus of loot going even in courts which are supposed to control all this as they are temples of justice. And watchdog of Constitution and human rights. Only good capable and honest people should be allowed to practice .Government should liberalize advocate act and civil procedure court to allow any power of attorney who is master level mature pron to represent his friend ,relative or colleague in court if he wants .Monopoly has to be broken like in any field industry or university .Why we are not doing this ? These licences and security cover provided often by money power and recommendation is doing big harm to society and spreading corruption. I have been writing form my forum for legal reforms since years like thousands like me and many changes have taken place in law. but very small part as lawyers themselves become obstruction and come on roads. but how long people will be fooled.

Vishwajeet Kharade (Querist)
04 November 2018

Is there anything like Environmental lawyer in India? Or it comes under some specific law area.

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