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A. A. JOSE's Expert Profile

Queries Replied : 1225

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    What kinds of questions I can and can't answer?
    Civil, Electricity Laws & Enactments, Labour Laws, Arbitration matters, Enviromental laws, company law, Management subjects, Industrial Laws, Administrative Laws, Contractual matters, Criminal Law, Consumer Protection Laws, Trade Marks,etc

    My area of expertise
    Electricity Laws, Civil & Criminal Laws, Management Consultancy, Legal Consultancy

    My experience in the area (years):
    25 years

    Organizations I belong to:
    Freelance Legal Professional.

    Publications or writing which has appeared :

    Educational credentials:
    LL.M.,MBA., Post Graduate Diplomas in HRM.,Industrial Relations & Personal Management.,Labour Laws & Practice.

    Award & Honors:

  • Divya Sharma says : AIBE & State Advocate upper age limit
    Hello, I will be turning 27 on May 2021. I need guidance regarding the upper age limit to appear for AIBE. 1) If I go for a 3 year LLB course now (or a 5 year one) and upon graduation choose not to appear for AIBE or register as an advocate, will I be able to do so 30 years down the line? The reason being, as soon as I complete my LLB, I want to clear my UPSC and become an IAS officer. I want to go back to practicing law after I retire

  • Member (Account Deleted) says :
    respected, if a person who is not married only had sex chat with a married girl with her consent on a social networking site. and they both never met. and the chat was only for 2 days is this any offence committed by that boy?if her husband finds that chat can it be any harm to that boy? who never met her.

  • DR SURESHA G says : Property Issue
    Dear Sirs I have a quiery . I will appreciate if the club members give their valuable opinion . My meternal Grand father is Late H Sanna Somappa Died in March 1975 My Grand Mother is Late Gangamma Died in June 1997 They have 10 childrens 1.H S Hanumanthappa -Died in March 1985 at the age of 52 years -Married 1955 2. H S Parvathamma Alive - with 3 Childrens age 72 years as of 2015-Married 1956 3. H S Revanasiddappa Died in 2004 at the age of 62 years - 3 Childrens (1 Expired ) -Married in 1966 4. H S Nagarajappa Died in 1996 at the age of 51 years - 5 Childrens Married in 1966 5.H S Jayamma Died in 2012 at the age of 66 years -5 Childrens (1 expired ) Married in 1959 6 H S Heggappa Died in 2006 at the age of 59 years -5 Childrens Married in 1968 7. H S Sharadamma Died in 2009 at the age of 60 years -4 Childrens Married in 1966 8. H S Bharamakka Alive age 64 years -3 Childrens Married in 1966 9. H S Rathnamma Alive age 63 years -2 Childrens Married in 1970 10 H S Gangamalamma Alive age 61 years -4 Childrens Married in 1975 Late H Sanna Somappa had property as follows 1.56 Acres of Irrigated land in Hale Kunduvada Davanagere City Carporation . Which is worth of 56 Crores as of 2015 property value 2. Khana Koppalu in Hale Kunduvada Davanagere City Carporation . Which is worth of one Crores as of 2015 property value 3. Houses in Hale Kunduvada Davanagere City Carporation . Which is worth of 50 lakhs as of 2015 property value The above three properties are distributed only among 4 male childrens 1,3,4 and 6 in 1980 ignoring the female childrens The legal heirs of 1,3,4 and 6 sold few properties The quiery is Is there any chance of getting shares for 2,5,7,8,9 and 10 Daughters of Late sanna Somappa (The alive and the legal heirs of deceased) If so could you please advise how to approach Awaiting the response from the member friends Dr Suresha s/o Late H S Sharadamma .(7th legal heir of Late Sanna Somappa)

  • RAJU O.F., says :
    Sir, I remember you were within first 10 in the list. Presume, now a days you do not reply much. Happy to see your replies again. Adv. RAJU O.F.,(Settled in Chennai)

  • ANSARI IMTIYAZ AHMED says : salary & benefits in lieu of notice period
    Sir, I am working in a MNC company, manufacturing industrial equipments in state of Gujarat for last 17 years. I quit my job as GM-sales, on 13.05.14 by giving email notice for period of 3 months. Notice period of 3 months is required as per revised company policy announced in Jan 14. Now company wants to relieve me early effective 1st July. They told me about it verbally in June last week and have sent statement by email saying it is full and final settlement on 02.07.14. They have collected my laptop in last week of June, and I am not attending office from 01.07.14 ( I work from home and my office is my home ). They have not given any thing in writing about their intent to relieve except F & F statement by email. In this statement, one part is lump sum amount given as notice pay beside other amounts like June salary, leave encashment. Company is not giving breakup of notice pay as to what is included in it and TDS, PF etc deducted. I specifically wrote to HR person who sent me statement and asked him whether the notice pay includes benefits. They just keep repeating it is as per policy and are refusing to provide even breakup of notice pay. From the amount stated in statement for notice pay, it is very clear that it does not include benefits like HRA, conveyance allowance, telephone allowance, medical allowance, other allowance, LTA. Questions I have is ; Am I entitled to above benefits for remaining part ( 01.07 to 12.08 ) of notice period or not ? My argument with them is that these benefits I would have earned any way, had I been working during the full notice period. So if they want to relieve early they would have to pay full salary with all benefits which I would have earned while working during this period. Is company right to force me to accept early relieving ? ( I remember having seen your one reply in forum that Supreme Court ruled that employee shall be allowed to serve full notice period. Please confirm ) I do not want to get relieved early since I planned to join another company in October only. I have told company that if you want to relieve me early you will have to pay me full salary with all benefits in lieu of balance notice period. They have not communicated that they are relieving me on 31.06, neither I have signed / written any thing that I accept their relieving me early. Company has never issued any policy to us which say that company is not required to pay benefits in this situation. I have checked my appointment letter, confirmation letter etc. Am I right to ask for breakup of notice pay ? Is company not obliged to tell what is deduction they have made towards PF, TDS, professional tax ? Am I not entitled for other benefits like PF, gratuaty and superannuation for period 01.07 to 12.08 ? Thgese I would have earned had I been working during this period. Please some how tell where on this website I will find answer to these queries. My email ID is izahmed2002@yahoo.co.in ; 8879824330 Regards, IMTIYAZ

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