22 September 2020 at 10:06

Daughter rights in partioned property

Dear sir/madam,
Recently supreme court clarified ⏬
“However, in exceptional cases where plea of oral partition is supported by public documents and partition is finally evinced in the same manner as if it had been affected by a decree of a court, it may be accepted,” the Bench held.

1) if ancestors property partition done in the year of 1999, before amendment 2005. Mutation done and Khata/Phani also transferred to brother's name.
2) some of properties are sold after 2005 by brother's.
3) father alive, and supporting daughter to claim ancestors property.

I want to know if partition suite filled in the year of 2013. And now it's in FDP stage daughter will get property rights or not

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My father died 3 years back without will and my mother is not sharing his property details his PF fixed deposits even she withdraw money after his death from his account .I have one sister and one brother also .So please guide how can i know about the flats and plots he owned and bank deposits and also FD on my name which my mother dont want to share with me .Be cause i need to claim my share according to the law which given rights of equal share to daughters.Please guide.

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Hi Experts,
The company of my husband has provided the wrong details to the court that he has left the job. But, when I investigated, I got to know that he is still working in the same company.
Accordingly, I informed to the court and put one application to direct to the employer of my husband to provide the certified copy of his resignation, reliving letter, and Full & final settlement copy form the company. Then, the court refused to take my application and returned and asked me to file RTI into the company. I told the court that RTI is not applicable to the private sector. But he denied taking my application on record. Then I asked the court to reject the application if it is not tenable. But still, he did not pass any order.
Under these circumstances, please let me know, Can the court direct to the company of my husband to provide the documents on record or not?
Thanks in advance...

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30 September 2019 at 18:31

Order 22

I want clear explanation about consequences of death of one of several defendants in a suit, what is mean by 'right to sue' survives as stated in order 22. when suit is abated, need clear interpretation.

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18 August 2019 at 14:02

Blank Cheque given for security deposit

In 2016-17, I had submitted one blank cheque to one of my business associate to get registered and work as vendor for them in Bihar. They have given me work order and we both signed a work agreement in which it is mentioned that they will provide us materials for work execution (cheque was taken against materials only). Payment term says that they will pay 70% of the Bill every month and rest will be paid after client JMC and reconciliation of the material. There is arbitration clause in the end of the agreement as well.
We stared working and completed our project. The company asked me to return back the materials which where left according to their book, they claimed of around 140000/- value material was pending at me. I humbly submitted all the belonging available with me which even was not in their book which shows their book was not properly updated. After submitting all materials when I asked for my payment and reconciliation statement, nothing was given to me.
Meanwhile company has closed it's office from my district in Bihar and now working at Buxer.
Today on dated 18.08.2019, I have received one Notice claiming to return materials worth 600000/- within 10 days otherwise they will put my cheque for encashment failing to which they will file case of cheque dishonor. I have all supportive documents which proves that there is no materials pending with me and even my payment is outstanding on them.
Please advise me what to do? Will it come under sec 138 if the cheque gets dishonored?
Nishant Pandey

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How to prevent commercial gym running in residential property.

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10 May 2019 at 20:50


HI Experts,
Please reply to my query.

Facts- The plot admeasuring approximately 400 square was alloted by Municipal Corporation to Mr. A under a scheme, later the said plot was transferred by Mr. A to Mr. B with all the permissions and necessary requirements. Today as per Municipal Records Mr. B is the holder of the plot and is having lawful possession of it. Mr. B also constructed Ground plus three floors on the said plot. In year 2008 Mr. B died leaving behind his legal heirs. The Municipal corporation transferred the said plot Mr. B's wife. In year 2016-2017 wife of Mr. B allowed (orally) her brother (say Mr. C) to reside at her place for temporary period, later the Mr. C taking wrongful advantage of the health issues of B's wife, captured all the three floors except ground. Mr. C also rented the said premises to third parties without any knowledge to B's wife, even after number of requests Mr. C is not vacating the premises and instead of leaving the premises he is threatening them. B's wife and her son approached nearest local police, but instead of taking action against C police registered the offence of trespass against the B's wife and his son.

1. How to restore the possession of the said three floors?
2. What are the provisions available in Civil as well as Criminal law against the C?

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16 February 2019 at 23:40

Fake cheque bounce case registered

Someone has registered the fake bounce case on me.I have signed a sulahnama with that person regarding the close of case registered but infront of judge he neglects and says that he has not signed any sulahnama.Now what can i do?

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08 February 2019 at 18:37


Whether a case can be filed in consumer form by home buyer if he has made a complaint in RERA?

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