Hello Sir, our Landlord(developer) has made PAA with us in 2008 to provide ownership flats after redevelopment of our Pagdi property. No money is involved at all in this deal. Till date building has not became ready, when we demanded delay penalty, he said he will give, but suddenly started asking us to pay GST on rehab component which was never ever discussed in lifetime. Can he charge us GST ? Kindly help us with a your reply in light with relevant provisions of GST Act. Thanks.

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15 April 2020 at 16:51

House tax

Before Lock down I had purchased free hold residential plot with in nagar nigam limits.but intend to build after one year hence,question is would I have to pay house tax for vacant plot ,second will the area circle rate be also applicable on open/vacant plot?

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01 August 2019 at 10:14

Tds 194b refund possible?

I have no other income and morethan five lakh loss so TDS full claim or half claim possible?

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26 March 2019 at 22:13

Transfer of property to my wife

I am the owner of ancestral property having house and shop and paying tax on rental income from shop. Can I transfer my property ( both houses and shop) to my wife and two minor children. Also who is liable to pay tax on rental income from shop after that

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12 December 2018 at 19:19


Some gifts given in engagement to boy and family members in cash and kinds by father of girl he is also willing to gift a residential area please advise me what is taxable and what is not to what extent

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A well settled Hindu family of over 11 generations from West Bengal engages internally in an annual religious festival for 240+ years. Over the years, as the family grew, the finances passed down from previous generations got distributed and at present were derived from interest incomes on normal fixed deposit accounts distributed among several family members so as not to affect individual tax liabilities(A mutual agreement). Due to the complexities of present time and involvement of a lot of members, the arrangement has proved extremely unmanageable to maintain with the required integrity by the current generation leading to various disagreements and problems diluting the actual intentions.

A motion was proposed among the stake holders to liquidate the existing distributed arrangement and form a centralized arrangement for effectively managing and sourcing funds. The income of this setup will be through internal contributions/donations among the family members and interest income from that. What options are available for the stake holders to legally operate only for the said religious purpose and what tax liabilities will be imposed.

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10 August 2018 at 08:01


Hlo Sir ... now a days I am pursuing b.ALlb from Agra university.i want to do practicing in taxation plz could uh tell me can I do training of taxation bcoz now I�m under in Ist year of B.Allb

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Respected All,

Can anyone let me know whether issuing C Form in Telangana is not allow, in case final product manufactured ,is exempt from VAT & CST.

P Lease quote any case law.


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My employer wants me to sign an agreement which has a stipulation that " The X shall be solely liable for the payment of past, present and future central, state and local levies, direct and indirect taxes, duties if any..."

Q. How do I avoid liability for PAST transactions? Is there any section or provision under contract Act which can come to my aid. That such a clause/ stipulation if incororated wrt past liability which has not culminated would become void because of uncertainity etc.

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Please inform whether the fees waiver granted to Teacher's children is taxable under Income Tax Act as perquisite in the hands of Teacher and is there any limit on the no. of children. What is the amount to be added for the purpose of Tax.

Similarly whether the fees waiver granted to poor children is taxable in the hands of their parents.

Are there any cases decided on the issue.

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