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Queries Participated

F K AHMED   17 June 2013 at 12:41

Contradiction in charge sheet

In a specific case the charge sheet says that out of 496 MT of Bitumen supplied the Goverment received only 160 MT and hence the Govenment was defrauded of 336 MT of Bitumen. The same charge sheet goes on to say that the suppliers raised a bill of only 191 MT on the Government for the Bitumen supplied. The charge sheet does not confirm the amount paid by the government. Logically if a bill of 191 MT was raised and 161 supplied the government could have been defrauded to a maximum of 31 MT. Please let me know how this anamoly will affect the case. Thanks.

maina   15 June 2013 at 20:52

Reconcile after 498a and dv

My husband asked me to withdraw DV and 498a case and said that he want to stay with me.he told first i have to withdraw all cases and he also withdraw his divorce petition then we will stay together.My lawyer asked him to sign general MOU without any allegations then he refused for the same and said that trust me, i will not cheat u and we will stay together once i withdraw both cases.he is not ready for any written commitment but he just convinced me that we will stay together.he asked for blind trust from my side.
please suggest me what should i do?if i withdraw cases without any written commitment then what will the disadvantage for me.i am afraid for if he refused to get me back at his home after case withdraw then what will be the option for me legally?

Also please let me know the correct procedure to withdraw 498a and DV case.
please suggest .....

Bruce Shiv   15 June 2013 at 17:19

Divorce & false 498

I am a foreigner, 2 & a half years ago I filed for divorce against my Indian wife who filed a false 498 & attempted myrder against me which I was acquitted of after my ex admitted to the learned Judge (her words exactly) "due to cultural differences she filed a false FIR"?????
My 2 questions are;
1. Is my Australian obtained Divorce now valid in India? (I was married in India)
2. Is it worth to persue criminal charges against this monster for filing a false FIR??
Thank You

abhishek baj   14 June 2013 at 15:47

Ni act 138 chq bounce as for insufficient fund

well I did chq bunce case for two cheques as I sold goods ,the accused tell sthat he gvave chq for security deposit and he didn't got any notice and and he also closed the defnce for the both cases and my cross for both chq has done ,but wedidnt got any chance to cross the accused ,and now my both casesarefor final hearing ,so wht it means and wht should we do now or is ther any ruling to strength my cases or wht can v think that willhappen nowin my cases,pls reply early as my date is of 16 june 2013

Sanju Krishnan   14 June 2013 at 14:07

Ipc 420 & 417

I ve been falsely booked under IPC 417, 420 by a girl whom i hardly know. She got acquainted thru a social site and she was hurryin things like love and marriage. She played a drama and made me believe she loves me. I was believing her but i had t confirm who she really is. Then started to know her intention. I broke off. She insisted that i should marry her, used rowdies to threaten me, i didn't accept. Later i was called to Women Police station saying i have raped her and cheated her of Rs. 8laks and refusing to marry her. I was remanded and served in jail, cause i dint get AB or Bail after that for 12 days.

She is politically strong and should ve bribed the police as they were not at all ready to hear my opinion. I come from a decent background and have done my MBA from a reputed college. They were blind folded by her money. I lost all my name both personally and professionally.

Its been one year now. Nothing happened after that, she tried to apologise and make me her husband, i ignored her. Now i am willing to close this case. There is no chargesheet filed yet and i don know where she is. Thru a private detective i came to know that she is in the business of blackmailing guys.

Now, after 2yrs the police has chargesheeted and it contains only the statement of the lady. She is still in the hide and even police are able to trace her. They are asking me to help to find her. But i have no idea abt her.

I am going to court every month, so far 6 times. every time the date gets extended, but nothing moved. My Advocate insisted the magistrate to expedite the case.

I m ,now, married with a one yr old kid. My future looks bleak. Not able to take up new job or plan anything.

(Before filing the chargesheet, APP called me personally and said he will make the chargesheet weak and close the case in few hearings if i pay him. I refused, since i was sure tht thr is no evidence against me, the case itself is weak. The actual charge sheet is without any evidence or proof or witness)

Please suggest me, what should i do to come out clean. I know its quite hard to explain in detail all the nitty gritty. I request you to advice me on the next course of action. Somehow I have managed to hide this issue from our relatives or friends. Please help me to come out of this problem.

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