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Anonymous   17 August 2023 at 11:08

Can car sale affidavit on rs.10 stamp protect the seller?

My father who died 3 years back had a car. My mother sold that car a few days back. The car's RC is still in my father's name .While selling the car, my mother and buyer signed the car sell affidavit on stamp paper with thumb impressions.
It was mentioned in the affidavit that from the date of purchase the buyer is responsible for the accident, etc.
Now the problem is that the buyer of the car is delaying the RC transfer.
Q1)I want to know that if someone has an accident or a criminal offense with that car, will I or my mother have any problem with it? Can my mother be convicted by law?
Q2)A few days back, the buyer of the car is telling us that he will get the car transferred to his son's name. If the car's RC is transferred in the name of another person who is different from the one who had signed the affidavit, can it lead to legal problems for my mother in future?

Siraj udeen   14 August 2023 at 22:43


My query relates to a document registered in 1957

Following a proper application submitted by the husband, the sub registrar had then visited the home of applicant’s ailing wife to register a Power of attorney. After satisfactory verification ( registrar has a clear noting on document itself) and confirmation from witnesses the document was registered but there is no corresponding entry in fingerprint register maintained by SRO. Can someone now claim the registration as fraud due to missing fingerprint entry in register. Is there any time limitation applicable.


Anonymous   13 August 2023 at 16:02

Unreliable service the savi law firm civil lines,allahabad

Hello Laywer,

I'm writing to issue a serious warning about Advocate Vimal Kumar Pandey and Sakshi Jaiswal's firm, The SAVI Law Firm in Civil Lines, Allahabad. I engaged their services, paid a significant amount for my case, and now they have completely cut off communication.

Calls, messages, and emails go unanswered. It's been six months of frustration and anxiety, with no progress on my case. It's apparent that they are taking money without delivering the promised services.

This lack of accountability is absolutely unacceptable. If you value your time, money, and legal matters, stay far away from The SAVI Law Firm and their representatives, Advocate Vimal Kumar Pandey and Sakshi Jaiswal. I urge others to avoid the same distressing situation I'm facing.

Elsie Cook   13 August 2023 at 04:54

I was able to recovery my money back

I found good reviews about them here. it turned out to be a ruse and a facade. they kept promising but nothing happened to my with drwl so they cut off all communication. Silence went on for months as i was looking for a way to get it back i had no idea, had to keep digging until i gοt ADAMWILSON.TRADING@CONSULTANT.COM. And it was good and last week i started getting my reffund and i hope and pray they get too the benefits.

Shaik Manzoor   12 August 2023 at 00:47

Housing society for maintenance registration under 2001

This is regarding cancellation of society registered under 2001 Act.
My Society is doing maintenance of Gated Community Apartment but its registered under 2001 Act.
The case is pending with Division bench in Telangana High Court.
Any experienced lawyer in similar case wants to take up the case.
Please contact.

Anonymous   11 August 2023 at 21:31

Transfer of property act

How much is court fee for filing original petition under Section 83 of transfer property Act ,under what provision of court fees Act?

Anonymous   11 August 2023 at 13:57

Graveyard and garbage dump - construction

Hello Sir,

I bought plot in 2020 at Chennai outskirt which comes under cmda limit.
There are 300 Plots both in phase and phase 2 and few couple of residents are there already and few constructing houses, ad expecting atleast 100 plus houses nearby year.

Now, we encounter that local panchayat is building graveyard within 90 meters from our premises and also heard that garbage dump also is going to come.

The land promoter not even conveyed us and says he is not aware of it, Pls guide us what to do in this scenario to stop the burial ground and garbabge. right now we filed rti but the process is stll going. Kindl advise


Anonymous   11 August 2023 at 10:00

Demanding a hindi translator

When presenting appeal in supreme court can we demand and pray for a translator to put our argue clearly in court at out own cost ?

Anonymous   11 August 2023 at 09:47

Can we correct a will deed using correction ink/whitener

My doubt is whether a will deed be corrected by striking out a sentence/word with a pen or using a correction ink/whitener ? do the testator have to sign the places where the corrections were made?

Bao Chen   09 August 2023 at 04:00

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