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Anonymous   06 May 2023 at 02:48

All academic original documents

One of my friend taken my all original documents (SSLC to BE all are original include birth certificate and bank passbook) since last one year he is harrassing like today, Tommorow, day after Tommorow and I'm not available etc . Because of that I lost my job, my career and my strength also Can anyone suggest what can I do

Amit   06 May 2023 at 02:36

Educational documents

One of my friends

Anonymous   27 April 2023 at 21:44

I need solution to this problem

MOOT PROBLEM SADHANA, an NGO V. Union of India and Others Five people were hit by a blue Volkswagen car in the state of Samata Pradesh, Union of India on February 12, 2009. The initial testimonies and a 20-minute film recorded next morning led the police to conclude that the hit-and-run was caused by three young drunk men. These three people were Siddhanth, Manik and the alleged driver Sanjeev, who is the grandson of a former General of the Indian Army, and son of a well known arms dealer. This case came into lime light and caused public uproar on the evening of 25th July, 2009, when two senior advocates – Mr. Khanna, who was the Special Public Prosecutor in the case and Mr. Arun the advocate defending the main accused Sanjeev, son of the former Navy Chief, were shown by PKTV channel allegedly influencing the eyewitness Sunil. The video recording showed the defence lawyer and Sunil getting into a car where they talk of money and of changing testimony. The videos also show a common meeting between the prosecution and the defence lawyer and Sunil where they were trying to persuade him to change his statement and were offering him Rs. 5 crores for the same. ‘SADHANA’, an NGO filed a PIL in the Supreme Court questioning the sting operation and the ‘trail by media’, contending that responsibility of the media is to maintain professional standards by evolving a self-regulatory mechanism, and the sting operation is inconsistent with the freedom of the press. In the PIL the petitioner complained of the impropriety of intruding into the privacy of the people, especially in the absence of stringent laws protecting the privacy in the country. Main contentions of the Petitioner are: 1. Sting operations amount to contempt of court as they deal with matters sub judice and attempt to influence the minds of judges. 2. Sting operations intrude upon the privacy of a person and hence they are not covered by the freedom of speech which covers freedom of press under the Constitution of the country. They are also violative of Art. 12 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948. 3. Sting operations temp, if not force, someone to commit a crime and encourage law breaking which is unacceptable. It is suggested by the Petitioner that in the event of such sting operations being found constitutional, still they should be allowed only against public servants that too when they are on duty, and further that the media should take prior permission for conducting such operations on the grounds that it would amount to pre-censorship. The matter is posted for final hearing. Counsels are expected to prepare memorandums for Petitioner

Read more at: https://www.lawyersclubindia.com/experts/moot-problem-please-help--236541.asp

haran light   24 April 2023 at 11:49

Educational loan - harassments by reliance arc

My Cousin got a educational loan (Rs 330000) from SBI in 2008 for her Master degree. But disbursed amount is only Rs. 305000. Everything in her Father name. The bank employee told there is a insurance for the loan. But no document provided.

She completed her degree in 2010 and once she got job she paid 4000 to 10000 whenever and whatever possible. After her marriage also she paid some amount like this. In 2015 the NEFT payment to Education loan account rejected she stopped NEFT and planning to enquire the home branch when she visit native. But her father expired in the next month and she forgot the things. She tried NEFT once again and forgot as she don't have a job after that.

Suddenly last February Reliance ARC called her for the loan and telling they are now responsible for collecting the loan amount. There is no communication from Bank from 2015 regarding loan and transfer to Reliance ARC. Also no communication from Reliance ARC also. Now they are threatening she has to pay almost Rs 1000000.
Will file a case, update in CIBIL, write to a government office where she working as temporary employee how can they give job etc. Also threatening her husband's loan will also affect.

Loan sanctioned amount Rs .330000
Disbursed Amount Rs. 305000
Now as per RARC need to pay Rs 1000000
Total she paid including Govt. subsidy - Rs 220000

Also as her father expired the insurance which took for loan there is no information from RARC. She want to check with SBI on insurance but RARC is pushing to take decision on payment soon we cannot wait.

Anonymous   19 April 2023 at 20:18

Cast certificate

Mere cast certificate me village vari post nibi vari hona chahiye
3AD3but my certificate vari nibi dv me documents jama kiye joining ke bad verification me problem

Anonymous   19 April 2023 at 20:12

Cast certificate

Mere cast certificate me village vari post nibi vari but my certificate vari nibi dv me documents jama kiye joining ke bad verification me problem

Anonymous   08 April 2023 at 09:59

Not giving original certificates

Hello sir

myself Trivikram from Andhra Pradesh, i studied Btech in the academic year 2017-2021 , i was cleared all the dues in my college .

i asked my certifictes back which iam submitted at joining time .but the college management didnot responding properly ,so many times i called to the staff and once i approached the head oofice also which belongs to our college they are also helpless ,i got so much mental disturbance and irritated by college staff behaviour .
please anyone help me to way out of these.
Thank You

Mythra   21 March 2023 at 21:18

About ews family income

I am unmarried and not working...To obtain EWS certificate how i should calculate my family income.
My father is retired teacher and has icome of around 3.5 lakh..
My brother crossed 18 year age and unmarried and working in some private company..
Do my brother income get counted.

Shivani Jadaun   19 March 2023 at 11:11

Correction in my surname in college record

Hii my name is Shivani Jadaun but in my college record it's Shivani Jadaun ' a inverted comma is there It's my 6 th sem of my Bsc and the error is found by me in 4 th sem will I request to changed it or can a affidavit fix this problem Will this mistake give me trouble in future during my documents verification please give some advice

Anonymous   17 March 2023 at 20:28

Martominal issue

I have been married since 2018 and we are living jointly but before few year my wife start using bad language against me like .dog .scoundrels. Bihari. Black dog.your space is under my foot. she theft money from my pockets many time.she tortured me by police .by unknown persons .and by his uncel who is in police .she is chating with unknown persons .on whats app.face book.and other ways .she is not satisfying to reside with me we have one male baby of age 3years and 11 months .and presently she is pregnant of 7/8 months .my father law trues to murder me and second case was same . she imposed false illegation upon me like mehar amount is unpaid .I snatched all orniments from my wife .baby is 2 .1/2 Years . I beat my wife .taunt my wife .by force when police tourterd me they took statement from me that live separate from parents .and I went gor separate .and now I am separate .my sakery is 60000+I am simple petition writer .I have of all then where is law if I complaint against asi senior police authority didn't paud action . I understand it like law is puppet for police beciz I went second time to concern police station .police officer told me what are doing here and y are here get out from here .beciz he is police .and they can impose fake illegation on me beciz I am civil I told my wife where from you are taking these thing . I want to the answer from you I faced 6+disputes from wife .why if law is only for males .then throw me behind bars . justice is impossible for me beciz police aur aurat k pass kanoon nahi hai .ab dar lagta hai mere bewe ne muje zehar da k mara tab ilzaam mere parents pay aayae ga.mere mukdama suno aur insaaf karo

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