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Anonymous   10 June 2022 at 18:31

Gpa document not with seller

We want to purchase a house from seller but seller does not have GPA from 1st owner.
Party A and B sold the property to party C but sale deed is done by Party A in 2000. Then party C sold the same property to party D in 2013 (which is current seller). Now we want to purchase the house from party D. But party D does not have GPA from party B.

We need GPA for loan approval.

RAHUL Singh   07 June 2022 at 21:22

Lost stamp duty receipt

Hi, i had taken home loan in 2017 from Indiabulls for flat in housing society in Mumbai. Since they were charging really High interest inspite of request they dint reduce so I chose to do Balance Transfer (BT) to Punjab National Bank recently. After necessary formalities, PNB issued foreclosure cheque to indiabulls...and few days the original documents were made available which was checked & collected by PNB person. However after 1 week i now got mail that following documents missing /needed.

1) ( Builder to first party ) Needed Original Lodgement Receipt with regard to aforesaid agreement of Registered Agreement for Sale dated 18.04.1991 (P-5692-1991)

2) (first party to second party ) needed Original Stamp Duty Receipt of the aforesaid agreement of Registered Agreement for Sale dated 23.04.2002 (BDR-4-2632-2002)

So i went back to indiabulls and they said all documents as per LOD ( List of documents) were handed to you/ PNB and you had checked surely. So there is nothing left with them. So now old advise what should I do?

Anonymous   02 June 2022 at 00:14

Deed of rectification for deed presented for registration

Dear experts,

I need your advise on following case.

1) I presented a sale deed for registration at Sub-registrar office in December, 2021. However, sub-registrar issued a notice of deficit of stamp duty to me and sent the sale deed to deputy collector of stamp duty valuation of the district to detect the market value of property and sub-registrar has not registered the sale deed yet.

2) After, we came to know about inadvertent mistakes in sale deed presented for registration in December 2021. Sale Deed presented for registration has not been registered yet and with deputy collector. May we present a Deed of Rectification to rectify the inadvertent mistake in sale deed presented for registration?

Annu   01 June 2022 at 10:35

Old aadhaar card validity after updation.

Dear Sir,
My wife has updated her name on aadhaar back to her name before marriage.This was on account of our differences wherein she left matrimonial home went to her parents,lodger FIR u/s 498A/406.
Few months later she withdrew her FIR before filing of chargesheet and since then has been living with me harmoniously.
now she wants to continue with her aadhaar after marriage as she has both aadhaar with same number and biometrics but with different surnames.
she cannot further update it as name change limit of 2 times is exhausted.
Can she use her old aadhaar with after marriage surname ? Is it legally valid?

sandeep A   28 May 2022 at 16:07

Supplimental deed format

Kindly share the format of supplimental deed for dividing land owner share of flats and developer share of flats

Atharva Upadhye   23 May 2022 at 13:01

Flat sale aggrement extension

We are trying to buy old flat in bangalore. we signed sale aggrement but it seems like we will not be able to register property before sale aggrement date.
Do we need to get extension document for this ? Also does this extension document needs to be notarized ?

Anonymous   30 April 2022 at 03:43

Power of attorney (poa)

Question 1. What is the validity of POA (made in Delhi), which does not have any clause/ condition stating its end date? Example If POA made in completed (stamp papers, duly signed etc.) in Jan 2022, can this be used in Jan 2025 (three years later) ?

Question 2. If the POA has been made outside of India then " it should be stamped and adjudicated within three months after receipt in India." What does this mean, as an additional Indian stamp papers need to be bought (depending upon which state)? . Request if the process is explained and then how long will it be valid?

Kunal Naik   25 April 2022 at 09:26

Digital franking done documents validity

Till when is the Digitally franking done documents valid up to?

shyam lal   17 April 2022 at 19:28


It is well understood that when one hires a Advocate to pursue a court case .a vakalatnama has to be signed in the advocates favour.
Query ....does this same apply for a Lawyer just to send or answer to a Legal notice?

Anonymous   15 April 2022 at 16:14

Rules governing change of name of land revenue records in ap

My father-in-law died intestate and he owns some lands in Andhra Pradesh which are ancestral in nature. The family member certificate issued by Tehsildar / MRO reflects deceased person's wife and two daughters name. The family members approached the concerned Tehsildar / MRO for change of revenue records in the joint names of three persons whose name appear in FMC but the Tehsildar is stating that he will transfer the Record of Right (ROR) / Patta only in the name of deceased's wife leaving out the two daughters.
Whether Tehsildar is in order in stating that?
Whether the deceased's wife will be able to sell the subject property without the knowledge of two daughters if in case such name transfer takes place in ROR exclusively in her name. Please clarify.


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