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Anonymous   29 August 2021 at 20:14

Property fraud

My father tried to purchase a flat of worth 21 lakhs for which he paid 17 lakhs and asked for registration but the owner denied and told will refund all amount. She gave cheques of the total amount which bounced and based on that we filed a complaint in district court under section 138. In the process she returned around 7 lakhs and remaining amount is still pending. Court has convicted her and asked to return back the remaining amount with interest. But still there is no response and police is not helping. She is freely roaming and living in the same region. What should we do? We want our money back

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Zeeshan   29 August 2021 at 10:39

What if permanent injuction suit of tenant was dismissed ?

As stated earlier.
My brother has a tenant whose rent agreement expired on 28/02/2021.
But before the expiry of the rent agreement, in January 2021, the tenant filed a suit for "permanent injunction" against my brother.

I already send him a legal notice before receiving summon of the "injunction petition."
The case is halted due to corona.

Now my query is:-
1. What happens if his injunction petition was dismissed? Can I get the possession automatically? Or do I have to file a counterclaim / case?
2. Can I file the counterclaim in reply of the injunction petition or not?

raju   28 August 2021 at 23:32

Call for documents

In pvt. Criminal complaint u/s 200 complaint examined and list of documents filed. There are some documents which are in power and possession of defendant. My query is that can record documents be called and allowed by court

Anonymous   28 August 2021 at 22:33


the adoption took place in the year 1970, but there is no records. After 30 years of the said alleged adoption, the deed of adoption is registered by the adopted son before the registering authority. whether it is permissible under law ?

Anonymous   28 August 2021 at 21:08

Guardian of a muslim minor except father and grandfather

Who is the legal guardian of a Muslim minor after the death of his father and paternal grand father?

Sumit Rajput (IN)   28 August 2021 at 20:44

Suit for eviction from property

A person allows a poor lady to stay in his property on the understanding that she will take care of the property and pay the electricity bills as and when required. He also transfer some money to her bank account for the construction of one room in the property. Now after 10 years he tell her to vacate the property but the lady first files a false complaint the local police station and then withdraws the same. Then she files a case in the court stating that she is tenant and there was a verbal agreement with owner for a rent on INR 1000 per month and she is a scheduled cast and should be allowed to stay in the property.
She pleads that she is regularly paying rent by cash and but has no receipt of payment, no rent agreement however she has receipts of payment of electricity bills. The owner of land is a 70 years old man. Now what remedy does he has with him.

Anonymous   28 August 2021 at 20:13

Protection of good samaritans and accident cases under ipc

As per new Motor Vehicle ACT amendment, under protection of good samaritans, if the accused took th injured to the hospital and provided him/her first aid, even though there is negligence of the accused, he is not liable for any civil or criminal proceedings. But still the accused is being booked and chargesheet is filed under IPC 337/338. Is the new amendment doesn't work this way? why still accused is being tried and prosecuted under these sections and they are still punished with imprisonment?

Sachin Dedhia   28 August 2021 at 12:01

In pagdi system can a tenant have 2 rooms at 2 different ola

In Pagdi system if a tenant has room in Dadar where they personally are not staying and some of their relative is staying as well as they themselves are staying at Dombivali.
What should be dine in this case.

Anonymous   28 August 2021 at 11:17

Title suit

My Nanaji did two marriages. From first wife there were two daughters and from second wife there was one daughter. After nanaji death. Partion of land was done between two wives in 10:6 ratio.
First wife sold some land during life and gave remaining property as gift Deed to second daughter with whom she was living.
The first daughter went for title suit and dragging the case for last 30 years. The case is in evidence stage now but they never turned up. After waiting for two years judge asked the defendant ( second daughter) to give evidence but things slowed down due to corona. The second daughter has also received early closure verdict from high court. The lower court judge never sits in office due to corona and case continues.
The first daughter also sold some land from gift Deed received by younger daughter during this period.
1. How the partition should happen between family
2. After request from high court to close the case soon long the case will continue. can it be done on daily basis if requested?
3. The second daughter also claimed that the money received from sell of land during life time was given to first daughter. Will it be considered by court or not. Or only land left after sell will be considered for partition

SANKET BAGADE   27 August 2021 at 21:18

Eligibility for govt exam who has faced ufm [cheating]

After a lot of year I got a Central government job. So there is a question in attestation form that... Have you ever been debarred from any university examination ? Yes/No ? I faced ufm(unfair means) in university exam during my college days will if affect my govt job now


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