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Jitendra Singh Chauhan   02 February 2018 at 13:13


I want to take divorce. What is the procedure.

Anonymous   02 February 2018 at 12:21

Notice under 138ni act

I Have Recived a summon from court of 138 ni act and have appointed a lawyer but lawyer has asked me not to come to court on the 1 st date he will ask for next date and should appear on that day before court is it possible

Dibakar Misra   02 February 2018 at 10:53

meternity act

I want to know the new meternity act is applicable for all private concern.

Anonymous   02 February 2018 at 09:34

Revert back to original name

My husband M.Jayaprakash has changed his name as M.Jeyaprakashram 2 years back in gezette. But we didn't change name in any of the government proofs.
Now he wants to keep his original name.

Still do we need to revert back the name in gezette?

If so please tell the procedure to be followed?

Also he needs to apply passport now. Can we apply now with the older name or can apply once the name is reverted back in gezette?


mdimr   02 February 2018 at 09:08

Execution decree , show cause notice

i have received a show cause notice from city civil court secunderabad, for execution of decree which is filed by bank.

Here i want to know , is this will be final summon (show cause notice) , after this decree will be awarded.

If attachment of property is awarded , can they attach the property of my father , brother . Or only the property
of mine will be took into possession.

Anonymous   02 February 2018 at 08:56

Girl friend intentionally filling complaint

Hi sir , I have a girl friend and we are in a relationship for 5 years . We knew that our parents won't agree so decided not to go against them and will try the best to convince them. Recently we had a small mis understanding and she blocked me I thought to keep quite as time heals everything and decide to talk after some days as if I talk immediately it will boost up the problem , now suddenly she comes and says that I cheated on her I did not turn up to her after the fight she says she will lodge a complaint against me and she sue me and my family ,please help me on how to proceed iam currently working so Il that complaint affect my job as iam very much dependent on it please help

Anonymous   02 February 2018 at 02:09

Clarification of SC status of dalit Christian reconversion

Respected sir, I belong to Christian dalit and I enjoy obc reservation.. My father is a hindu dalit and he enjoys SC reservation.. If I convert to Buddhism can I get SC reservation or only converting to hindu religion can get me SC reservation? Thanks in advance

Anonymous   01 February 2018 at 22:51

Tenant claim ownership of our property

My house property is registered on name of my parents as a joint. In our house we had given a portion as a shop on rent in year of 2005-06. My parents are not aware of the legal documents which need to be process between tenant and landlord and also the tenant was family friends.
The tenant started their shop as an agency of FMCG. The rent decided at that time in 2005-06 is Rs 3000.
In 2009, our family had some financial issues and the tenant also given an offer to us that he could buy this 100 Sq. yards of the portion which include his shop from our house property.
So an agreement was signed on RS100 Stamp between my parents and tenant which contains
1. Date of agreement : 12-March-2009
2. Area of property to sell – 100 Sq yards.
3. The total deal cost amount as 20 Lakh.
4. The Paid amount of initial token as 2 Lakh which check number.
5. The rest amount of 18 Lakh was promised to pay within 90 days from the date of agreement.
The tenant was stop paying the rent from 12 March 2009 as he is one among the buyers.
After that my parents follow up with tenant on May 2009, but he said he need some more time of 5- 6 months to pay the rest 18 Lakh amount.
In March 2010 he again wants some more months’ time. And my family was financially scattered at that time. Now it’s no more beneficial to sell out our property as all the business is ruined out.
A big dispute held between my parents and tenant in which my parents told tenant that the deal time of 90 days is over by more than a year and now there is no deal.
But at that time my parents asked him to pay rent. And he said he already given 2 Lakh amount. And refused to pay the rent.
As my family were facing a worst days of life at that time as got kicked from everywhere so my parents never reach out to police, court, Advocate.
In 2016, my parents filed a case in session court against him that our tenant is not vacate the shop.
And neither have given us the rent from 12 March 2009.
In 2017 when tenant got info that my parents filed a case against him. Tenant also filed a case against my parents saying that he is the owner of that shop.
Till time its only Dates…. Dates…. Dates…..
No result.
What we can do?
How can someone file a case if he don’t have the property registered in his name?


DCB   01 February 2018 at 21:59

Promoter wants to sell the guard room.

We are the land owner. We made an agreement(50% promoter, 50% land owner)with promoter to develop the land into a G+3 apartment building. In the agreement, there was no mention about any Guard room. But in KMC sanction plan, there is a Guard room. After the building construction is done, and all the flats are sold, promoter is asking his 50% share on the guard room. He did not pay our due money which was promised in the agreement. He said he will sell the guard room and pay our money. All his demand he has given us as a reply in a written version, when we sent him a legal notice.

My question is- Can guard room be sold anyway? If promoter has sold all his share in the building, does he has any right in the guard room ?

The guard room is now under our lock and key.

Ravi   01 February 2018 at 20:49

Attestation form

I filled the attestation form before joinjng a government service.
In the column asking for (Place of birth,district and state in which situated ) i have written (coimbatore,tamil nadu)
My query is as the question does not ask for the village name and also i have not written the nameof the village.....can this ever create a problem for me in the future??


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