We are trying to construct the top roof in our flat and the top is open to taris, but the society secretary is stopping us from doing so citing many unfounded reasons but we want to do this legally.The roof is completely open you can see sky and its on top floor building is not old it can take more than enough load.

Please suggest what action to take so that no one is troubled by it.

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respected experts i had earlier asked you regarding it but you said to wait as it was initial the situation aggrivated.briefly i tell you my problem.

I am a permanant Asst. teacher of a Pvt.unaided school which is recognised by state certificates are/were used by board to council for permission of a subject.on last year's march18,2020 Principal showcaused me saying court asked some documents as my ex husband summoned them in court to prove the RTI that they gave to my ex husband regarding me & they felt humiliated & will take action & prevented me from signing attendance register from next day & verbally told not to come to school despite giving 7 day deadline for response showcause.
I answered back that you provided RTI response without my knowledge then why i will be responsible & i am open to produce my case orders if they wish despite all are personal case with my ex.They faulty mentioned the MC case as GR case as well.after my answer to showcause during lockdown school started online class without me.i mailed,sent letter nummerous times even went still no cooperation & silence from them.From August,2020 they stopped salary without notice.i sent letters enquiring no ans.then i sent complaim to District Inspector of school, ADM(G), SDO & others. Deputy magistrate conducted hearing & they remain absent. Nexi i filed complain in PF & they tore attendance register to remove our name(with me two permanant & two temporary teachers name also removed) without mannaging committe resolution.Teachers leaded by two teacher representatives who themselves are MC member gave written complain to secretary.Our MC is technically inactive as some of them resigned or became dysfunctional & some are with me & some against.
District Education Officer also conducted hearing & still they remain absent & sent letter saying about my personal case & mentioned i lied in court & asked for two months time. my point is the MC case that they mentioned still i havenot got any summon & its subjudicial where school is not party.can they take that defence?rather I filed execution case in august,2020 & in this month of jan,2021 i got order in my favour against my ex husband in execution of maintainence case where he pray stay order mentioning the same case/grounds.his filled case of 2019 is still not heard & still no summon to me.Now District Inspector also called hearing in this week.Along with me they called two other teacher for same as they also got this kind of treatment with different reasons.I expect they will be again absent.
Now we/i am/are going to file Writ Petition.Our school is recognised but do not get any fund from govt.can the writ petition here be maintainable? plz help me to proceed.

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Respective Sir/Ma'am, I have a undevided property and want to install the electricity new connection in that place, but my partner's are giving the objection for that. They also applied and installed the connection in that place, that time they have taken any confirmation from me, also I hadn't given any objection. So, now can I get the permission from court, or any other way to solve it, Kindly guide me for the same.

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27 July 2018 at 15:05

Right to privacy

Government has put me under surveillance for reasons known only to them.
I filed RTI with home ministry to know the reason but they used mayajaal of bureaucracy to turn away from the query.
I even filed a police complaint but I had to withdraw the complain because of lack of evidence.

I am being subjected to all sorts of abuses by these self-righteous overdogs. They seem to be suggesting to me that they have some sort of right over me, my privacy and my way of life because they have won some election.

I wanted to know whether I can file petition with Supreme Court to restore my rights and will it be costly?

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27 June 2018 at 21:06

Clubbing of petitions

Can an individual petition filed under 136 be clubbed with a petition filed under by 131, if so, what are some case examples where this has been done?

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18 June 2018 at 03:22

Writ of mandamus

If decision taken without disposing of representations by State Authorities, legal remedy for rescinding the order with any case law please.

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Our Housing Complex have applied for drinking water connection with the Hyderabad Metro Water Supply and Sewerage Board. They have agreed to provide Bulk Supply Connection.

As we found the charges levied worth about a one crore for providing connection, which not affordable from our side sought relaxation of norms for payment under certain heads which neither adjustable nor refundable. But got reply that, all charges are levied as per the Board norms and need to pay compulsory, only on RWH Structure consultancy services charges are adjustable.

We wrote to the Government of Telangana and as there's no response from it and due date for the payment as per order has ended.

we seek experts opinion can challenge the orders for relaxation of norms of payments through State Consumer Commission and is there a chance of orders from the commission to government to review the payment orders as requested by us?

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