19 April 2019 at 01:51

Constitution & NPS

Article 313 of Indian Constitution is as below:
313. Until other provision is made in this behalf under
this Constitution, all the laws in force immediately before
the commencement of this Constitution and applicable to
any public service or any post which continues to exist
after the commencement of this Constitution, as an all-
India service or as service or post under the Union or a
State shall continue in force so far as consistent with the
provisions of this Constitution.

It means NPS of central govt. employees shall continue till Parliament and president approved it.
If it is so then NPS will not be applicable from 01.01.2004 but after September 2013.

I am central govt employee.

Please reply.

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26 December 2018 at 19:52

Who is public servant

Is an elected council member in a panchayat union council, a public servant?
Pl clarify sir

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27 July 2018 at 15:05

Right to privacy

Government has put me under surveillance for reasons known only to them.
I filed RTI with home ministry to know the reason but they used mayajaal of bureaucracy to turn away from the query.
I even filed a police complaint but I had to withdraw the complain because of lack of evidence.

I am being subjected to all sorts of abuses by these self-righteous overdogs. They seem to be suggesting to me that they have some sort of right over me, my privacy and my way of life because they have won some election.

I wanted to know whether I can file petition with Supreme Court to restore my rights and will it be costly?

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27 June 2018 at 21:06

Clubbing of petitions

Can an individual petition filed under 136 be clubbed with a petition filed under by 131, if so, what are some case examples where this has been done?

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Our Housing Complex have applied for drinking water connection with the Hyderabad Metro Water Supply and Sewerage Board. They have agreed to provide Bulk Supply Connection.

As we found the charges levied worth about a one crore for providing connection, which not affordable from our side sought relaxation of norms for payment under certain heads which neither adjustable nor refundable. But got reply that, all charges are levied as per the Board norms and need to pay compulsory, only on RWH Structure consultancy services charges are adjustable.

We wrote to the Government of Telangana and as there's no response from it and due date for the payment as per order has ended.

we seek experts opinion can challenge the orders for relaxation of norms of payments through State Consumer Commission and is there a chance of orders from the commission to government to review the payment orders as requested by us?

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11 January 2018 at 09:05


applied for trb job case and mark was awarded but after final hearing too magistrate postponded the case for 5 days but more than one month over judgement is not issued and no date is given about the case. How long a case can be postponed for judgement alone

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Dear Members the recent decision of suprem court 15 dec 2016 stated that all liquire serving and selling outlets should be closed which come in the radius of 500 meter of state / national highway ....does this order includes the roads running inside out the city and if yes are there any remedied or chances to be saved by this decision also what option does the government have to turn the table around also the honurable court has issued the order under article 142 ....what does it mean kindly clarify

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