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Seeking divorce but in-laws threatening of law - please help

(Querist) 29 May 2018 This query is : Resolved 
I am a NRI, working and living in UK. I have been working here since 2014 with an IT company. Upon consistent pressure from parents, I started searching for a suitable girl on matrimonial sites. After a few initial rejections on both ends, I met a girl. She was teaching at a private college and had an MBA. Since, I only come India for a month in December, in December 2015 when I went back India we (me and my parents) went to her hometown (happens to be Kanpur). We agreed upon a date for engagement and marriage after 1 year (2016), when I was getting my next leaves. Engagement happened and after that I came back to my workplace. We (me and my wife) started having fights over my parents, specially over my sister (who is unmarried). She used to curse her and then things went filthy. But parents convinced and we got married in Feb 2017. My family did not even ask for anything and nor was any wish to get anything. We were all happy as this was the first marriage in the family. We did not register our marriage but all the rituals and rites were performed. She came with me and started living with me. She continued spilling bad words about my parents, which lead to a lot of fights. She also accused me of having an affair, which backfired her as all her accusations came out to be "PURE LIE AND MISTRUST" One fine day, she left the home and went back to her parents. After few months she came back, a few days of peace and then again same drama started. Somehow 1 year passed. My dad was diagnosed with a rare nervous disease and I decided to take him with me in 2018. She did not like the concept from day 0. She started fighting and after 3 months, she again went back to her home. She and her family wants - I should send my dad back and then she will live with me. I offered for divorce as after a lot of deliberation, we could come up on a common ground. She denied for that and her family has started threatening me with 498A (where her dad has warned me if I applied for divorce - he will ensure that my whole family serves some jail time).He also threatened me of rape charges as the marriage was consummated. Sometimes they ask for all the money, which was spent on marriage. *** I read somewhere that if a couple does not live under the same under roof, there is some provision to nullify the marriage. *** Also, if you do not hear from the spouse for 7 years, in this case as well marriage is considered nullified. I am so depressed right now that I will literally disappear somewhere for these 7 years. I cannot fight these people as we come from a very simple service class and they are some business people with probable connects. Can someone suggest me some solution to this. I am really living in depression as I cannot give up on my sick dad and nor can I just bow down to these people.

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Ms.Usha Kapoor (Expert) 30 May 2018
That girl seems to be not of an adjustable mentality. First try to resolve your dispute through mediation or iron out the differences through involving neutral elders of both the sides. If after a year this doesn't work out go for MCD and 1 time payment of an attractive Alimony to your estranged wife.If they don't agree for MCD file a contested Divorce on the grounds of mental cruelty against your wife.
Guest (Expert) 30 May 2018
You need some practical advice by discussing all the background in detail with some family law experts, instead of some greedy lawyers who can be found always ready to welcome you. Nothing can be so serious, if the situation is tackled in a systematic planned way.

But how a NIL person (as you nicknamed yourself) can be given any suggestion how to tackle the issues in a systematic practical manner?
Nil (Querist) 30 May 2018
@adv Kamkshi - Sorry for using this twitter like tagging option as I really have no clue - how does this work.

Thanks for replying me with your suggestions. I would like to take further advice from you and for which I have sent you a PM (hopefully it works). I would request you to please revert me there, so that we can talk further on this.
Nil (Querist) 30 May 2018
@Mr. Dhingra - I have used your gmail address to reply you on your e-mail. Please see, if we can have a word there.
Vijay Raj Mahajan (Expert) 30 May 2018
Suggestions coming from website run by fake and fraud persons many a times mislead innocent person like you.
The matrimonial law with regard to Hindu Marriage, annulment of marriage, dissolution of marriage provided in the Hindu Marriage Act,1955. Read that to understand the law not various website, blogs posted by fake and fraud persons.
Secondly the habit to threat husband side is old habit of wife side relative's in broken marriages that doesn't mean they can anything they so desire, after all rule of law exists in the country not rule of dictatorship as posed by such people as happened to you.
If brave men like you get worried with such threat how will you be able to carry out your routine jobs and that too in a foreign country.
All such fake threats should be avoided.
If you're having troubled marriage you should workout for its dissolution in a proper manner, posting your case history which is read and answered by many will not resolve your problem.
Guest (Expert) 30 May 2018
You can first take advice of Ms. kamakshi, if that can lead you in any practical way to any extent. Otherwise, sermons can be expected any time with counting of past mistakes on your part.

But be wary, if she really has a genuine ID or a family law expert, as I doubt about her ID and legal expertise that seems to be a fake one and created just to use that for her most abusive and derogatory language aimed towards one and all, including the solution seekers.

You can very well see, what kind of advice she has rendered to one query maker and the type of abusing language used for others, particularly in her last two posts. From her posts, it becomes very clear that she can only be a mentally sick frustrated lot, besides being a spoiled child of her parents.

However, you can remember me any time, if and when you really feel the need of my help.

Nil (Querist) 30 May 2018
@ Mr. Dhingra - I replied in a chronological pattern. No preferences to someone specific.
I am in a fix and cannot go into such a debate. I would request, whatever is your suggestion and "practical way", please share it with me. So that I can work on it.

Ms.Usha Kapoor (Expert) 01 June 2018
I stick to my opinion.
Ms.Usha Kapoor (Expert) 01 June 2018
I stick to my opinion.
Nil (Querist) 02 June 2018
Mr. Dhingra, would you mind sharing your "practical way" of resolving this or you see me just as another prospect ?

@Usha Madam, thanks for sharing your opinion.
Nil (Querist) 02 June 2018
Seeking some more advice and opinions !!!!
Guest (Expert) 02 June 2018
How to handle your wife?

That tuition nobody can give you unless you leave your wife with each one of the above of us 1 month each with all expenses paid.

Now first you will have to write to Usha, Kamakshi, Vijay and Dhingra letters asking if they would want to accommodate your wife at their place for 1 month each, so that they can understand your wife’s mind and thereby prepare suggestion chart as to when to do what when your wife does so and so thing, so that you and your father wont be troubled.

Then you have to write to me a letter thanking me for giving this idea.

But the question is who will want to keep your great wife with them even if you agreed to pay money? That is question no. 1.
Q 2 would be, whether your wife would want to live with each one of the above for 1 month? Whether she will agree to this idea?

Come back with answers of the above 2 questions and am sure by that time you would have and the above all would have thought out some idea to save your arse and your fathers arse from your lovely wife.
Ms.Usha Kapoor (Expert) 03 June 2018
I stick to the same opinion as above.
Nil (Querist) 04 June 2018
@Ramoji Kumar : I really wonder that people like you do exist on earth or you guys are incarnated. How do people like you even exhaust energy by writing such ridiculous things on such a serious topic.Your comment was so appalling that I felt bad by the idea of posting it here in the first place.

You think you are a clown, you can make fun and everyone will laugh ?

Let me tell you something, you are a shame to the entire society and people like you are treated like piece of shit the moment you leave your stupid internet based cocoon.

Shameless, you are !!!!
Guest (Expert) 04 June 2018
The Last Post of Ramoji Kumar alias Dhingra alias jigyasu (now Suspended ) is Obviously A Disgrace whether this Person is to be allowed to post here. Nothing but disgrace.
Guest (Expert) 04 June 2018
Ramojikumar alias Dhingra alias jigyasu are just one and only one with fake identities. when you have time visit the three profiles which would make us understand please.
Guest (Expert) 04 June 2018
NJS Rajkumar, alias JOSHUA SAMUEL , alias Kamakshi, alias Kumar Doab, alias Usha Kapoor,

Being a Christian with real name as Joshua Samuel, but using fake Hindu name for yourself, you are really a disgraceful slur on the experts panel. If you really has some knowledge of law, why not give appropriate advice to the query maker?
Nil (Querist) 06 June 2018
Well Mr. Dhingra, I would also like to say a few words for you as well -
1. You are just trying to lure a few cases by mentioning terms like "Practical way".
2. All what you seek is, people should get trapped and get ready to pay your fees.

If the practice of you guys isn't going well, then you should leave this profession to be honest. But, my sincere request to people like you is to stop misleading already distressed querist.

Please understand the concept of blogs - they are free for suggestion for a reason.
Guest (Expert) 06 June 2018
Thanks for your comments. But your remarks are quite unfortunate without having seen any of my advice.

I have neither asked you to contact me for advice nor have rendered any advice so far, as I find some quacks, as of their undying habits have dominated the LCI. Further, I have not asked you to pay any fee to me.So, from where the question arises for luring or trapping anyone to pay me fee. I have simply asked you to get advice of some other expert, as you intended to take her advice. Rest assured, I am having sufficient clientele. I won't come to your door to beg for business..

When you can't differentiate a real problem and blogging, you can't also understand, what practical ways are to sort out legal problems. You have proved NIL in real sense. You have already admitted about your depression. So, I wonder, if you can apply your brain in some purposeful manner.

Merely filing a case in the court of law when threat perception is there from the opposite side is not a practical way to tackle the problem. There are several ifs and buts in the type of a case you seem to be facing. You may better hire some local lawyer or adhere to the advice of quacks, who can merely count your past mistakes to blackmail you for extracting more and more money by complicating the issues in the name of your past mistakes. That way you would be able to gain your experience for you on the issue of practicability

In fact, you don't deserve my advice. Best of luck!

Guest (Expert) 07 June 2018
Most parents get married their sons thinking that the brain will grow along with the peni s. But they forget that for brain to grow and the boy to become sensible enough to be called as a man it takes more than 2 minutes, which is the exact time which the peni s takes to grow into a s taff. That is where the fault lies, that is why your wife did to you whatever she did, and is doing, and that is why yo u have posted in this forum problem regarding your headache wife. And that is why you called me a clown. True the pen is created more problem than the brain in your case !
Ms.Usha Kapoor (Expert) 08 June 2018
I stick to thesame opinion as above.
Ms.Usha Kapoor (Expert) 06 July 2018
I stick to my above view.
Ms.Usha Kapoor (Expert) 06 July 2018
I stick to my above view.

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