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saravanan   12 June 2008 at 13:33

applying for divorce

i got married last june in my native town. both of us are doctors by profession .she lived with me for a period of two months sep 2007 she left me and living separately til now. she made simple things become big quarrels every day in those two months . she used to threaten me that she will commit suicide often . she is very much egoistic. her father and elder brother are lawyers by profession. thay came to my pklace on the day of separation and dealt with us in a aggressive way.. i and parents were verbally abused and got rash comments.rthey also told us that thay are capable of doing anything as they are lawyers. after 2 monthe i called her over phone.talked with her for an hour. she was not interested in talking with me. answered in mono syllables. finally she said that she she will reply that night. but didn't. till now there is no communication from her. she has also chanmmged her mobile aftre all these harassment i am at the decision to bget legally sepsrated from her. please provide me the needfull advice

somesh   11 June 2008 at 17:24

Need divorce

I got married six months back. I was not interested in the girl I got married to, but had to get married due to family pressure. I hardly stayed with the girl for about a month. I am looking forward for separation. But the girl will not agree,so this will not be a case of mutual conscent. Is it possible that I can file the case before an year? I can form a case on medical grounds. I dont want to stay in this forced marriage. Please advise what can be the earliest to come out of it.

Ali   09 June 2008 at 05:05

Registry Marriage


I am a 26 year old Muslim man from Chennai wishing to marry a 26 year old Hindu girl from Mumbai. I am currently in US and the girl is in London, UK. We are both on work assignments in these countries. Due to some resistance from our parents we wish to come down to India on a particular date, get married and travel back to US. Can anyone please advise on what will be the fastest and the most convinient way for us to do this?

Thanks & Regards

Dr. Gupta Prasad Sahu   05 June 2008 at 18:19

Anticipation of a false case u/s 498a

My younger brother has married on 15th feb 2006. His wife lived happily with him at bhubaneswar. When my brother returned from bhubaneswar after closing his business to live with my parents on december 2006,the problem by his wife started to live separately by disserting my parents at old age. But when my brother denied it, she simply went to her parents house on october 2007, and didn't return back for 6 months. after several requests when she did not turned up, my brother sent a legal notice for restitution of conjugal rights. But on reply she blamed my parents, me,my sister and brother for dowry torture. My brother filed a suite in the court of civil judge u/s 9 of hindu marriage act, which is posted to 1st july 2008. but now she is thretening through the state commission for women to file a case aganist our family. My fathers age is 70+ and having glucoma of eyes and can't see clearly, my mother also having slip disk problem. Now can u advise me what to do to stop the commission for women for unnecessary interference while the case u/s 9 is in court.?

veer pal singh   29 May 2008 at 22:07

divorce case

hello sir,plz read this very carefully and give suggation..........
i got married 13/5/2005 work in meerut.after some time i got T.B(disses)my wife live with me at that time.but know about my disses she call her brother and go to her home.she lived with me only 40days.24aug2005 my elder brother died accidently she come with her brother and go back second day after crimination.till now she don't intersted to join me.i file asuit against her under sec.9of hindu marrige act.she never come the court and case judgment go in my between she filed a suit against me and my family under sec. 498A,504,506&323 in her home father and me send to father lived there 13 days & for me it was 37days longer.after some time she file a another suit against me under sec. 125crpc.for maintinance.more than 8 mamber of her family in the same court due to this reson they always created big problem for me and my family.i send a copy to her and a copy in the cout where she file the suit against me in that judgment court order that she came back and lived with me.till now she is not intersted live with me.i am doing work in life insurance co. my salary is about 18000/-and now i am fit& fine.
now i am also not intersted in this relation . i want to divorce her and marrige to another girl.

plz give me your valuable suggation to me how can i take divorce from her because she don't want divorce me without any sufficient reson.


brijesh   27 May 2008 at 21:57

love marriage against family wish

Hello. I am in a love relationship with a girl from last five year. We both are Hindu. I am based in Hyderabad now and she is in Delhi. I am working with ICICI bank and she has just completed her masters in Advertising and PR. A month before when I went to Delhi to see her and unfortunately her family came to know about our relationship (she meets a boy). Her family (joint) consists of many Police officers at higher rank like SDO and Special cell, two of them are lawyers in high court and some of the young people have sound relationship with criminals and politicians. After they learned every thing from her they forced her to go with them to the nearest police station and file a complaint against me stating that I was forcing her for a physical relationship and blackmailed her that if she doesn’t meet me when I call her than I would call her parents and reveal everything about our relationship. She was very scared and she wanted to protect our relationship so she signed such documents at once without any nagging or asking any question. Now she has gained confidence in her family that she was not much involved in such relationship and it was just friendship and I was the culprit who forced her to fall in love with me.

On the other side they disconnected the landlines number, seized her mobile phone and not allowing going outside alone for anything. Some how we managed to established communication after such incident. Now we are planning to run and marry against our families wish and fight against all odds together. She is 22+ and I am 24. She is of sound mind and not affected by any disease such as epilepsy. I am also self dependent having an annual income of 350000 and would be able to take care of her. Now the questions rises after we get married they will search us in a day as they know everything about me and also they are into administration. So please guide us(1) how we can marry in a single day and get all the legal certificates and evidences that required proving that we are married in the court of law. (2)The FIR done against me how can it be taken back by her and is it punishable that it is a false allegation by her and family. (3) My family (in Siliguri west Bengal) is also against our relationship but they will not harm us. How can her family harm my family in such a case and how to protect them? (4) How to protect my marriage relationship and her legally (NGO, Women protection cell, Petition in high court for safety) because I know that they will not sit quite and will try to harm us legally and illegally. I don’t want to leave her alone and don’t want to go to jail for one day also so guide me how can I prepare myself before hand against all odds and what legal protections I can take form the court. In any case the girl will always stand by me; she is very brave when she is there with me. I have fully trust on her that she will never go against me. Wherever I stay what role the nearest police station can play, how can all the cases be justified in the place where I stay because I don’t want to go to Delhi and fight against any case?

I seek Guidance from everyone having relationship with law.
Thanking all of you in anticipation.


Rajaganesh   23 May 2008 at 10:33

Hindu Sucession Act 2005

Hindu Succession Act 2005 which gives the equal right to Sons / Daughters if the persons dies instate. If he has written an will and where the persons specifies how his property to be divided between sons and daughters. Pls suggest the implication of Hindu Succession Act, 2005

madhukar   21 May 2008 at 12:07

legal help

i am married in april 2006. my wife is very dominant & expect me to leave my parent & not to help them financialy. ask me to handover my salary to her everymonth.(this she has asked me in writing & i have a copy of that). latter on she threaten me over the phone that if i would not pay her sum of 50 lac & divorcee she can put up complain against me & my parents to police station.
I do not succumb to her wish.then she had put up a false 498a case against me & my parents. me & my parents were arrested,jailed latter on released on bail.
police has put up a charge sheet after 5 months. next date is 4 oct 08.

i am in search of good lawyer.
i have heard about one of the genuine lawyer.
i do not his name but i knew that he had stood up for divorcee case for one of my known person. this person is not available to me (as he is abrod & i do not have is details)
my question, is it possible to search the previous case of this man for whom the said lawyer stood up.
if so how to get this.
can anybody help me.

rc kapoor   16 May 2008 at 00:19

divorce for my daughter

We had applied for mutual consent divorce for my daughter, as the marriage did not work. Married on 11th March 2007,she came back on 16th June 2007, and is staying with me eversince. We applied for mutual consent on 31st august 2007,ands as per our advocate we got a waver of six months.When we requested the boy to sign the affidavit, he refused to do say and claims the he has told the court that he now is not intrested for mutual consent.
What are our options now and how to move further in this matter. The seperation period of one year will over next month.
RC Kapoor

sampoorna   07 May 2008 at 21:01

can famaily court can grant xparty without issuing notice?

respected sir,

since an n.b.w is pending on my husband in the the grounds of dowry harashment case.and he is upscanding till date.can he applay for divorce in some other famaily court of his native place?since i reside in hyderabad and my husband native is warangel can he applay there for divorse.because few wellwishers are telling that my husband got XPARTY in divorse case in the court.but i dint get any notice or sumouns by any court.can court without issuing any notice for me grant XPARTY to my husband.sapouse if he go t it xparty then the criminal case which is pending in the nampally court can be withdrawn and the N.B.W which is pending on my husband can be withdrawn by the court ? if my husband is planing for divorse how can he applay and what is the procedure of it?sir pls help me by clearing my quries
waiting for your kind replay,
thanking you,