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Anonymous   27 February 2024 at 09:25

Can any restaurant impose service charges on the food bill

I was charged by BBQ nation while having lunch at one of the restaurants of the chain imposed me service charges at the rate of 4.75% of the total bill and also separate GST imposed on the bill . Is it legal to charge this amount?

T harikishna   20 February 2024 at 20:01

Risk allowance taxable or not

The risk allowance paid to Veterinary doctors is taxable or fully exempted

venkat batchu   29 January 2024 at 08:12

Can i buy a new house in the joint name

sir, i am intending to sell my old flat and buy two new ones (as per latest rules, i think i can invest in two different flats or housing property) .. now, my wife wants her name to be also be included in the new property .. to be purchased to save Long term capital gains .. can i do it... without affecting my tax benefits...

professional   19 January 2024 at 21:43

Query on income tax

This pertains to my IT return for AY 21-22. I had filed the ITR return within due date (i.e. before 31st Dec 2021). The Due Tax payment (self-assessment Tax) of about INR 2 Lacs was paid within 4 days of the filing of Tax. I also paid interest of around 7000/-, as reflected in the Income Tax system, though no interest should have been applicable

Please let know whether I can file:

1) Rectification to update my challan for payment of INR 2 Lacs. I was told that last date of filing rectification was 31st Dec 2023, for AY21-22. Can you please confirm whether I can file rectification. In this case I am getting Tax due of around 35,000/-, as it is not capturing date of challan payment and calculating interest for delay. Actually, no interest should be applicable.

2) Updated return under 139 (8A): However, in this case, I am getting marginal refund of around 6500/- (nearly same as the interest amount I had paid), but since refund is not allowed under 139 (8A), I have to manually make it zero, before system allows the filing.

Please confirm whether 1) or 2) is the right way to proceed.

Pradeep Kumar Sarangi   14 January 2024 at 12:00

Tcs os sale of fly ash

Whether TCS is applicable on sale of Fly Ash u/s 206C(1) of Income Tax Act ?


Anonymous   24 December 2023 at 20:47

Is foreign inward remittance to self taxable?

I am an Indian citizen and was working and living in the US for many years. I am visiting India for some time and qualify under the RNOR category.

I have been transferring money for my personal, day-to-day use from my US bank account to my India bank account. I have already paid taxes on this money in the US.

Do I owe any taxes in India on this inward remittance? I have no India based income.

Anonymous   12 December 2023 at 23:39

Rnor taxation query

I am an Indian citizen but was in the US for a long time for work hence gained RNOR status. In 2021, I came back to India and continued to work remotely for my company from India for about 8 months. I stopped working after that and after 6 more months from then I again went to the US for work. In total, I was in India for about 1 year and still maintained my RNOR status. While I was working from India I didn’t file or pay any India taxes but continued to pay taxes TDS in the US as I was on the US company payroll and all my income was deposited to my US bank account. Is there anything I was supposed to do for taxes for India?

Vijay   30 November 2023 at 17:37


Dear Sirs,

My friend who is a trustee was supposed to attend the hearing with the income tax department for the matters related to the 80G application, due to his brother in law sudden death he was not able to attend and he requested me to attend the proceedings. I hold a degree in Bachelor in Commerce. Accordingly, I attended the hearing and explained the situation to the CIT. I was asked by the CIT to submit a POA. Since I am not a Chartered Accountant will a POA in my name be valid?

I appreciate a format for POA would be helpful to submit the same to the Income tax department
Please suggest.

a rastogi   24 November 2023 at 22:13

Rent agreement

Respected Learned Advocates,

I was not able to arrange the stamp paper when i started stay. Can it be possible to have back dated stamp paper for this financial year. I buyed stamp paper on 20-10-2023. Can it be possible legally by some way to show the agreement for this fianncial year i.e. from 1.4.2023 to 30.3.2024. If yes then how ?


Rukhiya Ahmed   23 November 2023 at 15:53

Tds payment

I have bought a flat for 9300000/- which is a resell property. The payment for property is done by owner is 10% of property rate and 90% funded by bank. Initially i have done token advance rs.50000/- dated 15 oct 2023 and remaining payment rs.830000/- was done on nov 9. so totally i have made initial 10% payment of rs.930000/- to the seller. My question are
1. should i proceed the TDS payment for the whole amount of Rs.9300000/- or Rs.930000/-?
2. Or should i wait until the whole amount to be transferred to the seller from the bank?
Pls suggest