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jamey   01 April 2008 at 16:00

Tenant and landlord

I have a flat in lucknow which I have given on rent 15 months back, and I have agreement signed by the tenant for 11 months, at the end of 11 months I said him to vacate the flat, butits 4 months now after that he is still not vacating the flat, he is asking money to vacate,
what should I do.

Ravi Kumar 1974   31 March 2008 at 09:15

Property Transfer issue

One of my far relative's father had a house alloted by KHB. He has two children-1 son(person I am referring to) and 1 daughter. But,what the father has done was,on a stamp paper(was not registered - dana patra)even before getting it registered he declared the KHB house to my relative and another 30*40 site to his daughter.The father died in an accident.
But now the issue is,the property is still not registered and the daughter has passed an objection for the registration in my relative's name. Does my relative has to give the portion of the property to his sister for getting it registered?

Built Trust   28 March 2008 at 17:32

Registration of Rent Agreement

Is Registration of rent agreement for 11 months must?
Whether a rent agreement of 11 months on Rs.50 stamp Paper is Valid?

Gururja Rao   26 March 2008 at 18:43

who is liable? is it my vendors or builder or original owners

Hi all,
One of my friend has purchased two mulgies constructed in cellar portion in an residential complex having cellar + 3 upper floors situated at Hyderabad from its lawful owner in the year 2004, and continuing business peace fully.The Important point here is that the builder seems to have not obtained sanction for construction of mulgies in cellar portion and the same are un authorised one . Originally construction was compleated in the year 1992 it self, and thereafter the aforesaid two mulgies changed two hands earliar by registerd saled deeds and my friend is the 3rd purchaser.While matter stood thus two years back M.C.H authorites has issued a notice to my friend to dismantle the mulgies in cellar portion as they are construted in utter violation of M.C.H rules, however the M.C.H has not taken any action so far. Now a days even civil courts are also not granting Injunction orders against the M.C.H, if any civil suit filed for Injunction also no purpose is going to be served on my friend. Recently Andhrapradesh govt passed G.O's inviting application to regularise un authorised construction, and when my friend applied for the same the M.C.H authorities refused to accept the application on the ground that they are not regularising the un authorised constructions made in cellar portions of residential complexes, in such circumstances can my friend approach consumer forum for damages against the builder, original owners, and his vendors for claiming damages under Indemnity clause referred in the sale deed or if any alternative remedy is available kindly advise me as there is no much time left to my friend and at any time the M.C.H authorities may dismantle his mulgies in cellar portion.its very very very urgent.
Note : I have gone through the original sanctioned plan, and I found that the permission is accorded for construcion of cellar + 3 upper floors only, even in the plan the mulgies were not shown.

CHEENI   22 March 2008 at 19:02

Sale Deed on behalf of a private limited company

I am planning to buy a property which is in the name of the MD on behalf of his Private Limited Company. Apart from him his wife is also the Director of the Company. The Board of this Company has passed resolution approving my offer and authorising the MD to execute the sale deed. The board resolution with Common Seal has been given to me. Is it sufficient the MD signs the sale deed just as it is done in all sale deeds or the rubber stamp of the Private Company be stamped on the sale deed ? The sale deed mentions the Board resolution empowering him to execute the document. What other precautions I should take, as I am buying for the first time a property from a Pvt limited Company?

Member (Account Deleted)   20 March 2008 at 23:28


Dear Sir,

I like to know when a prescriptive right accrues in favour of a lessee in India (or Assam)? Is it twenty years or twelve years?

Priya   20 March 2008 at 06:40

Contract for rights on Property

Property was purchased in my name by my father [from his earnings]. There is no gift deed. To avoid legal complications instead of transfering the property to three persons [married & separated daughter, mother & myself, a major unmarried daughter] can i have an agreement giving both of them rights on the property? I also have a married brother with 2 minor sons. Who are the people who should be part of this agreement? Who have legal rights to question this agreement? Am I saving the three of us from legal complications with regard to transfer or sale of this property in future. What are the rights each of us get if the agreement is only in writing on a stamp paper? How important is registration for each of us to have rights?

Priya   20 March 2008 at 06:19

Transfer of gift recd

What would be the formalities to transfer a property received as gift from father to sister and mother so that all three of us have legal rights on them. The property has three houses in one building. Also is the father's assent required as it is was purchased from his earnings. Who are the people who have legal rights to question this transfer?

karan   19 March 2008 at 11:47

will procedure!!!

dear sir

a relative of mine expired fews days ago he has written a will but not declared among his relatives,now all are fighting the property
and the person donot want to declare the will now so what to do and suppose the other relatives sue in the court,so it is better to produce the will in the court afterwards

what are the consequences could be faced!

the property is anscestral and has been divided equally among brothers,it is notarised but not registered and the will is with him,can any one of the brothers chaalenge will in the court!!

santosh   17 March 2008 at 15:28

transfer of rasidence flat society

I purchased one residence flat from lift elevators company in feb - 2008.
in bhayander dist - Thane.

Note :- above flat purchased by lift elevators company from builders against balance due not paid by builders to lift elevators.

but society not transfer above flat on my name giving following reason.

1. lift elevators company not taken
premission from society for sale of
above flat

2. lift company not given lift licenses to society .(acuattly builders & lift elvators company not taken license from concern authority til dade)

pls give me advice how to transfer society of above flat on name.
2. what rule regarding transfer of society ?

pls send me your reply on my e - mail as early as possible

e- mail :-